Best Gym Backpack (With Shoe Compartment) Reviews in 2020

Going to the gym is something we all enjoy from time to time. However, once you start to take working out seriously, the game starts to change and you need to get the right equipment to back you up in the gym. The best gym backpack is one piece of equipment that can help you carry along the rest of your gear without too many hassles.

Since training is fun and backpacks are plenty, many people simply choose the first backpack they see. While it might be versatile or perfect for training, there are a couple of backpacks dedicated to the training folk. Most of these backpacks have specific slots for all your gear to give you easier access in the gym.

Top 10 Best Rated Gym Backpack Reviews

As we mentioned, there are a host of different backpacks that could all serve you well. However, only a couple of them is actually made for working out. Having spent a lot of time in and out of gyms, I have found some of the top backpacks that you can use. Here are 10 of the best gym backpacks that you can choose to use today:


Venture Pal 20″ Packable Sports Gym Bag

If quality is what you are looking for, the Venture Pal 20″ Packable Sports Gym Bag is one of the most efficient. Not only has it been constructed from durable nylon, but the duffle design means that you carry it on your back or in your hands. The nylon has been modified to resist tears and the occasional water spill to protect all the things inside.

Gym Backpack With Shoe Compartment

On the inside, the bag has 8 compartments that have been isolated from one another, while giving you the last shoe compartment. You can use this for some of your supplements while keeping your clothing separately. The bag can be folded once you are done and it only weighs 1.1-pounds, which makes it extremely lightweight.

Since it is available in a host of different colors, it can work for all genders to use. The bag is designed to last you a couple of years and also does not command such an expensive price. All your belongings inside will be protected by the durable zippers. If you like to carry it on your shoulder, the removable shoulder strap can be attached.


  • The bag can be folded when not in use
  • Multiple colors are available for all genders.
  • It can be carried on your back or in your hands
  • The bag is really affordable
  • Nylon is used to keep everything dry and reduce tear potential


  • The shoulder straps lack durability
  • It does not have a bottom insert to maintain sturdiness

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Grip Power Pads Large Gym Duffle Travel Bag

One look at the Grip Power Pads Large Gym Duffle Travel Bag and you might even think that it can be used for hiking. The bag has been constructed from 600D polyester that will not only serve to keep the content on the inside protected but also keep water or any form of liquid from penetrating to the insides.

Best Gym Backpack

The bag has numerous compartments for all your personal belongings, but the wet/dry compartment is one that stands out. One can easily fit a pair of shoes inside and the bag has ventilation holes that will enable it to dry out efficiently. A reinforced board has also been added to the bottom to ensure that the bag remains sturdy at all times.

While most duffle bags force you to use the handles as straps for your backpack ventures, this bag its own set of backpack straps. These straps are comfortably padded and will ensure that you have some comfort when using them. One of the issues might be the price and with the durable features, the bag is still quite expensive.


  • The bag has padded backpack-carry straps
  • It can be used for hiking and outdoor activities
  • The wet compartment is ventilated to dry out clothes
  • It features a bottom to keep it sturdy
  • Numerous side pockets can be used for valuables


  • It is one of the expensive bags to buy
  • There are only 2 colors that you can choose from

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G4Free 3-Way Travel Duffel Backpack

Versatility is one of the features that make a backpack stand out from the rest of the competition. The more versatile it is, the more uses you have for it. Such is the case with the G4Free 3-Way Travel Duffel Backpack Luggage Gym Sports Bag. The bag is designed to double down like a backpack and a duffle bag depending on your needs while being constructed from tear and water-resistant nylon.

Gym Backpack Reviews

One great thing is the fact that you have a multitude of different colors to choose from. The bag also features numerous storage compartment for your personal belongings, but the fact that this will all total to some 40-liters is impressive. You can basically store all your gear and some of your clothing in the bag.

As mentioned, there are a few compartments that one can use and this includes the special one in front for most of your valuables. The bag is also quite affordable and all the parts have been covered by the duration of the warranty. If you love traveling and you need a decent bag to get you there with all your stuff, this is one to choose.


  • It features 3 ways of carrying the bag
  • The bag is made to be durable and resists tear and water
  • It can hold contents up to 40-liters in total
  • All the components are covered by the warranty
  • There are around 10 different colors to choose from


  • It can be hard to fit large shoes in the side compartment
  • The nylon does not hold too much weight effectively

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WANDF Drawstring Backpack String Bag

If you don’t need to carry all of your clothing along with you, you might be satisfied with a minimalistic bag. The WANDF Drawstring Backpack String Bag is one of these single-compartment bags that offers you a drawstring enclosure. It might not seem like much, but still offers a ton of durability to users looking to keep weight at a minimum.

Best Gym Bag

The large interior pocket might not have compartments, but when you are heading out to the gym, you can fit most of your gear inside quite easily. Once you are done, the drawstring feature allows you to keep it open. This will enable air to pass through and some of your wet clothing might dry out. The only downside is that you can split them.

For those of us that try to look good in the gym, you can find this bag in a variety of special colors and patterns. This not only makes it effective for training but for outdoor endeavors as well. It is one of the most affordable bags on the market today and having a small front compartment means that you can carry some of your keys along as well.


  • The bag is minimalistic and lightweight
  • It has one large main compartment
  • You can find it for a really cheap price
  • The nylon will hold most of your training gear
  • An additional front pocket is included for valuables


  • You can split your dry and wet clothing
  • The drawstring does not effectively close when overloaded

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SEEU 32L Oversized Sling Backpack

Nothing shows being minimalistic more than using a sling bag. The sling bag only features one shoulder strap that will come across your body to give you comfort. If you are looking for a decent sling bag, the SEEU 32L Oversized Sling Bag can certainly do the job and it has been made from scratch-resistant polyester that will not tear.

best workout backpack

While most sling bags might only have one main compartment, this bag can double down for a school bag as well. It features a few compartments on the inside to split some of your important gear, while also holding most of your valuables on the outside when you are not using them. Since it is waterproof, you don’t need to worry about spillages in the gym.

The bag has definitely been designed to give you comfort when you are carrying it. Not only have they padded most of the straps, but the addition of mesh on the outer side of the area that faces your back will wick away moisture. This bag has definitely been designed for those individuals that want to carry it for prolonged periods.


  • It is a single sling bag design
  • The bag is extremely lightweight
  • It is breathable for long carry stints
  • Multiple compartments allow separation inside
  • The materials are water-resistant


  • It is not large enough to carry shoes
  • The nylon is a little thin for heavy-duty use

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Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

If we think training or working out, there is one brand that comes to mind immediately. Under Armour is one of the top brands that has been growing since day one, giving us some of the best products. Looking at the Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag, we find that it has been constructed from 100% polyester, featuring enough durability for large loads.

best backpack for gym and work

On the inside, the bag as a few compartments that will enable you to place your personal belongings to either one side or the other. With a superior size to most backpacks, it has enough surface area for your shoes and your clothing. The fabrics are light and air can pass through, allowing most of your wet clothing to dry out if needed.

One of the top features is the ColdGear Technology that helps to keep everything dry and cozy on the inside. The bag might be one of the most expensive options you can find, but it does have various colors to choose from as well. The biggest downside is the lack of backpack straps that make it hard to carry on your back.


  • It features ColdGear Technology
  • The bag is large enough for shoes and clothing
  • Polyester makes it durable for large loads
  • A bottom insert will keep the bag sturdy at all times
  • Under Armour gives you a great warranty


  • The bag does not have backpack straps

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MIER Foldable Small Duffel Bag

The MIER Foldable Small Duffel Bag almost looks like a bag that you will use for holding your sleeping bag when you travel. However, it is designed to give you durability and versatility all at the same time when using it. Made from nylon, it is water-resistant and can hold all your important valuables dry in cold or wet weather.

best gym backpack with shoe compartment

If you are looking to trim down on the weight, this bag is ideal. It weighs less than 1-pound, ensuring that you have more freedom when you need to stuff it with a lot of stuff for your workout session. Once you are done using it, the lack of a bottom will ensure that it can be folded. This makes it much easier to store away.

MIER is not an expensive brand and this is why this duffle bag steps in to be one of the top options for those on a budget. The bag might only be available in one color, but this is still more than enough to keep most people satisfied. If you are looking for something durable that will ensure you look good in the gym, this bag is for you.


  • It can be folded when not in use
  • The bag has one large main compartment
  • The nylon construction makes it water-resistant
  • It weighs less than 1-pound
  • The bag is really affordable


  • You can only find it in one color
  • Without a bottom, it might lack some sturdiness

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RUIGOR Sport Gym Duffel Bag

Often times, we don’t only need a bag for going to the gym. If you like traveling, it can be handy to have a bag that is used for traveling as well. The RUIGOR Sport Gym Duffel Bag is one of these bags that have been designed and crafted from polyester. The polyester is more durable than nylon and it serves to hold a larger load as well.

best gym laptop backpack

While it has one large compartment on the inside, the bag also features a smaller shoe compartment that you can use. This shoe compartment will be ideal for carrying some of your wet shoes while allowing it to dry out effectively when you are on the move. It might be a duffle bag, but the addition of straps for backpack purposes gives you some versatility to work with.

Buyers can find this bag in a whole host of different sizes with different prices. The common bag that is used for working out is the bag that we have just described. Compared to many of the budget options, some people might think that it is a little expensive. However, the use of polyester for durability does make this worth it.


  • It is a lightweight bag
  • The use of polyester ensures that it will last a long time
  • The bag can be used as a duffle bag or backpack
  • An additional shoe compartment allows your shoes to efficiently dry out
  • It comes with a limited 5-year warranty


  • The bag lacks durability around the vent holes
  • The zipper might get snagged often

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Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket

Once you read the name Everest, you might be content with thinking that the bag is made for traveling or even backpacking purposes. However, the Everest Gym Bag is a massive 32-liter bag that has been specifically designed for the avid gym member. It is made from 600D polyester and can ensure that your clothing and personal belongings remain safely enclosed.

mini gym backpack

One common trend that we find among most of the top backpacks is the use of the wet pocket. This also seems to be a thing with this backpack and you can have all your wet clothing sit in the pocket while it dries out. A large shoulder strap has also been included and this will be great for carrying the bag around your shoulders.

Since the bag has all these features, including the special pocket that you can use for holding your water bottle, it might be easy to think how expensive it will be. Fortunately, this bag is really affordable and it comes with a great warranty. I like this bag for the versatility that it offers and you can use it for virtually any task you have.


  • The bag is affordable for all budgets
  • It is made from durable 600D polyester
  • The wet pocket allows clothes to dry out
  • A special water bottle pocket is included


  • All the colors are similarly dark
  • At 1.8-pounds, it might be a little heavy

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Grip Power Pads Storm Roll Trance Sackpack

If you really want something unique that will stand out, you don’t need to look any further than the Grip Power Pads Storm Roll Trance Sackpack. This small backpack has been coated with PVC and it is constructed from the same 600D polyester as most of the top options. The use of polyester makes it capable to carry heavier loads.

cheap gym backpack

One of the top features is the fact that this bag is not only durable but also water-resistant. It has been designed to easily fit on the back of most individuals and it has a durable zipper that will keep everything safe inside. A small clip is also used to give you peace of mind and make sure that nothing can actually fall out.

The bag might not be able to hold some of your larger gear or clothing like shoes, but it will hold some of the most important stuff with ease. It is one of the more affordable options on the market today and serves bodybuilders quite well. You can definitely use this bag regardless of your gender to serve your needs.


  • The bag is lightweight
  • It is small and minimalistic
  • It is designed for men and women
  • The PVC coating makes it resistant to the outside temperatures or weather
  • Multiple enclosures will keep everything ensconced inside


  • The bag does not hold large items

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What Should You Look for In The Gym Backpacks

Once you have your gym backpack, you are ready to head over to the gym. However, not all of these bags are the same as you might have noticed. I have isolated a couple of important features that you need to look for. This will make it much easier to ensure that you find the right backpack for your training needs:

gym backpack with belt holder

  • Durability:

One of the first things that every person should look at is how durable the bag is. A durable bag is generally made from polyester, but when you want to keep the weight down, the nylon bags are also a great option to choose. Polyester has more tensile strength and it can hold much heavier weights but can be a little heavier.

However, nylon is not a bad choice and it can also help you to keep everything dry inside. Since nylon does not allow the same breathability, you can keep most of your personal belongings dry when the weather does not work with you. Brands like Under Armour use special ColdGear technology infused with polyester to get this effect.

  • Size:

If you know that you will be carrying a lot of gear, the size of the bag is another important factor to consider. The size means that you can carry more items on the inside. However, if the bag is too big, it might be a little frustrating to carry around. We also consider the dimensions of the bag for those that want to store it in a locker.

You will find that most backpacks are smaller than their duffel bag alternatives, which might make for more luxury if you want to be minimalistic.

  • Compartments:

Very few things can be as frustrating as not having compartments to store your clothing or valuables. The smaller bags only have one compartment, but it is frustrating when you need to store your sweaty clothes with the dry extra clothing you want to wear later on.

The more compartments you have, the easier it is to use the bag and tailor it to meet all your specific demands. However, the addition of the shoe compartment is a big plus, since these compartments generally have ventilation holes. This will keep your shoes from causing an odor inside the bag.

  • Design:

Not all bag is the same and as we have mentioned, many of them are intended to be used as duffel bags. However, the addition of backpack straps gives you this versatility to carry the bag in any way that you see fit or comfortable.

Adding on to the design, we have looked at the number of colors that each bag has available for you to choose from. Since women like feminine colors backapck, one can argue that you might need to look for this in your bag as well. The neutral colors like black should be unisex and ideal for anyone that needs a new backpack.

  • Additional Features:

Gym bags don’t simply stop with these features and while they are the most important, there are a couple of subtle features that you also need to look for. If you want a good gym backpack, you might also want to look for a few of these features:

  • Zipper Quality:

Large zippers are more durable than their smaller counterparts are. Nothing will frustrate you as much as a zipper that constantly snags when you open or close the bag.

  • Weather-resistant:

We have mentioned this in the durability aspect, but if you are using your bag in the rain, you need something that can withstand the cold temperatures and keep your belongings dry.

  • Padding:

Any backpack can be a drag to carry when it constantly rubs off against your shoulder. You might need to look for a bag with padded straps that also offer some sort of ventilation at the back.

These are only minor features, but they do make a huge difference when you select your gym backpack. Some of them might be a little expensive, but they will give you some great value for your money.


Benefits of Gym Backpacks:

With all the important features out of the way, many people wonder why they should buy a gym backpack. There are a couple of reasons for you to buy a gym backpack and they will definitely give you some benefits. Here are some of the top benefits that I have encountered with a gym backpack:

Best Gym Backpack With Shoe Compartment Reviews

  • Easy Storage:

Since you don’t need to carry everything in your hands any longer, you can simply pack it inside the backpack. This will make life much easier when you plan to carry a lot of extra equipment to use in the gym.

  • You won’t lose anything:

If you have ever felt the disappointment of losing a mobile device or your wallet, you will understand this feature. Since everything can be contained in one location, you don’t run the risk of losing things.

  • Look more professional:

Since I am someone that loves working out, I have seen my fair share of people coming into the gym with their hands full of gear. With a gym backpack, you won’t be looking like a beginner anymore.

  • You can get dressed at the gym:

A lot of people complain that they can’t find the time to hit the gym. However, the backpack will enable you to carry your work clothes with you when you workout. If you get up early, you can hit the gym and the shower, before getting dressed at the gym.

  • More gym motivation:

Since most of what happens at the gym is based on our psychological mind, the gym backpack will be sitting there, waiting for you to use it. Since it is used for the gym, it can add another level of motivation for you when you don’t feel like going to the gym on any particular day.

The gym backpack can offer you many more benefits, but these are some of the most important that can actually help you during your day. Another benefit that we have not added is the fact that they are versatile. You don’t always need to use your backpack for the gym, but you can also use it for taking hiking or outdoor trips.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The gym backpack is rather easy to choose and there are not many real issues that you need to account for. However, many people still have a few questions that I found when doing research. To help you find the best gym backpack. Here are a few questions that many people have and you might also have before buying.

  • Should I Buy A Polyester Or Nylon Gym Bag?

This is an extremely common question with people always wondering which bag they should choose. However, polyester is a little more durable and can hold heavier loads. When it has been coated with a substance like PVC, it also becomes weather resistant. Nylon bags are much lighter and they can also be folded.

  • Can I Use My Gym Bag For Travel?

Gym bags are extremely versatile and they can be used for many activities. One of the most common activities is traveling with the bag. If you don’t want to carry all your belongings in your suitcase, the gym backpack can also double down and serve as your hand luggage. This means that when you buy one, you kill two birds with one stone.

  • What Do I Put In My Gym Backpack?

What you put in your gym bag will depend on your style of training. If you are bulking up, you can have some additional gear or even some of the supplements that you carry with you. However, those who are into fitness might carry the fitness wheels or even a skipping rope. The gym bag also makes the perfect storage space for your clothes.


Working out is the perfect way to clear your mind and for many people, it is also their way of therapy. The best gym backpacks make life so much easier and allow you to carry all your important belongings with you. We hope that you have found the perfect gym backpack and we look forward to seeing which ones are your favorite.