Best Marmot Bags For 2020 With Reviews

For every outdoor journey, having the best Marmot bag would be a game-changer.

Most of us are aware that most activities we do outside require a reliable storage system. Even a short trip would require bags that could carry your essentials. For extensive journeys, highly ergonomic and functional bags are needed. After all, you will never be able to stow your belongings properly if you will just take a run-of-the-mill bag.

Marmot is a niche manufacturer. You don’t see it make shabby bags. Instead, it specializes in tailoring high-quality outdoor gear that you can take on various trips you have in mind. Among the opuses it made over the years, its bags are the most beloved. In fact, some people would immediately acquire Marmot bags without having second thoughts. They just simply know the capabilities of these bags.

Here, we will be looking at some of the toughest bags Marmot released commercially. Go check them out.

Top 9 Best Marmot Bags Reviews


Marmot Long Hauler Travel Duffel Bag

The Marmot Long Hauler is a great option for travelers out there. The bag is quite versatile, given the fact that you can take it on urban adventures and outdoor explorations at the same time. Of course, the duffel bag is durable. It can carry heavy loads and provide a myriad of storage options. You will enjoy this bag if you are constantly on the move.


One of the most notable features of the Long Hauler is its convertible design. Specifically, it offers two carrying options for its users. First, you can carry it as a standard duffle bag. Second, you can lift it as a backpack once you have attached it straps. With this capability, you will be able to utilize the bag in any situation that you encounter.

The main compartment of this bag is large. There’s no doubt about that. It has a D-shaped opening that ensures easy access to its interiors. Packing and unpacking are two easy tasks because of this. Furthermore, the main compartment has a mesh pocket for your small amenities. It also has a hanging pocket where you affix your laundry or shoes. Outside, you can see two zippered pockets on both sides where you can put smaller accessories.

Long Hauler is made from an ultra-tough 600D Poly TUP Laminate. It is not only sturdy. It provides the bag with maximum water resistance, too. The bottom of the bag has been reinforced so that it will be never susceptible to breaking.


  • Made from ultra-durable materials
  • Offers two carrying options
  • Features reinforced haul loops
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Enables quick storage


  • Does not excel in item organization
  • Shoulder straps are susceptible to twisting

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Marmot Slate Everyday Travel Bag

The Marmot Slate is an everyday-carry bag. For business trips, school tours, and any adventures in the urban jungle, this bag would undoubtedly satisfy you. The bag has a simple design, not too flashy or anything. But at the same time, it is completely functional. It can overturn that ordinary everyday-carry bag with ease. Moreover, it is built with durability.


The Marmot Slate is an exceptional choice for stowing laptops, documents, and other important files. While you are on the go with this bag, you can ensure that your items will not be compromised by the weather. It is made from water-resistant materials, after all. Furthermore, the bag is seamless. No external elements can compromise its interior.

The bag is suitable for item organization. It comes with a myriad of compartments and pockets for small and non-essential items. It will not be a mess inside as the bag is completely arranged. There is support on the base and padding on the main sleeve to keep your things safe from being damaged. Specifically, the bag has a carrying capacity of up to 18 liters.

Meanwhile, the back of the bag is padded. It protects your back from getting strained if ever you are going to put heavy loads inside the bag. Moreover, it provides additional support. The straps are heavily padded and easily adjustable. They are thick and wide, which is a guarantee that they will be too punishing for your shoulders.


  • Features a sleek appearance
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Provides back and shoulder support
  • The main compartment is studded with organizers
  • Durable; built to last long


  • Sunglass pocket is not a hard case
  • Front pocket doesn’t come with a zipper

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Marmot Slate Weekender Travel Bag

When traveling off the grid, the Marmot Slate Weekender should be able to make the cut. This particular bag is great for keeping all your essentials safe while heading to any destination that you want. Even though the bag is not a hiking or camping bag, it still possesses durability and toughness. And just like the standard Slate bag, the Weekender is sleek and classy.


For your weekend plans, it is better to keep the Weekender close. This unit features a water-resistant exterior to ensure that it can withstand the test of the outdoor world. Just like what was mentioned, the bag is sturdy. Tailored from rugged materials, the Weekender can handle different settings and conditions.

The bag also comes with top and side handles. These components enable you to carry the bag the way you prefer it. Such versatility can never be found on other backpacks. The interior is roomy and has a separate padded sleeve for your laptops, tablets, and other similar electronics. There are multiple zippered pockets in the interior, too. You can keep smaller items there wholly organized.

On the front of the bag, you can see two accessible zippered pockets. There is a side pocket for your water bottles, too. Meanwhile, the base of the bag is properly reinforced. It can fully protect your belongings and ensure that the bag provides efficient weight management.


  • Can hold a decent amount of load
  • Structurally durable and rugged
  • Available in different carrying options
  • Enables item organization
  • Water-resistant build


  • Doesn’t have a waist belt
  • You can’t tuck the backpack straps if you are going to side-carry the bag

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Marmot Kompressor Plus

The Marmot Kompressor Plus is a derivative of the highly popular Kompressor Light. Specifically, the Kompressor Plus is an upgrade. It was integrated with multiple features. Its compartment space has been revamped to accommodate more items. Despite that, the bag still retains the compressible performance that people are familiar with the Kompressor series.


Kompressor Plus is ideal for camping and hiking trips. As mentioned, this unit is big and can hold several items without any problem. You can also guarantee that the bag has pockets and compartments for item organizations. From the important ones to the non-essentials, this bag has a dedicated space for them. The front organization pocket, for instance, can hold lamps, maps, and items that require immediate accessibility.

The bag has a full-body construction. However, it is surprisingly light. It features the compression straps of the Kompressor Light to keep the bag compact despite being loaded. By the way, the bag is tailored from nylon ripstop and has been layered with 135D polyester for maximum durability. Both the straps and back of this bag has an air mesh for added comfort and breathability. Furthermore, the bag has a removable closed-cell foam back sheet.

There are other interesting attachments and accessories you can find on the Kompressor Plus. It has a hydration port and clip for your water bottles. It also has a single tool attachment for trekking poles.


  • Fully compressible design
  • Sturdy without sacrificing its weight
  • Can hold multiple hiking and camping tools
  • Important compartments are highly accessible
  • Ensures ergonomic carrying mechanism


  • The straps should be a little wider
  • Might be too big for small users

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Marmot Arbor Daypack

The Marmot Arbor Daypack is the best backpack that you can give to your kids, especially if you are going to take them into hiking and camping trips. The bag has a design that ensures full comfort and support to your children’s back and shoulders. It has the necessary ergonomics to make things even more convenient for your little adventures.


Marmot has been a great manufacturer for backpacks that kids can use. The Arbor Pack is good proof of this. The bag is compact but features ample space so that they can bring their gears. If they pick souvenirs during their journey, trust that this bag can carry them all. The main compartment has a sturdy closure system to guarantee that all of the items there are safe. The interiors are padded, too.

Just because it is a backpack for kids doesn’t mean that it is a flimsy unit. The bag is made from 300D polyester, while its lining is crafted from 150D polyester. These materials can withstand abuse and constant use. Both the back and straps of the bag are padded. It will never be a burden to the body of your kids. The presence of a sternum strap keeps the bag from swinging around, making their adventure more comfortable.

The bag features a front organizer so that all of their small essentials can be accessed easily. It also includes a key clip, too. Of course, the bag will ensure that your ones are hydrated. After all, it comes with two pockets dedicated to water bottles.


  • Features a durable, ripstop construction
  • Compact and lightweight backpack
  • Padded back and straps
  • Highly organized main compartment and front pocket
  • Includes a sternum strap


  • The base has minimal support
  • The back is not that breathable

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Marmot Unisex Rolling Hauler Carry On

Of course, the collection of Marmot is not complete without having a travel hauler. This particular unit may not be the most popular travel luggage out there, but it is definitely functional and rugged. It can withstand extensive trips. It can also handle all your essentials so that you can complete your journey conveniently. One way or another, the bag is an excellent choice for businessmen and modern nomads.


The Marmot Rolling Hauler excels in providing comfort to its users. It is among those rolling bags that are purely ergonomic in design. The main compartment of this bag has a D-shaped opening that enables quick packing and unpacking. Interestingly, it also has a rain flap so that your belongings will be protected against any form of precipitation.

Furthermore, the bag has reinforced Hypalon corners and bottom. The belongings you stored inside will be kept safe even if the bag gets thrown or bumped. Meanwhile, the handle is a genuine anodized aluminum with retractable design. Since it is a rolling bag, you can guarantee that its custom wheels will not give you a rough time. If that’s not enough, keep in mind that this item has dual rail guards, too.

The Rolling Hauler has a top compartment with an internal pocket for tickets. You don’t need to dig your bag before you can get your ticket and other travel essentials. Aside from that, the bag has an external window ID tag, which is also important for travelers.


  • Perfect for airline carry
  • Made from 1000D TPE laminate for guaranteed durability
  • Retractable and tough aluminum handle
  • Organized main compartment
  • Sensitive parts are fully reinforced


  • Wheels are not omni-directional
  • Slightly heavy

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Marmot Slate Tote Travel Bag

For every woman out there, the Marmot Slate Tote Travel Bag will never be a disappointing choice. While it is true that it is not as fashionable as other tote bags, this once compensates for such lacking by its functionality and durability. You can take this one in a day hike or urban excursions without any problem. It has a low-profile design that enables it to blend into your fashion.


This bag is ideal for campus use or commuting to various parts of the city. Despite being a tote bag, you can rely on its durability. It can carry your laptop, tablet, and other electronics with guaranteed safety and convenience. You don’t have to worry if it rains because the bag can shield water effectively, thanks to its water-resistant construction.

Also, keep in mind that the laptop sleeve of this tote bag is padded. It protects your important items from external and internal damages. The main compartment is also studded with card slots, pockets, and compartments. You don’t have to worry about the item organization here. An internal key fob is present, ensuring that your keys and small essentials will never be a mess.

Moreover, the bag has a reliable closure system. The zippers are large, which enables you to access it. Opening and closing the bag has a smooth orientation. It is not as fussy as other tote bags. Also, the Marmot Slate Tote Bag has a flat handle. It is soft to the touch to prevent hand sores.


  • Water-resistant exterior
  • Padded interior for item protection
  • Integrated with numerous pockets and organizers
  • Available in multiple carrying options
  • Smooth closure mechanism


  • Its base has minimal support
  • Plain aesthetics

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Marmot Kompressor Plus Turkish Tile

The Marmot Kompressor Plus Turkish Tile is another version of the Marmot Kompressor. Basically, the two are quite the same. The only varying point they have is their aesthetics. This one has been tailored from fabrics with a bluish hue. Since it is under the Kompressor series, you can guarantee that this unit will let you experience its compressed profile.


This bag is made from 210T Nylon Ripstop and 135D Polyester. The combination of these materials enabled the bag to become lightweight and durable at the same time. It also has reinforced parts to ensure that it can withstand heavy loads. Both the straps and the back of this bag have mesh. This particular construction ensures optimal airflow so that the bag will not be too hot.

Of course, this Marmot Kompressor bag boasts a lot of space. The main compartment is roomy. It allows you to bring all of your essential outdoor amenities. And since the bag has compartments and pockets, it can enable you to arrange your stuff so that they will not get lost. Meanwhile, its front compartment has a large and accessible zipper.

Carrying this bag is definitely not a burden. It comes with a sternum strap that keeps the bag from wobbling. The straps are padded and contoured, too, ensuring that its weight will not take a toll on the shoulders. It also has a removable webbing waist belt.


  • Features a breathable construction
  • A lightweight and compressed profile
  • Offers adequate space for your essentials
  • Comes with useful attachments
  • Enables item organization


  • A big bag for small users
  • Straps are not that wide

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Marmot Long Hauler Mini Travel Duffel Bag

Amusingly, Marmot also has its own compact bags. Specifically, the Long Hauler Duffel bag has a mini version. This unit is something that you can carry with comfort. You can use it to store small but essential items. With this bag, you don’t need to carry large bags anymore, especially if it is not that necessary. The ergonomics of this mini bag is definitely impressive, too.


This 5-liter toiletry bag is the perfect storage solution for your personal items whenever you are traveling. You can carry it alone, or you can pair it with any Marmot bag on this list. The bag features a D-shaped opening to its main compartment. It is accessible and features a smooth operation. The zippers used on this product are all YKK. That alone guarantees that this one is never a shabby gear.

There is an internal pocket on this small duffel bag. It is usable for holding important amenities such as your keys, cards, and coins. Moreover, it has a toothbrush holder, too. Look under the lid of the main compartment, and you can see a mesh pocket. That’s another compartment that you use for item organization.

The handles of both ends of the bag have an ergonomic design. They are comfortable to hold and possess a non-slip design. Meanwhile, the durability is unquestionable due to its 150D polyester build.


  • The main compartment enables quick access
  • Comes with internal compartments and pockets
  • Features a dual handle on both sides
  • Offers decent sturdiness
  • Interior is easy to clean


  • Minimal water resistance
  • It should have a strap

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Information About Marmot Brand

Marmot is a popular manufacturer of outdoor gear, clothing, and other sporting goods. The company was established in 1974 in Grand Junction, Colorado, under the name of Marmot Mountain Works.

Tom Boyce, David Huntley, and Eric Reynolds are the masters of Marmot. Originally, their desire is simple: they want to create their equipment for mountaineering. The first items that the group was able to make are a sweater, parka, down vest, and down sleeping bags. The design of the original Marmot sleeping bag is present on the CWM bag, which has a rating of -45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Marmot is the very first brand in the United States that used the Gore-Tex in their products. This innovation boosted its popularity and reputation among outdoor enthusiasts. Later on, it introduced the NanoPro and Membrain technologies. Moreover, this company is also a prominent producer of bags and tents. Specifically, Marmot specialized in the use of polyester and nylon. Many people tout their bags as among the best in the outdoor industry.

Notably, Marmot boasts that its products are PVC-free and phthalate-free. This means that they don’t incur harsh damages to the environment.


Different Types of Marmot Bags

Marmot has evolved since its inception. From the standard outdoor bags, the brand was able to produce a myriad of bags to accommodate the varying needs of people. Here are some of the bags that the brand has created.

  • Sleeping Bags

One of the original creations of Marmot is a sleeping bag. Since its founders are a fan of mountaineering, they made sure that they can make a sleeping bag that would provide them comfort while they are staying in the wild.

Right now, there’s a myriad of sleeping bags that you can get from Marmot. The most popular one is its down sleeping bags because of their insane quality. Meanwhile, they also have a synthetic sleeping bag, such as the Women’s Trestles Elite Eco and the Nanowave Series. For mountaineering purposes, you can get the CWM series and the Col -20° Sleeping Bags.

  • Backpack, Luggage, and Totes

Of course, we cannot exclude the fact that Marmot is an excellent producer of high-quality backpacks. These bags are designed for different purposes and applications. They have varying ergonomics, but there’s a certainty that all of them are tailored with finesse and precision.

One of the famous sub-niche of Marmot Backpacks is their mountaineering bags. I have featured some of them on the list. The quality of these bags is known in the realm of outdoors. They are ultra-tough, intuitive, and highly functional. The Kompression Series is a good example of those bags. But you also have other options here such as the Graviton and Eiger series.

For standard backpacks that you can bring in your travels to your office, school, and business meetings, Marmot has a plethora of options to give you. A crowd favorite is definitely the Tool Box series. Meanwhile, students will certainly love the Ashby Day Pack because of its streamlined and body-friendly construction.

For those who want simple yet elegant backpacks, I suggest that you get either of the following: Merrit DayPack, Rockridge, and Colam. All of these backpacks have astounding designs that cement their status as high-quality day-to-day carries.

Marmot also produced luggage and duffel bags. The Hauler series that I featured in this post is their flagship product. It has different bags under it, namely: Long Hauler, Compact Hauler, and Mini Hauler. It also has the Rolling Hauler, too.

Let me add that Marmot also has a myriad of tote bags under its line. The Marmot Slate Tote Bag and Orinda are among those that you can trust.


What Key Features To Look For When Buying Marmot Bags

As you can see, there’s a myriad of Marmot Bags that you can purchase. Choosing the right one that can fit your preferences might not be a straightforward process, but it is definitely not impossible.

Here are some guidelines that you should follow.

  • Intended Use And Application

A bag is good as its intended use and application. Of course, you cannot use a tote bag if you are going on a camping trip. An everyday carry is not suitable for rugged adventures. Of course, you will never use a mountaineering bag if you are at a business meeting or hopping on your school grounds.

Since Marmot offers a plethora of bags, then you will never run out of options. You just need to decide which bag can accommodate your needs. Don’t forget to check the aesthetics, too. Get the best Marmot bags that can fit within your preferences. In that way, you can flaunt anytime you want.

  • Storage

Another important aspect that you have to check for these bags is their storage. Basically, the idea here is to ensure that the bag can handle all your items and belongings. If the bag cannot do that, then maybe that’s not the right option for you.

Fortunately, most Marmot bags are ergonomically designed to provide good storage systems. They just don’t give you space where you can stow your essentials; they also give you compartments and pockets for item organization.

But then again, you have to keep your intended application into account. You don’t need too much space if you are just going to bring your wallet, smartphone, coins, and keys. On the flip side, a college backpack is needed for students and businessmen. These individuals bring a lot of sensitive electronics and documents, so a reliable storage system must be in use.

  • User Comfort

We have no doubts when it comes to the durability and sturdiness of Marmot backpacks. It is a manufacturer known for the ruggedness of their products.

This time, you need to prioritize how comfortable the bag will be once you are carrying it. If you are opting for a backpack-style bag, then you need to ensure that the straps are heavily padded. It would also be great if they are meshed, too. That guarantees ventilation. The straps have to be adjustable, too.

Meanwhile, the back has to be padded. Marmot ensures that all of their backpacks have padded posteriors. Such a design does not only provide comfort and support to your back; it also ensures that your belongings will not be susceptible to damages.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Marmot a good brand?

Definitely. One of the leading brands for outdoor and sporting equipment today is Marmot. The brand is so great that it has expanded outside of its U.S. market. Globally, Marmot products are respected and acknowledged. Of course, the brand constantly upgrades its units, especially their tents and backpacks. You’ll never get wrong if you opt Marmot over any other outdoor manufacturers.

  • Is Marmot better than North Face?

I said earlier that Marmot is an exceptional brand for outdoor gears. But at the same time, I did not mention that it is the best that there is. In fact, the term “best” is entirely subjective. The quality of Marmot backpacks, for instance, is far from being shabby. But if you put it side by side with North Face, it is undeniable that the latter is better in various fields. The only drawback for North Face products is their price. Specifically, a North Face bag is costlier than its counterpart from Marmot.

  • What is a Marmot Warranty?

The Marmot Warranty is a technical specification that guarantees that all of the brand’s products are free from defects. At the same time, this type of warranty covers potential damages. Examples of these defects are broken zippers, broken toggles, and issues in the Velcro. Keep in mind that modifications and intended damages are not covered by the warranty.

  • How do I know what size of Marmot bag do I need? 

All of the products of Marmot have a sizing chart. You can check them out on the very website of the manufacturer.

  • Where does Marmot get the down for its insulated bag and products?

Marmot is a believer that animals should be treated humanely. The down used on their items did not come from “live pluck.” Instead, the down is provided subsequent to the geese that have been harvested.


If you are looking for high-quality bags, I suggest that you check what the Marmot can offer. This particular manufacturer has multiple opuses that can certainly cater to your needs and intended applications.

Once you can get the best Marmot bag that suits your preferences, your adventures and trips would be convenient and hassle-free. After all, you already have a reliable storage mechanism that can keep your belongings safe and organized. That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.