Best Gaming Backpack Reviews 2020 (Our Top Picks)

If you are a gamer and have invested a lot of time and money on your gaming laptop, you need a dedicated backpack for it. The best gaming backpack would help you carry and protect all that precious gaming cargo. You need something sturdy and most importantly, big enough to keep your gaming laptop.

These backpacks can hold your laptop, as well as all the other hardware you need to carry for gaming like keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc. Some also have compartments for gaming consoles. Regardless of your budget, you can find something that fits your needs.

10 Best Rated Gaming Backpack Reviews


ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack

This gaming backpack from ASUS is the king of organizing when it comes to carrying gaming laptops. The laptop compartment can fit a gaming laptop of up to 17 inches. It has several tailored pockets and compartments to house all the other hardware. You can keep your keyboard, mouse, cables, adapters, and a camera in these pockets.

The internal suspension system for the laptop, along with the padded back, helps keep the laptop safe. There is a hanging hook for that bulky headset in the dedicated compartment for hardware. It is compatible with a variety of ASUS models except for the G752.

best gaming backpack

Since it is designed to withstand a lot of weight, the shoulder straps have thick padding. These will distribute the weight evenly and help you carry the backpack around seamlessly. The back ventilates air efficiently, keeping things cool on the go.

The material of this backpack is a 1680D nylon. Yet, it is lightweight (3.52 pounds) and can easily resist water. There is a detachable carabiner key ring to hang your keys. It is sturdy enough to carry up to 39 kg with a capacity of 8 liters.

The best thing about the backpack is its design. Not just in terms of storage but the little design details that make it stand out. For instance, the front of the backpack mimics a gladiator helmet. Also, the colors black and red represent the ROG style.


  • High-quality and durable construction
  • Straps and zippers have been stress tested
  • Provides ease of access to the inside of the backpack
  • Side pockets for water bottles
  • Cinching straps on the side help reduce the bulkiness
  • Pocket on strap for your phone


  • Does not work for ASUS G752
  • May not fit under the airplane seat when full

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Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack

This gaming laptop backpack offers a generous capacity for laptops, fitting up to 18-inch laptops. The laptop compartment has soft padding and felt lining to ensure safety. It is 20.9 inches in height, 16.9 inches in width, and 7.9 inches in depth.

The highlighting feature of this model is its gaming console sleeve. You can fit most gaming consoles in it, including Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. The main compartment has several sleeves to help you organize and place all your necessary hardware, as well as some books or notepads. There are small pockets on the backside of the front opening panel to keep smaller things in place.

gaming backpack reviews

Everything in this backpack is easy to access. The laptop compartment has a wide zipper so the laptop can go in and out in seconds. Similarly, the front main compartment opens in a 180-degree fashion thanks to a smart buckle system. All the stuff inside is at your disposal in seconds.

Even the side pockets are multi-functional. You could use the loop in the pocket for storing water bottles and keep auxiliary stuff inside the pockets. The straps are ergonomic and use a five-point balance system to distribute weight evenly. Two handles make lifting the bag a breeze.

The backpack is made of sturdy fabric, but to make it weather-resistant, the manufacturer has included a weather cover. It is located at the bottom of the backpack and stretches over all the exposed parts of the backpack.


  • Good value for money
  • High-quality, durable metal zippers
  • Can fit virtually all large gaming laptops
  • Straps to hang sunglasses and cable routing on the straps
  • Limited Lifetime warranty from Everki


  • The padding is not generous
  • Chest strap sits lower from the chest

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FreeBiz 18.4 Inches Laptop Backpack

If you have a large and heavy gaming laptop, you may want to consider the FreeBiz laptop backpack. It can hold a laptop up to 18.4 inches. Asus rog g752vl-dh71, Msi ge72 apache 235, Asus G752VT, Asus G752jz, and ROG G751JT MSI Large gaming laptops, all can fit in this backpack. The laptop compartment is fully padded.

It is quite a roomy backpack with 11.02 inches depth. The height and width are 21.65 inches and 14.96 inches, respectively. You can easily carry it on your travels as well because it doubles as a traveling or hiking backpack.

gaming laptop backpack

Made from 1680D ballistic nylon fabric, it is lightweight and water-resistant. The main pocket has organizer pockets that you can use for hardware, stationery, and more. There is a small zippered pocket in the front for stuff like ID, keys, etc. It also has two zippered pockets on either side — offering plenty of places to store small things.

This is a tech-ready backpack as it has a USB charging port with built-in wiring. Then you also have a headphone jack for music connectivity. All these features make it incredibly useful for both daily use and travel.

The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. You can get the right fit for your body to move with this backpack comfortably. The Airflow system at the back makes sure your back gets ventilation.


  • Great value for money
  • Very sturdy reinforced top handle
  • The anti-scratch fabric stays just like new even after heavy use
  • Lightweight backpack weighing about three pounds
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • No padding at the bottom
  • Can get a bit heavy since it is high capacity

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Dell 50KD6 Gaming Backpack

You know you are getting something high-quality and reliable when it is from Dell. That is exactly the case for the Dell 50KD6 backpack. First of all, it is a really stylish backpack. There is a lot of play on shapes in this backpack’s design, which makes it gaming ready.

It comes in several sizes ranging from 13 inches to 17 inches. This is not the size of the backpack itself rather the size of the laptop it can hold. The backpack for a 15-inch laptop, for instance, is 19.7 inches long, 12.2 inches wide, and 8.1 inches deep.

gaming laptop backpack reviews

It just has one main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve with Velcro strap and some other pockets/sleeves for other hardware. There is a loop velcro strap for your headphones as well. The front cover opens 180-degrees giving you access to all your stuff. The front upper pocket is for your charger and hard disk.

The shoulder straps are padded and taped edges. However, the padding on the back is even better. The V-shaped air channels, along with the mesh, provide a lot of ventilation and breathability. Then you also have two mesh pockets on the sides to keep your water bottles and flasks.

The backpack features EVA molded front shield. The bottom material is 1680D coated fabric, whereas the body has 900D heavy-duty fabric. This makes the backpack water-resistant. However, you also get a weatherproof cover.


  • Very sturdy yet stylish backpack with black and red gaming colors
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing 1.94 pounds
  • High-quality fabrics that can stand the test of time
  • Best for everyday use


  • Size-specific backpack
  • It does not stretch

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Lenovo Legion Armored Gaming Backpack

This gaming laptop from Lenovo is all about the organization. It has three compartments with over 16 pockets to organize all the hardware and essentials you need to carry. You can fit a laptop of up to 17 inches.

The laptop compartment has a shock-absorbing lining that protects it from impact. The other two compartments have different sleeves for hardware, books, stationery, etc. You can even strap your headphones within the backpack.

game boy backpack

It is a sturdy backpack with a hardshell exterior. It has a waterproof exoskeleton that also keeps the backpack in its shape. The back has a compression-molded airflow padding that provides additional support and ventilation.

You can get the right fit using the adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap. There is a convenient pouch pocket on the side to keep a water flask/bottle. The backpack has a red Y-icon on the front and red trims on the pockets inside to give it a gaming vibe.

For a gaming backpack, it is quite lightweight, weighing only 3.02 pounds. It is 19.88 inches long, 14.17 inches wide, and 7.09 inches deep. The interior is polyester, whereas the exterior is polyester as well as poly-urethane.


  • Very stylish backpack
  • Extra zippered pocket on the back
  • Highly weatherproof backpack
  • A lot of space for gaming hardware


  • Sharp chemical smell
  • Very stiff shape

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Acer Predator Utility Gaming Backpack

Acer Predator Utility gaming backpack is a stylish backpack with multiple pockets. The main compartment is quite roomy. The top zippered cover opens fully, giving you access to all your stuff. You can fit a laptop up to 17.3 inches.

The backpack has ventilated back panels to keep air ventilating and provide protection to your gaming laptop. The shoulder straps are padded, and the adjustable chest buckle gives you a snug fit. Overall, the backpack is quite comfortable to wear.

game backpack

The exterior of the backpack is made from 1680D polyester that is weatherproof. It also has a coating and waterproof zippers. You can easily travel with it when it is pouring or snowing.

There are two large pockets on the sides. The front pocket opens all the way out and has two additional zippers for quick access to important things like keys, id, and wallet. Then you have another zippered pocket at the bottom. The sewn strap on the sides gives you the ability to hang stuff if you like.

The backpack weighs around 3.4 pounds because of heavy-duty materials. It is 20.5 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. The teal accents on the black bag and the Predator logo on the front cover look quite stylish.


  • Military-grade coating to protect from water
  • Easy and quick access to the main compartment
  • Easy to lift and carry
  • Can be used as a carry-on
  • Can even fit a small laptop in the tablet sleeve


  • It has a rigid shape that can look bulky even when the backpack is not full.

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Targus Steelseries Gaming Backpack

The Targus SteelSeries Gaming Backpack is a simple but incredibly functional backpack for avid gamers. It is specifically designed to hold all the gaming hardware. In addition to the cushioned laptop compartment, you also have dedicated pockets for mouse, gaming pad, keyboard, controllers, and headphones.

The backpack’s design allows it to zip open flat. This feature makes it travel-friendly when you have to unzip your backpack to take out the laptop and electronics for security screening. It is remarkably easy to carry, too, thanks to the padded shoulder straps and sternum strap.

targus steelseries gaming backpack

There is a generous amount of padding on the back that actively ventilates air. You can easily lug it around for hours on end without getting sweaty. This very back panel also features a small so-called hidden pocket. You could use it to keep your cash or credit card.

The backpack has a tethered rain cover to protect the fabric and zipper, and subsequently, the contents of your backpack. The front pockets are actually detachable pouches. These are roomier than your average front pockets found on backpacks because they are separate and not incorporated within the front of the back.

With a total capacity of a whopping 29 liters, this Targus backpack is 13.77 inches wide, 21.64 inches long, and 12.98 inches deep.


  • Great value for money
  • Capacity can be adjusted thanks to detachable pouches
  • Offers a lot of organization and easy access
  • Well-padded and sturdy laptop compartment
  • Lightweight backpack


  • Primarily designed for gaming equipment only
  • Straps are not reinforced

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Razer Rogue v1 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Backpack

This backpack is essentially designed for the Razer Blade 15 or a similar size laptop i.e., 15 inches. There is an accessories compartment for the storage of all your gaming peripherals. Everything is organized in the main compartment, which makes it pretty handy every time you need something.

The exterior materials of the backpack are water-resistant. The bottom has a leatherette fabric to provide extra protection from surfaces where you will place the backpack. The air mesh back provides ventilation and support for your back.

dell gaming backpack

There is a protective layer inside the main compartment made of TPU material. It helps keep your expensive gaming laptop safe. The heavily padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry the backpack even when it is filled up and heavy. These distribute the weight evenly to make sure your shoulders do not feel the pain.

It is 18.2 inches in height, 12.6 inches in width, and 6.7 inches in depth. As you can imagine, with these dimensions, it is not a big bag. When traveling by air, you should be able to stow it under the seat.

The backpack uses its size well. The pockets on the front are quite sizable. You could fit in some smaller peripherals in these too, like your hard disk or cables.


  • High-quality zippers
  • Tear-resistant and water-resistant fabric
  • Good value for money
  • Can be used as a regular backpack with adjustable cinching straps


  • Does not fit laptops bigger than 15.6 inches
  • Side pockets are not big enough or made of mesh to hold water bottles

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ENHANCE Universal Gaming Laptop Backpack

If you play games on both a laptop and console, this backpack is for you. Most gaming backpacks can fit consoles but do not offer designated space for them. The ENHANCE backpack is designed for both laptop and console. You can fit Xbox One or Playstation 4 easily in the console compartment.

Not just your laptop and console, it also has dedicated storage for other hardware like keyboards, mouse, and even VR headsets. The front pockets open up with even further dedicated storage for stuff like cables, discs, and controllers. The top-loading pocket can accommodate the bulkiest of the headphones.

backpack for gaming

This one is super secure as the padding is not just limited to the back or shoulder straps. The whole lining of the backpack is padded to prevent an impact on the inside contents. As a result, it can withstand wear and tear from daily commuting and even tough weather conditions. The fabric is scratch-resistant as well, making it further indestructible.

The backside has proper ventilation, and the panel is moisture-wicking. As a result, you can carry it for hours on your shoulders without getting your back sweaty. The top handle is ergonomic and sturdy. You can carry the backpack in hand when you do not want to wear it on your shoulders.

Despite being a sturdy one with lots of storage space, it only weighs 2.5 pounds. The size, however, is a little bigger than your average gaming backpack. The height is 23 inches, the width is 13 inches, and the depth is 7 inches.


  • Great value for money
  • High-capacity and full-organized gaming storage
  • Three-year limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Simple yet stylish design that offers easy access
  • Buckle lock secures all front openings


  • Can be a bit bulky when full
  • Main compartment opening is one the side

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KALIDI Travel Gaming Laptop Backpack

This is yet another affordable option for those who are on a tighter budget. It is a sleek-looking backpack made with oxford fabric and polyester lining. As a result, it is highly water-resistant and will keep the content dry, even in heavy rain.

The zippers have been tested to run 17000 times more than YKK zippers. You can be sure that these will not rip out or get stuck. It is also travel-friendly as there are straps to place it above your luggage.

travel games for backpacking

The side pocket is big enough for a small water bottle or coffee mug. The back is fully padded and consists of shock-absorbing materials. This helps keep your precious commodity safe at all costs. The compartment can fit a laptop up to 17.3 inches, which makes it compatible with a large variety of gaming laptops.

Additional helpful features include five cycling reflectors that are a safety measure for those who bike at night. There is a small pocket on the shoulder strap where you could keep your travel card or phone.  It also has a USB charging port on the side. You will have to buy a power bank separately to use this feature. However, it comes in very handy when you want to charge your phone on the go.

This one is 19.7 inches in height with a width of 13.4 inches and a depth of 7.9 inches. The overall capacity of the backpack is quite high (34 liters).


  • Advanced features backpack for increased usability
  • Travel-friendly and easy to carry by the handle
  • Very reasonable price for a gaming laptop
  • Guards against thieves on public transportation
  • Back and shoulder straps offer breathability


  • Gets heavy when full
  • Zippers are not heavy-duty

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Why You Should Need a Gaming Backpack

Gaming laptops can be bigger and heavier than regular laptops. They have large memory, storage, a dedicated graphics card, and multiple fans inside. Also, they can be very expensive. As a gamer, you also have to carry with you other hardware such as a keyboard, mouse, headphones, and cables.

To carry your laptop and all the other stuff, you need a backpack designed specifically for this purpose. It will make transporting your gaming system easy and protect them on the go. Regular laptop backpacks do not have the right padding or strength to protect this equipment that may be well over a thousand dollars.


What Key Features To Look For in a Gaming Backpack

Let’s be honest, gaming backpacks are not quite cheap. Also, keep in consideration that you are buying something for your expensive gaming equipment. That alone warrants taking a closer look at some things to get the best gaming backpack.

Before we delve into the key features, it is important to take a step back and analyze your equipment. How big is your gaming laptop? Do you also need space for a console? What other equipment will you be carrying? Do you just need the backpack for gaming stuff or you plan to use it as a regular backpack too, say, for work?

These questions should help you understand what size and what capacity to look for. Your laptop must fit in the backpack easily. If it is too big or too small for the laptop compartment, you will not get any benefit out of it.

  • Padding

It is all about padding when it comes to gaming backpacks. This is one distinguishing feature between regular backpacks and gaming backpacks. Since these laptops are so precious, they need generous padding on the back and also at the bottom. The bottom of the backpack should be rigid and ideally padded so that the laptop does not get any impact when the backpack hits the ground.

Padding needs to be equally generous in the straps. These laptops are quite heavy, and then you also have other equipment. You will be lugging a lot of weight on your shoulders. That is why heavily padded shoulder straps would provide balance and comfort.

  • Access

One of the most overlooked aspects of laptop backpacks is access. You should be able to get your stuff in and out seamlessly. This is all the more relevant when you are traveling. The last thing you need is passengers behind you in the queue getting angry because you cannot get your laptop out.

For gamers, this is even more important because you may have a lot of electronic equipment. The TSA normally requires passengers to take all the electronics out of their backpack. Your life would be so much easier if your gaming backpack allows quick and easy access.

  • Materials

It goes without saying for any sort of backpack that material strength and quality are crucial. You want your backpack to deliver on performance and last for years. That would require it to have high-quality fabric, zippers, stitching, and lining.

Most commonly, you will find these backpacks in nylon or polyester. The former is better in terms of strength. You can determine that by its denier, which is represented by the letter D. Anything over 600 is considered sturdy, but for a gaming laptop, let’s make it 800.

The same is the case with zippers; they need to be heavy-duty. A run of the mill zipper would stop working after a few days. You need something smooth yet sturdy to ensure you are not dealing with a broken zipper while commuting or traveling with an expensive gaming laptop.

  • Weatherproofing

When you are considering a backpack for your laptop, you have to be wary of weatherproofing. Today, most backpacks are somewhat water-resistant. However, for a gaming laptop, you need to make sure that you are getting something weatherproof.

If the materials of the backpack are not enough on their own to protect the contents from water, get a weather cover. It will make sure that your laptop and gear stay dry even when it is pouring heavily. Not just rain, the cover can protect from wind, dust, and snow.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I put in a Gaming Backpack?

Well, you can put all your gaming gear and then some. These gaming backpacks are designed, keeping in mind the different types of gear besides the holy grail of gaming i.e., the laptop. You should be able to use the multiple compartments and sleeves for your gaming equipment. You can easily keep the following:

  • Console
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Headphones
  • VR Headset
  • Hard drives
  • Tablets

Aside from the gaming equipment, some backpacks still have room for a book or two. Most of them have pockets on the sides for water bottles or in the case of those all-nighter tournaments, energy drinks.

  • Can I take my gaming backpack as a carry-on?

Yes, in most cases, you should be able to travel with your gaming backpack as a carry-on. However, you might not be able to stow them under the seat. These can be a bit bulky and may not fit. You will have to put it in the overhead cabin, which is better given that you are carrying such expensive stuff.

If you plan on traveling with the gaming backpack, make sure you get a travel-friendly one. This means ample storage and ergonomic handles. It would be nice if you could fit in a change of clothes or accessories along with all the gear.

  • Can I use a gaming backpack as a regular backpack?

You could very well use it regularly to go to class or work. Since these are sturdy, they can withstand all the wear and tear that comes with daily commuting. Also, it does not hurt when people can see that you are a serious gamer. Most of these backpacks look quite cool, so it is natural that you are tempted to use them regularly.

If the backpack is too big, you may be able to shrink it a little with cinching straps, provided the backpack has them. Even though they have thick padding, gaming backpacks tend to be lightweight to compensate for the weight of the equipment they will carry. This makes them perfect for everyday use as well.


If you have spent thousands of dollars curating the best gaming equipment, it only makes sense to invest your dollars in the functioning and efficient backpack to carry it. Regular backpacks will never provide the protection, ease, and storage, a gaming backpack can provide.

When buying the best gaming backpack, you may want to look out for a warranty. Some of these laptops come from companies that make gaming laptops like ASUS, Dell, Acer, etc. If you have one of their models, you might want to get something compatible with the same manufacturer.