Best Gregory Backpack Reviews For 2020

Backpacks are not only made for students, they are there to simplify and help organize your life. Whether you’re commuting, heading to work, traveling, hiking or spending a day out photographing. A backpack always comes in useful and lifts of the pressure of organizing and keeps all your essentials in one place. You may find it old-fashioned and boring to carry one but nowadays, everybody using it for reasons far too many.

And it’s totally easy to get hold of cool-looking backpacks without feeling embarrassed being seen in them. When we think of one such brand that creates backpacks that are equal parts cool and functional, “Gregory” comes to mind. But knowing exactly which is the Best Gregory Backpack from many, requires research and time.

Hence, to spare you the hard work, we’ve collected our data, so the next time you’re out shopping for backpacks, pull up this list and take it from here!

7 Best Rated Gregory Backpacks Reviews


Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro 65 Liter Men’s Backpack

The 65 liter mountain backpack comes in sizes small, medium, and large with different color options. You can buy this in your favorite color with a size that suits your needs and budget. If you’re headed to a long camping trip, entailing various activities, different climates and is particularly, gear-intensive: gregory backpack has a generous top-loading design with a u-zip panel on the front and a compartment for your sleeping bag to access the main things you need without having to unload the entire bag.

Best Gregory Backpack

Also, there are dual pockets mounted at the sides and all-weather quick-access bottle pocket: providing multiple storage capacity to stay super-organized and store your items conveniently.

The Baltoro is easy and comfortable to carry: something most travellers are wary of, especially when carrying heavy loads. Due to the padded adjustable straps and hipbelt, you can customize the bag to your preferred dimensions, so the load doesn’t weigh you down and cause back strain. In addition, you can trek with your stuff for a long time.

The bag is made out of nylon and lined with polyester which adds to its innovative design. Nylon is a popular fabric among travelers since its rain-friendly, high-strength, and resistant to humid elements. In a nutshell, it’s very durable with a removable rain cover that protects your belongings.


  • The 65 liter capacity is enough for a long term trip
  • The multiple pockets let you store things neatly and cleanly
  • The design conforms to your back body to distribute the load
  • The mesh fabric on the back vented panel allows airflow to avoid a sweaty back
  • The ergonomic bottle holder is convenient for hydration on-the-go
  • The bag is good-looking and looks cool on anyone


  • Not for backpackers who pack light as this much space would only attract you to pack more than you need to
  • This bag is heavy and if it fails to fit you, carrying it wouldn’t be comfy

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Gregory Mountain Products Sketch 22 Liter Daypack

The Sketch 22 poses effective for  daily commuting, light traveling, and replacement for a carry-on. The daypack is only available in two colors with zero size options and weighs 2 pounds with 20.25″ x 12.5″ x 8.5″ dimensions.

Gregory Backpacks Review

The well-constructed, sleek-looking design combines a laptop compartment with a tablet sleeve to house and access your digital devices together without having to unzip separate compartments. On the more, you get both quick-access and main pocket feasibility in the shape of a single zipper compartment where you can strategically store your accessories, notebook, stationary, water bottle, papers, all that you need in one-go. With an added bonus pocket for your passport.

This daypack offers a minimal approach to organizing and same goes for handling. It’s designed to fit closer to your body shape as a result of the padded adjustable straps, padded top handle, an adjustable sternum strap, and removable hip belt that divide the weight of the bag evenly for you to lug around stuff handsfree.


  • A portable and compact backpack for ultra-light packing makes moving around with your things easy
  • It’s multipurpose for college students as much as for office workers: who need even the smallest of things in one place
  • The usage of mesh provides breathability: reducing back sweat
  • Adjustable straps for both hip and sternum area are provided to customize the measurements


  • Unfit for wet climate conditions due to no waterproofing or water-resistance
  • This bag is not made for intensive usage and may not last long

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Gregory Mountain Products Compass 30 Liter Backpack

The biggest standout of this backpack is its functionality that serves travelers, businessmen, commuters, students and balances your work-life together with your adventurous side quite well. With the 30 liter bag, you get a 15 inch laptop compartment that fits in standard sized laptops and is also padded: shielding your laptop from any harm.

gregory hiking backpack

As for the organization, you get a main compartment with key clip, security mesh, and mesh organized pocket inside with a u-zip panel that can be accessed from the back. The bag lets you arrange your items for easy access as well as throw in extra items like food, clothes, and athleisure gear you may need. Not to mention the light load saves you from the extra luggage fees.

You may find yourself at a disadvantage when small backpacks aren’t water-resistant but the gregory backpack is made with nylon and features a water-resistant coating that renders it suitable under light drizzles without being prey to mildew, mold, and fungi.

You can wear it and carry it both, due to the padded shoulder straps and grab handles available. The mesh padding on the straps offer breathability and fit accurately to the size of your shoulders for a stable posture and make this an easy haul.


  • The side access laptop and tablet is exceptionally convenient when on-the-move
  • The nylon fabric and water-resistant coating is ideal for a slightly rainy weather
  • It is suitable both as a carry-on or something you can quickly throw on your shoulders hopping on a bike
  • It’s in term with travel luggage limitations and saves you from paying extra charges
  • Comes with lifetime warranty


  • There’s no way to access the back main compartment unless you unload the bag and unzip it entirely to get to your things which can be confusing
  • The bag is rather small for a long trip
  • Don’t expect it to undergo lots of use and abuse. Unfortunately, the lifetime warranty does not cover that

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Gregory Mountain Products Contour 60 Backpack

If you’re the outdoorsy type and most of your time is spent exploring the world, the 60 liter gregory bag might be the best bet for you. With two colors options available, gray and black, it weighs around 4 pounds and contains numerous organizational pockets to let you optimise your luggage accordingly.

gregory backpacking backpack

If your ideal concept of a mountaineer backpack is one which is comfortable, durable, lightweight, and water-resistant the contour 60 lets you brave the heavier stuff through the top pocket without leaving all the pressure onto your shoulders. Plus, leaves the lighter items for the middle pockets and side pockets for your quick go-getters, for instance, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, camera equipment, etc.

It’s cleverly designed to distribute the weight and comes with an Elte suspension with a wishbone wire frame to support your back and retain a comfortable posture and control sweat via the ventilated mesh back panel with belts to hold the weight closer to your body.

Furthermore, in the case of sudden rain or a nasty weather change, the rain cover included comes useful to protect your stuff in a jiffy.


  • The bag is firm and strong for stowing away all the needed equipment and does not break apart
  • It’s intelligently designed to minimize the burden on your shoulders with the added belts and straps for a comfortable, easy to move experience
  • Great for overnighters and weekend long trips
  • Has a rain cover and a safe built-in pouch for your electronic devices


  • The side pockets are hard to access which is why you have to unload the entire bag to take water breaks.
  • The bag can be too big for air travel

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Gregory Mountain Products Jade 28 Liter Women’s Backpack

The first step to backpacking is to choose a satisfying, appropriate bag for your trip that can stand whatever mother nature throws at you while you’re hiking and not wear you out when you’re carrying your belongings. Weight is the silent assassin and the women-centric jade gregory is its best predator.

gregory women's jade 28 backpack

How so you may ask? Well, it consists of free float suspension system that’s well-ventilated using alloy steel and fiberglass to shape itself to the contours of your body and mimic your natural movements when you hike. This way you won’t feel a thing. Plus, this is perfect for hot, humid weather and won’t be a cause for hot flashes.

The backpack is available in two torso sizes, small and medium, pick what suits you best. It has adjustable shoulder straps, sternum strap, and foamy hipbelt to hit the lash points and be more supportive which makes a big difference for carrying the bag all day long.

The hydration sleeve is inside the bag and you can adjust the port to either side of the shoulder. The main compartment is connected to the top-loading panel and can be opened from any side so you can quickly search and pick the needed item.


  • The suspension system of the bag allows air circulation and helps avoid sweat
  • The bag is very user-friendly and items can be placed in a way that they’re never out of reach
  • The adjustable shoulder and sternum straps with the cushioned hipbelt stabilizes the load and provide comfort at its best
  • The bag itself is rigid yet smooth and soft to carry. Even overloading won’t cause wear and tear
  • Comes with a rain cover and keeps the luggage dry


  • Might be too big for international flights
  • It might be heavy for light backpackers or a short trip

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Gregory Mountain Products Deva 60 Liter Women’s Backpack

When you’re hiking, moving uphill or downhill, the biggest concern is easily carrying your luggage without the bag rubbing or chafing against your shoulder. Well, the answer is simple. The award-winner Deva gregory backpack features swiveling shoulder harness that moves with you and helps maneuver the luggage for optimal comfort. Same is true for the hipbelt that supports the bulk of your items.

gregory deva backpack

It has 60 liter space capacity so you could be as generous with packing as possible and be super-methodical all you want, thanks to the main front dual zippered pocket for stashing away clothes and all the large items. Plus, you get mesh side pockets for keeping snacks, trekking poles, and extra water bottles.

The Deva is designed with your needs in mind and is available in three sizes, extra small, small, and medium, relying upon your preferred dimensions and financial framework. There’s also a weather shield pocket for your phone or camera equipment. The shoulder harness comes with a sunglasses space and there’s a bottle holster too.

In the front of the bag, you have a pocket for immediate access items like rain cover, cold-proof essentials, a map, and whatever you consider worthy of stacking there.


  • The lumbar back bids support and ease of walking
  • You have all the space you need for both necessary and bonus items that could potentially make your trip even more memorable
  • Water can be tucked away nicely at the side, so you can keep moving without any distractions
  • The fabric lets air circulate which is crucial to avoid hot spots and whatever hot weather brings your way
  • The hydration bag that comes with the original backpack is super-useful to tuck in a few bare essentials and be on your way to a short trips


  • Even though it’s designed to flow with your body language, the backpack can get heavy
  • Overfilling backpacks can lead to wear and tear, so don’t

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Gregory Mountain Products Zulu 40 Liter Backpack

With 100% five stars, the Zulu backpack means business. It has 40 liter space capacity with three color options and two sizes ranging from small/medium to medium/large. So you can make the pick keeping your wallet and wishes in mind.  It’s made with a sturdy, high-tenacity and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric so the backpack can bear the brunt of your outdoor adventures without giving up in the middle of your weekend trip.

gregory zulu 40 backpack review

The backpack offers uncompromised support largely due to its mesh suspension system that’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and faultless under hot weather. And includes adjustable shoulder straps, sternum strap and waist belt that pivot along with you so the weight of the bag feels natural for zero pressure.

The bag has u-shaped zipper main pocket that can be accessed from the top to the middle to uncomplicatedly gain access to your items without extracting all your belongings out. Once the pocket is closed, a lock strap goes on top to secure the luggage which acts as compression.

The pack has its own removable rain cover for sudden rain protection. It fits nicely plus you get security pocket under the hood to keep items you don’t want soaked. And, of course, the hydration port is there for on-the-go H2O no matter where you are.


  • The zulu is flexible, lightweight, and has compression straps to fasten the luggage secure
  • With the top-loading u-shaped zipper pocket, no item can be unreachable
  • The suspension system is there for moving without interruptions
  • The bag is stylish and sturdy-looking which speaks of its solid construction
  • The included raincover gets a stamp of approval from all travelers since it comes handy any time of the day


  • The bag may be unsuitable for longer trips

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Information About Gregory

Wayne Gregory founded the brand “Gregory” in 1977 to design backpacks he thought fit to take on his most challenging adventures. He dedicated his life creating backpacks by paying close attention to the male and female audience, developing new fabrics and materials, and finding innovative ideas to further enliven your outdoor adventures.

While also developing suspension systems that work in favor with your body’s strength, rather than overburdening it. Gregory is one of the big name brands trusted by hikers, climbers, mountaineers, and backpackers all around the world.

Gregory products are made in Salt Lake, Utah and their prototypes are real-time tested by their skilled team to make sure they’re in touch with the latest technology and techniques.


Types Of Gregory Packs

Gregory offers various types of backpack serious, targeted at climbers, mountaineers, backpackers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. Take a look at each type and see what sounds sensible to use.

  • Daily Backpacks

Gregory make backpacks for the daily grind and even for a short traveling scene to pop in a few work essentials with a compartment for your laptop to conveniently carry your stuff and go on about your day.

  • Long Trips

Trips extending over 5 days of activity or involving parents carrying their kids luggage, gregory supplies backpack sizes ranging from 40 to 80 liters in the Deva, Baltoro, Cairn, and Contour series aimed for both men and women. These backpacks come with special adjustable, rain-proofing, external organizing pockets, and extra padding characteristics that improve your overall luggage carrying experience.

  • Short Trips

When it comes to warm weather trips, or 2-night trips, the classic Z, Maya and Miwok series of gregory lets you pack light and efficient so you can really pay heed and decide between useful and useless items. Only 25 to 50 liters of capacity concerns such trips. And as with all gregory backpacks, these are intelligently designed, more streamlined and rather have a toned-down approach from the much bulkier intensive trip luggage bags.

  • High Performance Trips 

Now there’s a collection for the mountaineers, climbers, and trial-runners. These backpacks are trimmed down as a bare minimum backpack and main focus is given to technical gear for ski-related activities and its concerning equipment. Of course, with pockets for food, snacks, and water. We’re talking about 20 to 60 liter of storage here.


What Features to Look For When Buying a Gregory Backpack

A backpack can either make or break your trip as one wrong move could ruin the whole excursion. Before you buy a backpack, determine these three factors below.

  • Your backpack size and weight depends on how long your trip is going to be, climate conditions, and how much weight you’re willing to carry.
  • Look for basic and any special backpack features that could possibly have an impact on your trip.
  • The fit of the backpack is an absolute must. Here your torso length comes into place. Not your height or weight.

Important Features:

  • Backpack Space 

Different backpacks are aimed for different backpack capacities. Your pick depends on the kind of adventure you’re opting for, the weather you’ll be dealing with, and your personal preference on how much weight you can commit yourself to carry.

It’s always better to go for a slightly larger space than what you’re originally going for. Because that extra space most of the time comes in handy for those bonus yet essential items. Though, we must comment carrying a larger bag usually propels one to fill it more than necessary: leading to carrying problems. While you reach a verdict on luggage space, keep your comfort in mind.

  • Backpack Fit

When the pack does not fit properly, it is a nightmare to carry your stuff and all efforts seem useless. Our best suggestion is that if you can, then check the fit of the backpack by trying it on in person. However, if that’s impossible in your case or you’re simply busy, a correct torso length is the only way to get a backpack to fit you. Get the torso measured and buy a backpack.

  • Water-resistant

No matter how careful you are about weather conditions, you never know, rain can strike anytime. Buying water-resistant backpacks is the least you can do.

  • Multiple pockets 

This is a must have and it goes without saying. Pockets of all kinds, be it side, top, front, back or bottom are vital to have a separate room for each of your items for easier access.

  • Padding 

Yes, a backpack without padded shoulder straps, waist belt, sternum, and padded mesh lumbar shaped back is useless as it makes carrying stuff a living hell. These features support the arch of your back and make a vast difference.

  • U-zip panel or front-loading

Get a hold of a backpack that comes with a u-zip panel or has a front-loading design so you can see and easily take out stuff even from the bottom of the bag.

  • Hydration port

This is so important. Nobody has time to stop for water breaks. Either get a bag with a side-access bottle holster or hydration port that connects to a small water pipe for drinking water.

  • Internal Frames

There are frameless, internal, and external frame backpacks. Internal frames are much better for uneven tracks and built with plastic or carbon fiber support rods which make hiking with luggage less severe.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Wash Gregory Backpack?

Yes, a gregory backpack is washable. But we’d recommend handwashing, though most backpacks can be washed in a machine considering they’re made of nylon or canvas but handwashing is a gentler and safer method. Plus, increases the longevity of your bag. Gregory recommends a non-toxic, eco-friendly soap to wash the inside and outside of your bag with a sponge. Rinse the bag including the zippers and buckles and let air dry.

  • How Do You Size A Gregory Bag?

To pick the correct size, you need to know your torso length. To measure torso length, Take a measurement tape and slide it down your iliac crest (the highest point of the hip bone that aligns with the middle of your spine). For better visual instructions, check out a video on measuring torso length.

  • How Can You Make Your Backpack Lighter?

The space limit of your backpack doesn’t mean you have to pack it to reach that liter level. A backpack that weighs less on your back yet is equipped with all you want is sure a good feeling. Besides, lighter loads are always in line with the airplane restrictions and if that sounds like your thing.


If you’re on the hunt for finding the best Gregory backpack, this guide and the reviews provide all the information you need to reach a quick but apt decision. You see, best matters on what you consider best. We all have different priorities, sizing, fitting, price points, and expectations. A backpack you love may be hated by another. So it’s of prime importance to actually know what you want in a backpack and how it can improve your outdoor experience to reach a conclusion that’s workable and in your favor.