Best Leather Backpacks for Women Reviews in 2020

Leather never goes out of fashion. Whether it’s the dress you’re wearing, the shoes you put on, and even the bag you carry. On the other hand, backpacks, the same as leather is never out of style. Backpacks have been the universal choice among all genders and ages.

That is why leather backpacks are on top of mind especially among women when they think of what bag to buy or to carry. This is not only because of fashion but also on the benefits of using a leather backpack could bring. Using one is but a wise decision. Once you have one, you will have second thoughts buying other types of bags.

As you continue with this article, you will discover the best leather backpacks for women available in the market. All important buying guides will be presented. This will help you end up choosing the one that will suit your taste and needs.

Top 10 Best Rated Leather Backpacks for Women Reviews


COOFIT Black Leather Backpack

A casual bag with a purpose. COOFIT has just upgraded the design of this backpack. From drawstring, it is now zipper locked to make sure that all things inside will be safe. A flap cover with an automatic button is also added to double the safety. There are also pockets on both sides and a large one at the front so you can place your things quickly in case you want to be handsfree.

best leather backpacks for women

On the inside, a cotton lining marked with the COOFIT tag and logo will take care of your most precious items such as iPads, phones, and wallets. There are small pockets inside so you can have your things organized. Things that are within the size of an A4 magazine can be placed inside.

And talking about precious items, there is a leather string attached to the bag where you can hook your wallet making sure it’s intact inside. The backpack strings are also made of leather and are durably attached to the bag. There is a big leather hook on top of the bag so you can just hang it to save space.


  • The leather string inside where you can hook your wallet is a breather
  • Leather strings and zip ons are protected with metal for added protection
  • Compact and easy to carry where things are easy to slide in


  • May not be suited for heavy loads because of broken straps after few usages based on reviews
  • Be careful on the chemical-smelling leather when you unload it from the package
  • Some didn’t like the pockets because they are too small


This leather backpack is for those with light things only. This is not recommended to those with heavy loads such as books.

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Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack H1608

Isn’t it nice if no animal has been compromised just to build a bag? This is what Scarleton is thinking when they made their vegan chic casual backpack. Yes, it’s chic not only because of the design but of functionalities as well. The bag has 3 major pockets. There’s a smaller front pocket that serves as on the go pocket because you can easily slide things you carry.

leather backpacks for women reviews

There’s this sort of secret back pocket where you can place your most precious things. This secret pocket is facing your back so you will immediately feel if someone is trying to steal something from the bag.  And lastly, there is the major middle pocket that holds the bigger items.

Inside this major pocket are small pockets too. You can place your iPad, wallet, some light books, and other gadgets. What’s best in this bag is having double zippers on each pocket. When a zipper becomes broken, you won’t worry about having exposed things since there is still another zipper to cover for them.


  • Vegan made a bag which means that no animals were sacrificed in the making of the bag
  • Two zippered pockets for added durability and protection
  • A small bag yet appears to be roomy for more things


  • Chemical-like smell that stinks hence this may not be suitable for young ones
  • The straps are covered with hard plastic that easily scratches and breaks
  • Zipper failure as the bag gets old


If you’re on the lookout for a bag to be used for the long term, this backpack may not suit you. You can just use this as your light day bag.

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ZEBELLA Womens Leather Backpack

By the looks of it, you are assured of handling a very durable backpack. Made from crazy horse artificial leather, this backpack promises to hold all your load without compromising the quality of the bag. Though the bag has one big pocket only, it can hold up to 3 heavy gadgets including a laptop together with the usual items you put in a bag.

There are two anti-theft pockets, one on the front and the other one at the back. These pockets are hardly noticed so it is safe to lock in there some precious items that you need to carry. The major pocket isn’t just locked by magnetic buttons, it is zippered too making your things safe inside.

To add to its durability, all parts of the bag are sewn tightly. The buckles and buttons are all made from stainless steel so you won’t worry about rust in case it becomes wet accidentally. And just like any other bag, the straps are adjustable so it can fit any height. It has an elegant faux bottom to support all the things inside without sagging the bag or creating pain in your shoulders.


  • It may appear heavy but it is lightweight in reality, creating comfort to your shoulders especially if you have a lot of things inside
  • Durability tested; most of the users claimed that they have been using their backpack for years
  • Roomy enough to accommodate all your essentials


  • Magnetic buttons locking the major pocket pops out easily
  • The bottom seems weak and cannot support the bag to stand on its own
  • The inside pockets are not durable


Based on the reviews, this backpack is nice looking but the durability it promises is in questions.

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UTO Women Backpack Purse Ladies Rucksack

You’ll surely get excited with this multifunctional bag. It’s not only a plain backpack. It also has an attached pull out crossbody shoulder bag for your smaller items. What’s more, is it is compartmentalized; you can position your items in an organized manner. The bag is made from soft vegan leather.

Since it is soft, the bag expands well and shapes accordingly based on the things you put inside. The inside fabric is made from water-resistant nylon; you’ll never worry if you accidentally spilled some liquid inside. The main compartment has slip on and zippered pockets. On the outside, the front part has another zipper compartment and one with the magnetic button that is holding the crossbody shoulder bag. There is an anti-theft pocket at the back that can hold a 6.5-inch gadget.

There’s nothing to worry about the zippers as they are of high quality. The bag is double stitched throughout to ensure durability. Steel buckles support the corners of the bag as well as the connection between the shoulder straps and the whole bag.


  • Multifunctional and compartmentalized; this allows you to take control of how you want to use the bag or how you want to place the things inside
  • With added crossbody shoulder bag that you can use separately and can hold important small items
  • You can wear it as a backpack or as a shoulder bag


  • There is this stinky smell that lasts for weeks
  • The bag is a bit heavy even when empty
  • Most of the reviews say that it has problematic zippers


If you’re looking for functionalities, go get this bag. Just don’t abuse it being multifunctional so you can have this bag for long.

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Coolcy Hot Style Women Real Genuine Leather Backpack

Small and elegant, a dainty backpack to have; this is how you can describe this bag. Made from genuine leather which automatically guarantees durability. At a glance, you might think that it is hard leather; it’s not. When you open the main pocket, you can easily flip it so you can comfortably place your things inside. Yes, it is soft but not too soft that it can stand on its own.

There are two side pockets with a diagonal zipper as an element of style. You can place your small gadgets and other small items in there. It is not designed to hold water bottles though. And of course, there is an anti-theft pocket facing you back to safe keep the most precious belongings. Inside are slip on and zipper pockets to make things organized.

It is surrounded by double zippers that are heavily guarded to ensure durability. Adjustable straps will allow you to freely move based on the level of your comfort. In case you want to make it handheld, a big loop on top is ready for you to hold.


  • Classy and upscale appearance yet is not too expensive
  • A phenomenal bag according to reviews, because of its sleek and sturdy form
  • The weight of the bag gives comfort to the user, not too heavy to carry


  • There are complains that the leather starts to wear after a few months of use
  • Zippers are sometimes hard to pull
  • There are loose threads inside the major compartment


Overall, this could be your on the go daily bag. However, putting too much stuff can compromise durability so be careful about it.

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WINK KANGAROO Fashion Shoulder Bag

At a glance, you’ll see a classy and elegant looking bag. What makes this bag attractive is its simplicity. The bag is just right for your days on the go items. There is only one major compartment that will hold your things. But there’s nothing to worry as the inside compartment is compartmentalized with 2 slip pockets and 2 zippered pockets.

The bag is locked by a drawstring only. You may not like this especially if you have expensive gadgets to protect inside. But worry not, there is a flap style covering with a magnetic buckle for added protection. On both sides, some zippers serve not as added pockets but as a design to extend the bag in case you have bulky things to put inside.

Extending the bag will not make the bag look so bulky, it still maintain its classy and elegant look. The bottom has support to make that bag stand on its own. It has rivets surrounding the corner to secure the bottom part in case of heavy loads.


  • It has the looks of a high-end bag even if it’s only PU leather
  • It’s very “cute and chic” based on many reviews
  • The metal parts such as the buttons are shiny and do not rust even after long use


  • The bottom seams are painful as it rubs your back; to carry this bag for a long walk is not recommended
  • The flap cover is difficult to snap on its magnetic buckle
  • Has a strong smell upon purchase


If you are looking for a simple day bag, then this is for you. With its cute design, it’s worth flaunting.

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Heshe Women’s Casual Leather Backpack

The one in a million bags as they say because this is not just your typical backpack. You can transform this into a Messenger bag, Shoulder Bag, Sling Bag or a Hobo. Design-wise, a typical fashionista may not like it. The shape of the bag is so simple like a school bag. You need to look for the functionalities to better appreciate it. You will also appreciate it more if you’re into durability as it is made from premium cowhide leather. The double zippers are also durable.

It has one big compartment, front pocket, and anti-theft pocket. The big compartment is compartmentalized with slip slots for phone and cards. It also has a zippered pocket for other important items. The front pocket is spacious that it can hold an iPad mini.

Another thing that you will like is the straps. Unlike the other bags, the straps are not sewn directly to the bag. The straps instead slide on to a metal buckle attached to the bag. This rests the bag a bit when there is a heavy load.


  • There are side buttons that can be unlocked to extend the bag in case there are bulky items
  • Can be transformed into other types of bags
  • Function and fashion meet


  • There is a strong smell upon opening from the package and it lasts for days
  • Dye from the bag rubs off to your dress
  • Not that adjustable, looks stiff


With its function meets fashion characteristics, this bag is something you should have. You just need to be careful in wearing a light-colored dress as it might catch the dye from the bag.

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S-ZONE Women Genuine Leather Backpack

This bag has an aura of prestige. The design and the functionalities meet making it a bag loved by many. To start, the 100% cowhide leather material is worth flaunting. The shape of the bag is also very feminine. The bottom is wider than the top allowing you to slide in more stuff at the bottom.

When you open the main compartment, the zippers are extended almost reaching the bottom; this is liked by many because they don’t find it difficult to slide on their laptops. And as you take a peek of the inside, the thicker than usual polyester fabric will wow you. Smaller pockets are sewn to make it compartmentalized.

On the outside, is a unique bag feature where the front pocket is zippered vertically, from top to bottom. However, some find this not safe to use because there’s a tendency for the things inside to drop when the zipper is accidentally opened. At the back of the bag, an anti-theft pocket is ready to cover for your precious items. Straps are longer than usual to fit in any height. You can adjust the straps accordingly if you find it long. You need not worry about broken or worn out straps because it is attached to the bag through metal buckles.


  • High-quality zippers all around the bag
  • The bag is spacious but slim to carry
  • The durability is well tested


  • You need a laptop sleeve since there is no specific laptop compartment inside
  • The front pocket a bit difficult to use because of the vertical orientation’
  • You need to choose the fabric of your dress so it won’t dye it


A lot has attested to the beauty of this bag. This is recommended to those who are conscious of the size of their bags but still want a spacious bag inside.

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Copi Women’s Quilted Casual Backpacks

The unconditionally different bag. This is what Copi wants to convey when they offered this chic bag to the ladies out there. This simple backpack is chic and small and is perfect to be your daily purse bag. However, you cannot slide in your laptop and other bigger gadgets though. The biggest it can hold is a 10-inch tablet.

Yet, it is still roomy for smaller items such as purses, phones, and even your water bottle. The front pocket is positioned near the bottom, just enough to place your mobile phone if you want to be hands-free. You’ll never complain of its straps because they are long enough and can be adjusted based on your height. They are durably attached to the bag with double stitches and metal buckets.

Though it is made from artificial leather, the material is of high quality. Many reviews say the quality is exceptional. Not just on the outside but also the nylon fabric inside will keep your items protected and safe.


  • Small to look but roomy on the inside; you won’t need another small bag
  • The quality is exceptional despite it being made from artificial leather
  • For all ages, from kids to grown-ups


  • Not able to hold a laptop; so this is not a school bag but more of a purse bag
  • There’s a stinky smell upon opening from the package may take days before the smell is gone
  • There were complaints of broken zippers when their package arrived


Many have attested that this cute bag is an eye-catcher. If you are looking for that one unique and stylish purse bag, this one’s for you.

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BOSTANTEN Genuine Leather Backpack

If you’re like a conventionally shaped and styled bag, then this one’s for you. The design is just an ordinary as well as the functionalities. The zippered main compartment has side pockets and small zippered pockets so your things will be organized inside. There are two side pockets to hold anything that you need quick access too. There is a front pocket near the bottom that can also hold things to make you handsfree.

One caution though, the front pocket could be theft easy so please don’t slide in your precious item if you won’t be mindful. But of course, there’s still one anti-theft pocket at the back. However, the zipper of the anti-theft pocket is positioned on the side. Your hands can easily slide in if you want to steal something from the bag.

Based on reviews, quality and durability are exceptional. It is sturdy on its own. You won’t worry about breaking the straps in case you need to carry heavy loads once in a while. Since it is made from luxurious cowhide leather, the manufacturer reminded the users to avoid contact with too acidic or too alkaline substances.


  • Great as a school bag too since it can carry books without compromising the strength of the bag
  • Those who bought the bag loved the quality
  • Kind to your shoulders even if you are carrying heavy loads such as school books


  • The two side pockets are too small and nothing can fit in
  • The front pocket is also too small, you can only fit keys and tissue which you will have a hard time pulling them
  • The color rubs off after a few uses


Overall, this bag met the standards of the bag aficionados.

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Difference between Men’s and Women’s Backpack

One thing is for sure, women can use men’s backpack, but it’s rare the other way around. Technically, women’s backpack has almost the same functionality with that of men’s. But then again, there are still factors that differentiate them. There are many factors but we will just deal with the topmost in this write-up.

  • Visuals

Women are more conscious on how they look as well as how the things they carry look like. This is the reason why women’s backpack has many color varieties; it should match the wardrobe and the clothing style. For men, they are okay with Earth colors such as black, gray, or brown. Shape and size are also important factors. The shape of women’s backpack conforms to the body shape too. It’s sexier in form than men’s.

  • Materials Used

Women are fragile and can’t carry heavy loads for a longer time. That is why the materials used in their backpacks are softer and lighter than men’s. It is mostly leather with soft fabric inside. The metal buckles and zippers also have light materials. The texture is smoother for their delicate skin. For men, they need more rigid materials. They only maintain one or two backpacks that they can use for almost anything. So it needs to be more rigid, sturdy, more durable. Women meanwhile maintain a couple of backpacks according to their needs. They have a purse, backpack, travel backpack, school backpack, so it is okay to have softer materials.

  • Functionalities

This is the challenge; makers of women’s backpacks need to consider that women love to carry things; as if carrying their whole closet. Makers need to think of a way how the things women love to carry would fit in a compact bag. Before backpacks are just simple bags with one large compartment and everything is there. Today, women’s backpacks, in particular, have small pockets inside. There are pockets for phones, cards, makeup, and other stuff. The size and shape of the compartments are also customized. But as for men, they are okay with just a few pockets. As long as there is an anti-theft pocket to protect their precious things, then they are okay.

Whatever the differences are, both need to have backpacks that they can trust. A backpack with high quality and can serve its purpose. Makers need to consider that women are more meticulous than men so they need to ensure that every detail in their women’s backpack is something that will be liked. Women are good advocates too, so they should make their backpacks something worth flaunting.


Why Leather Backpack Is The First Preference for Women’s

Let’s go straight to the point. Here are some of the reasons why a leather backpack is a women’s bag of choice. They may buy other bags but every woman has her leather backpack at hand.

  • Promised Durability

Leather is no doubt to be the most durable. Women are willing to spend on a leather backpack because they know they are investing long term. Who doesn’t want anyway? Backpacks are created to hold lots of things hence designed to be durable Compared to other bags made from fabric, a leather backpack will surely be the first choice.

  • A one-stop shop bag

A backpack is regarded to be a one-stop-shop bag. All sorts of things can be placed inside. A typical backpack has a wide bottom. You can slide in all your things leaving you handsfree.

  • Protects the shoulder

Since backpack has straps for both shoulders, you wouldn’t worry about stressing one shoulder only when carrying your things. The way it is carried creates a balance on the body giving you protection from body pain in case of heavy loads.

  • Compartmentalized

Leather backpacks these days are compartmentalized. It has a smaller slide in and zippered pockets to hold specific things. You need not worry about sliding in your water bottle together with your gadgets. A specific pocket will protect the things inside from getting wet, from scratches, and other types of possible damages.

  • With an anti-theft pocket

Almost all of the leather backpacks have anti-theft pockets. Makers know the dangers of carrying a bag because of the precious things that are also essential. Hence, the anti-theft pocket was discovered to be an integral part of a backpack. You can walk freely without the worries of having stolen items.

  • A multi-styled backpack

Some backpacks can be worn in different ways. They can be worn as shoulder bags or even a hobo. For women, having a variety is a plus. Imagine by just buying one bag, you can flaunt it in various ways. Leather backpacks such as this will surely catch the hearts of many women out there.

  • Small but terrible

Women’s leather backpacks have this promise. At a glance, it’s like a purse bag but inside you can place lots of things. Small on the outside but roomy on the inside. The secret here is targeting the correct bag shape which is usually wide at the bottom and narrow on top.


What Features To Look For When Buying a Leather Backpack for Women

They’re all saying the same promises. They have the best backpacks to offer. But which one to choose? Since leather backpacks is an investment, it may be costly. And for you to make the most out of the cash you spent, check on some of these buying guides so you’ll end up with an exceptional backpack.

  • Comfortable

Any kind of bag has a weight that can burden our shoulders. Sad to say, some of the leather backpacks are too heavy to carry. That’s why you need to make sure that the leather backpack you chose will give you comfort. But how can you know if it’s comfortable to use if you’re just buying online? The best thing to do is to read the reviews. If a bag has not enough reviews, then choose another one.

  • Cost

They say that quality comes with the cost. Yes, it is true; but there is a certain limit on it. If you will just spend time reading reviews and articles regarding the backpack you are eyeing, you will know if it’s worth the price. Do not instantly believe that a costly backpack is of high quality. Some makers are just pretending to offer a high-quality backpack by increasing the price of their product.

  • Stylish

Of course, you want to carry something that can catch attention. If you have the means, then why not choose that leather backpack that is stylish? There are so many out there. But a word of caution though, an overly stylish backpack will limit the occasions where you can use it. Choose something that can serve as your go-to backpack with a style.

  • Quality

Not all are made from genuine leathers. So you need to read the labels. Some bags appear to be of high quality; but when you read the reviews, the color fades, the zippers are broken, the straps and handles fall off. The only way you can test its quality is to see the item. If you’re buying online, carefully read the reviews.

  • Functional

Leather backpacks are not just for flaunting. It should be functional, serving its purpose. The good thing is the new backpacks today are highly functional. It can be seen through the many compartments inside the bag where the things you want to carry have specific compartments to slide in.

  • Reviews

And of course, check all the details in the reviews. If you’re already eyeing for a leather backpack, don’t buy it without reading all the details of the reviews. Be alert on fake reviews as there are many out there. Think twice if the bag is too good to be true. No bag is perfect; each has its flaws. So only believe a review if it’s a balance of pros and cons.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions asked based on the reviews of each leather backpack.

  • Does it have a compartment for laptops?

Mobility is important these days. One of the most carried gadgets these days is the laptop. Since women want to be handsfree, it is a plus if the backpack can hold laptops without damaging anything like the straps of the bag or any interiors, or even the laptop itself.

  • How will I clean the backpack?

Keeping it clean will add shelf life to the bag. That’s why a lot are asking how to properly care for their backpacks. Doing it in the wrong way will damage not only the bag but also the things inside.

  • Is it water-resistant?

You cannot control the weather. In the middle of a walk, heavy rain may fall. What if you’re using your backpack with your laptop inside? It is important to know this fact. Of course, you will buy the genuinely water-resistant one.

  • How long will the smell stay (after the unpacking)?

All leather has a distinct smell. It’s manageable anyway. But if you are using your leather backpack as a diaper bag where the baby’s things will be put inside, the smell might pose danger.

  • Can it stand on its own?

So you want a sturdy bag then it should be able to stand on its own. All leather backpack should but for some reason, some are not able. Being able to stand on its own is helpful especially if you get tired and you want to put it down first; you wouldn’t worry balancing it.

  • What kind of leather is it made of?

There are different kinds of leather and each has its state of durability. If you want to have a bag that can be for long term use, then choose the one with the highest kind of leather. Choosing that kind though comes with a price.


Choosing the best leather backpack is not easy. With tons of beautiful products to choose from, you might end up choosing the wrong one. It is best to submit yourself to the guidelines like in this write up so you will end up buying the backpack that is worth your money. In this day and age, we need to be practical yet not depriving ourselves of those things we want to have. So anything that you want to buy, whether it’s a house, car, appliances, and even the small stuff like a leather backpack, you should familiarize yourself with good guidelines.