Best Leather Briefcases For Men Reviews 2020

As a professional businessman, you should always strive to look better and presentable. One of the ways you can achieve this is by investing in the best leather briefcases for men. I am pretty sure some of you are asking whether leather briefcases are still a thing anymore. Well, I understand that there are different types of materials that are being used, but leather remains to be classy and elegant.

As much as there are so many types of briefcases, there is still a significant number of people who prefer leather briefcases. These briefcases are great for lecturers, lawyers, and business people because of their stylish and classy design.  With a good leather briefcase, it will be easy to carry your documents and valuable.

Choosing a leather briefcase has never been easy because of the various brands that have filled the market. You have to be careful; otherwise, you will use your money on a poor quality briefcase. Luckily, I have compiled a list of the top-rated leather suitcase and a guide to help you when shopping.

Top 10 Best Leather Briefcases For Men Reviewed

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are so many brands on the market, and choosing one might be a daunting task. For the past three months, I have been scouring the internet and consulting with experts on this matter. Below is a list of the top leather briefcases you can choose from.


Samsonite Colombian Leather Messenger Bag

The Samsonite Colombian Leather Messenger Bag is one of the briefcases that has never ceased to impress. This bag has been on the market for long, and it has so many perks as compared to other carry cases. I am pretty sure this excellent case will provide you with the confidence you need when you step out to carry out your errands. Below are a few reasons why you should consider buying the Samsonite Colombian.

Buying from a trusted brand has always been the key to getting the right product. With the experience that Samsonite has, you can be assured that you are getting one of the best briefcases. The exterior of this messenger bag has a brownish tint, which makes it look amazing. Looking at the stitching, you will notice that it is well done to provide durability. Moreover, it has brown stitching that matches the color of the briefcase.

Apart from the stitching and brown colors, this case comes with bronze hardware. The hardware is sturdy enough to serve you for several years. Moreover, it gives this messenger bag a vintage look that professional men love. I also noticed that opening the flap is quite easy and smooth. You just have to press and release a latch that lies beneath the buckles.

This briefcase does well in terms of providing enough space. It does come with plenty of interior compartments to help you organize your belongings. For instance, it has a large compartment on the front panel that comes with pen and card holders as well as a small pocket that can hold a hard drive or a mobile phone. There is also a zipper compartment that lies above the holders.  The main section has three small pockets and a nicely-padded laptop sleeve.


  • Comes with a nice shoulder strap and a sturdy leather handle
  • The zippers are strong enough to last for years
  • Comes with bronze hardware that gives the bag a vintage look
  • Has so many compartments to hold your business essentials
  • Has a padded pocket that can fit laptops of up to 15.6 inches


  • The bag might smell like leather for the first few days
  • Some customers complain about the dye coming off

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Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Attache Briefcase

The Alpine Swiss is an excellent option for anyone who wants to purchase an expandable leather briefcase. It is an attache type of briefcase that is great for businessmen. This pack is great because it provides you with ample space to pack your documents and valuables as well. If you want to look professional, then this is the type of pack you should go for. Let us see what the Alpine Swiss Expandable has to offer.

One of the attributes that stand out about the Alpine Swiss is its design. It is a sleek attache leather briefcase that will capture the attention of most people. This case features double stitching that runs across the middle to give it a beautiful look. The exterior is quite incredible because it is crafted from top-notch genuine leather. It also has silver hardware that compliments the look of this briefcase.

In terms of space and organization, the Alpine Swiss does not fail to impress. For starters, it measures 19’’ x 14’’ x 4’’ + 1’’ while expanded.  This case has an expanding folder section, two pen slots, business card slots, a flap over pouch, and a phone slip pouch.


  • Has four protective metal feet to prevent fast wear
  • Comes with a sturdy handle
  • Comes with dual combination locks that you can set individually
  • It has ample space and can be expanded where possible
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • The quality of the stitching is wanting
  • The latches are a bit difficult to close

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Kattee Men’s Leather Satchel Briefcase

Kattee Leather Briefcase is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers messenger bags. It is one of the leather briefcases that does its job as expected. By looking at this bag, you will notice that it has a lovely design. Its design will definitely convince you to purchase it and use it as your business briefcase. Kattee is the perfect briefcase for anyone who is on a budget. Below are some of the attributes that you might like about this messenger bag.

This briefcase measures 16.1’’ x 11.4’’ x 3.4’’ and has enough space to accommodate your documents, files, and a laptop as well. Its main compartment has been designed to offer protection to your laptop and A4 files. It can fit a 15.6’’ laptop and your files as well. It also comes with other pockets that will keep your business cards, phone, and keys organized. Katte has a back zipper pocket that is ideal for storing your iPad.

Kattee is quite impressive in terms of its design and looks in general. For instance, it is made using full grain crazy horse genuine leather. Apart from the material, it has antique brass hardware that gives this briefcase a vintage look. Finally, the pack has an attractive logo and label of the Kattee brand etched on the case.


  • It is equipped with a padded leather shoulder strap
  • It has enough space to house your 15.6-inch laptop and A4 files
  • Comes with additional compartments that will help you organize small items
  • The leather is so durable, and it tends to become much beautiful as it ages
  • Comes with durable brass hardware


  • The color of the leather might fade
  • Some customers complain about a strong leather smell

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Texbo Genuine Leather Messenger Bag Tote

The Texbo Messenger Bag is an incredible choice if you want a briefcase that will lift your confidence as you go about your errands. It is difficult to get a leather briefcase that is well-made as the Texbo Messenger Bag. This briefcase is great for carrying your laptop, files, and other essential items that you need to carry.

It is impossible not to like the aesthetic design of this messenger bag. Since this briefcase is meant for professionals, I noticed that it does not have unnecessary decorations. It has the professional vibe that most men look for. The case is available in three main colors, which include black, dark brown, and light brown. Texbo is made using full-grain leather, which means it can be easily scraped or marked. Fortunately, you can get rid of the marks and scraps pretty quickly by just rubbing them.

I also love the fact that this leather briefcase is functional. Unlike most of the briefcases that come with a flap, the Texbo messenger bag comes with a top zipper. This style makes it easy to get in and out of the case. It has a main compartment and two small pockets that will keep you organized. There is a nice sleeve that keeps your laptop protected since it comes with a Velcro retaining strap.


  • The stitching is strong and straight thus making the case look attractive
  • it has upgraded YKK zippers that are so durable
  • Comes with a removable leather shoulder strap
  • Comes with two pen loops and two cell phone pockets
  • Has two exterior pockets that close with a magnetic snap


  • The laptop compartment is a bit large and wide
  • Should have added a few more internal compartments

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Briefcase

The Kenneth Cole is yet another leather briefcase that made it to my list. It is a classy case that any lawyer, businessman, court worker, and any other professional would love. Just from its looks, you will notice that this briefcase is unique in its way. So, if you are looking for a business-savvy case, then the Kenneth Cole Reaction should be a good choice.

One of the things that I love about this briefcase is its construction. For starters, it is made using full-grain genuine Colombian leather. This material is exceptionally durable, and most importantly, it ages beautifully. Apart from the awesome exterior, the interior features a tear-resistant lining that should serve you for years to come.

With this briefcase, you can pack your documents, pens, cards, laptop, and phone in an organized manner. I am saying this because the case has multiple compartments. Firstly, there is a front compartment that comes with an anti-theft RFID shielding fabric. This compartment has an entire organizer that should hold some of your business essentials.

The pack also has a compartment that expands with an additional 1.5 inches and has three padded pockets. One of the pockets is meant for your laptop, the other one is a tablet pocket, and the third one is an accessory pocket. You will also get some other front zipper pockets that are ideal for packing items that you want to access easily.


  • Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which you can remove whenever you don’t want to use it
  • The laptop, tablet, and accessory pockets are padded for extra protection
  • Has plenty of compartments that make organization easier
  • It is great for professionals, students, and travelers as well
  • Has an anti-theft RFID shielding fabric


  • The zippers are not so strong
  • Comes with a contrast stitching which is not great

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Leathario Leather Briefcase For Men

If you are looking for a briefcase that will match all your daily outfits, then I would suggest you look at Leathario. It is a leather messenger bag that has a straightforward but modern design. There are no exaggerations on the bag, and this makes it ideal for lawyers, business people, and lecturers as well. This beautiful tote bag is available in three colors, which are red-brown, black, and brown-225. Let’s jump straight into the attributes of this case.

Although this case looks sleek, it has seven pockets in total. These pockets are designed to keep all your items organized. For instance, there is the main pocket, which is ideal for files, a padded laptop pocket, two small pockets, a zipper pocket, a front zipper pocket, and one large pocket located at the back of the briefcase. With all these pockets, you can carry a laptop, wallet, folders, files, magazines, cell phone, wallet, pens, and binders. There is no doubt that Leathario is a multifunctional bag that is ideal for work and school as well.

The briefcase is made from genuine cowhide leather, which is pretty durable. Besides, Leathario is hand made by professional artisans. This explains why the stitching and design are top-notch. You will obviously fall in love with the vintage and professional look of this messenger bag. Besides, the bronze hardware complements the vintage charm of this briefcase.


  • It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap in case you want to carry it hands-free
  • You can use the case as a handbag, crossbody bag, or shoulder bag
  • It has plenty of compartments that you can use to store items in a more organized manner
  • Comes with an upgraded magnetic buckle that is pretty strong
  • The briefcase has a lightweight and compact design


  • The zippers are not heavy-duty
  • The handle should be a little bit more chunky

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Polare Real Soft Nappa Professional Briefcase

Getting a durable leather briefcase is never easy, especially with all the counterfeits in the market. If you are still confused about the ideal briefcase to buy, then you might want to check out the Polare Soft Napa. This is a great leather briefcase for men who want to look professional. You can never doubt Polare products because the brand has over 15 years of expertise when it comes to wallets and men’s leather bags. It is quite apparent that this briefcase by Polare will stand the test of time.

The size of this briefcase makes it ideal for business and overnight travel as well. So, if you want a case that can handle all your business needs, then Polare Real Soft Nappa is a good place to start. This bag has so many pockets that make it easy for you to arrange your items pretty well. It is a great pack for carrying your laptop because it has a padded compartment that can fit a 15.6-inch laptop. In case you have a large laptop, you can use the other chamber because it can accommodate a 17.3-inch laptop.

This briefcase is made from genuine soft cowhide leather- a material that gives the case a professional and elegant appearance. Also, the case is equipped with hardware parts that are made using silver bronze. Finally, it features thick stitching, which sticks out pretty well.


  • It is a great briefcase for business travel
  • Comes with multiple compartments to facilitate easy packing
  • Has a nice adjustable leather strap that you can remove whenever you don’t need it
  • It has a belt that allows you to carry the briefcase along with a suitcase
  • Has a one year warranty


  • The hardware might break after a few years
  • It is only available in two main colors

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McKleinUSA Walton 83985

The other awesome leather briefcase that made it to this list is the McKleinUSA Walton. It has been in the market for a long time, and the people who have tried it have lots of positives to say about the case. Professionals will find the McKeinUSA to be an excellent briefcase for carrying files, folders, laptop, and IPad as well. There is no doubt that McKeinUSA is a stylish and elegant briefcase. Let’s see what this bad boy has to offer to professionals and students.

The McKeinUSA is neither too large nor too small. It is a compact and lightweight briefcase that every man will find comfortable to carry. Moreover, it has enough space to accommodate a lot of items. The good thing is that it comes with plenty of pockets and compartments that make it easier to organize your stuff accordingly.

The fact that it can accommodate a lot of items tells you that its quality is top-notch. For instance, all the seams and vulnerable areas have reinforced stitching to ensure the briefcase does not rip off. Apart from adding strength, there is a stitching line that cuts across the middle of the front pouch. Its primary purpose is to add a bit of style.

The construction of this briefcase is no different than its competitors. It is made using full-grain oil-tanned leather. This material is quite durable, and the oil tan gives the case a beautiful black color.


  • Comes with a padded and adjustable shoulder strap which is very comfortable
  • It has a front organizer that is designed to accommodate media devices
  • The front compartment has an expandable file divider that provides 30% more storage space
  • The back compartment has a detachable padded laptop sleeve
  • Comes with shiny, silver-toned hardware


  • It is only available in black

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Floto Luggage Venezia Briefcase

The FlotoVenezia Briefcase is a beautiful leather bag that is handcrafted in Italy. It is one of the best-looking leather briefcases in this roundup article. Men who like a bit of fashion will find this leather briefcase to be super attractive. Let’s see what the skilled artisans in Florence Italy came up with.

Unlike most briefcases, Venezia uses a special type of Italian vegetable tanned leather, which is pretty great. It is extremely durable, but the best thing about it is the fact that it has a sweet scent. At least, you don’t have to deal with lousy leather odors when you first purchase it. Besides, Floto finds this type of leather easy to cut and work with. The company also claims that the leather is flexible and does not have any toxic substances.

The interior of the Venezia case is well designed as it has a durable canvas lining. This lining is made in South Carolina, and it is so soft and durable. Venezia briefcase has a sturdy frame, which means it can maintain its shape even when you are not carrying a lot of items. This awesome case has three compartments, and each of them is 1.75 inches deep. Apart from the main compartments, it has an additional outside pocket. It also comes with two small pockets that can hold a charger and your cellphone.


  • This briefcase uses a non-toxic based stain instead of artificial dyes
  • It has an 8-ounce cotton duck canvas lining that is soft and incredibly durable
  • Comes with a high-quality brass lock and a key as well
  • It is available in three colors- Vecchio Brown, Black, and Olive Brown
  • Has three large compartments that are ideal for carrying files, binders, and folders


  • Although you can use it carry a laptop, it does not have enough padding
  • It is a bit expensive than all the models we’ve discussed

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Banuce Vintage Leather Briefcase

Our last pick in this section happens to be this vintage leather briefcase by Banuce. It has a stylish and classy design that most men find attractive. Banuce is ideal for business travel and daily use as well. You can use it as a laptop bag, work bag, business briefcase, and messenger bag. It is a versatile and multi-functional briefcase that almost every man will love. Let’s see what makes this bad boy stand out from its competitors.

This case measures 15 x 11 x 4 inches, and it has a net weight of 3.06 pounds. It is quite lightweight than most leather briefcases. Amazingly, this briefcase is designed to maintain its shape even when it is not full. In fact, it can stand upright on its own without tipping over.

Another good thing about this case is the fact that it has a detachable shoulder strap. This strap can be adjusted to the size you want. Besides, it has a pad that is great for relieving stress on your shoulder. It also comes with a sturdy and thick leather handle that comes in handy when you don’t want to use the shoulder strap.

This case looks slim, but you will be surprised by the number of pockets it has. Banuce Vintage has six pockets that include a zippered pocket, snap leather tape, two pen slots, and two slip pockets as well. You can keep your keys, wallet, business cards, laptop, A4 magazine, and any files you might need.


  • The briefcase is so spacious and comes with several compartments
  • Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that drops to 26 inches
  • It features a durable construction
  • It has rust-proof zinc alloy hardware
  • It has an inner cotton-poly lining that feels so smooth


  • The internal zipper might scratch your laptop
  • It is only available in color brown

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Things to Consider When Buying a Leather Briefcase for Men

You will agree with me that there is a lot to think about when shopping for a leather briefcase. You don’t want anything that only looks good or feels good to carry it around. A good leather case should have enough compartments, and most importantly, it should be comfortable to carry. In this section, I will walk you through the most crucial factors that you have to consider before you make a purchase.

  • Type of briefcase

Before you purchase any briefcase, you need to ask yourself what you will be using the case for.  Of course, you will be buying the briefcase to help you carry out your businesses. Your occupation should help you determine the type of carrying case you need. If you are an accountant or an attorney, you should go with a luxurious briefcase or an attache case.

In case you are looking for a briefcase that you can use on multiple occasions, then you should choose a formal messenger bag.  This type of bag is perfect for a casual work environment or when going on a holiday. Additionally, a rolling briefcase should be ideal for anyone who is often traveling for business.

  • Type of leather

As much as these briefcases are made using leather, you need to know that there are so many types of leathers. Every brand uses a special kind of leather, but at least you should make sure that the brand you choose uses full-grain and genuine leather.

  • Color

I know most people already know that these briefcases come in different colors. However, the most colors available in the shops for men are brown, black, and tan.  Of course, you will find other shades that are within the colors mentioned, so no need to worry. If you are shopping for a briefcase to use during professional tours choosing black and dark brown tones is a perfect idea. They portray a sense of power and success.

In case you want to use your briefcase on casual occasions, tan and other lighter colors are what you should go for. Briefcases that have more than two different colors are considered flashy hence you should avoid purchasing them.

  • Compartments

As a business person, you should always keep the contents in the briefcase organized as possible. You need to carry a lot of things, and that’s why you should buy a case that has multiple compartments. A good leather briefcase should have atleast three-sectioned areas so that you can separate your documents, laptop, and stationery. Also, your briefcase must come with a quick access compartment, which is either located in the front or at the back. These compartments allow you to pack items that you may need to access quickly.

  • Size and weight

When buying a leather briefcase, do not think that a bigger one will do a better job. Remember that you will only be carrying documents, laptops,files, and a few small items, which means that a small case is the best. Sometimes you might require a bigger briefcase when going for business travel. All in all, always stick to a case that is comfortable to carry around. The ideal dimensions of a leather briefcase should be a width of 15-17 inches, a height of 11-14 inches, and a depth of 4-6 inches.

  • Laptop Suitability

A good leather briefcase should always keep your laptop protected. Make sure that you choose a case that has a dedicated laptop compartment. This pocket should be big enough and heavily padded to protect your computer from damage.

  • Cost

Most luxurious leather briefcases tend to be so expensive. Fortunately, there are so many classy and elegant models that will cost you a hundred to two hundred dollars. All in all,  there is nothing that should stop you from investing in a luxurious briefcase. Remember, the type of briefcase you carry is likely to influence the way your clients perceive you.  There is no need to purchase an expensive case if you are not an attorney, court officer, or CEO.


Frequently Asked Questions

The topic of leather briefcases for men raises so many questions, but I am going to answer a few of them that are quite common.

  • How many types of briefcases are available?

Well, there are various styles of carrying cases that you can choose from. The type that you want should match your profession so that you don’t look awkward. The most common types of briefcases include messenger bags, attaches, rolling/traveling briefcase, padfolio, and portfolio cases.

  • What size should you purchase?

There is no specific size that I can recommend. However, you should stick to a briefcase that is comfortable to carry on your shoulder. The size should be determined by the number of items you will be carrying. If you are going for long business trips, then a large briefcase should cut it for you. You can also choose to purchase a medium-sized case as long as it is expandable.

  • How do you deal with the leather smell?

Some of the men’s leather briefcases usually have some weird leather smells. The truth is these smells do not last for long as they will fade as the bag ages. You can also choose those carrying cases that use sweet-smelling leather.


We’ve come to the end of this writeup, and I believe that this guide has provided you with a great insight into leather briefcases. Now you will be in a better position to choose the perfect leather briefcase. You do not have to burden yourself with the research because I have done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is choose from the 10 briefcases I have reviewed.

Remember that your occupation should influence the type of briefcase you purchase. Also, use the factors I highlighted to identify the perfect leather briefcase for your needs.