Best Fishing Backpacks Reviews 2020 (Top – Picks)

Is a fishing weekend in the works? If yes, you will need to have your gear together, in one place where you can access it fast. This is why you need the best fishing backpack. It will help you keep all of your items organized.

For a moment, just imagine the number of items that you have to bring along, for your fishing adventure. These include baits, hook removers, landing nets, knives and many others. Some of these items are small and they can scatter all over the place. However, when you have the best backpack for the job, you can keep the small and the large gear inside the pack.

Fishing backpacks are different from school, traveling, hiking or even work backpacks. They have more compartments, are waterproof and they are made of heavy-duty material. The reason for this is that they are quite exposed to the inclements.

Here, we will review 10 of the best backpacks for fishing, the features to look for and the questions that most first-time buyers have in mind.

Top 5 Bestselling Fishing Backpacks

No.ImageNameMaterial WeightRatingsPrice
1Wild River by CLC Custom WT3604Leather7 lbs.Check Price
2Chaos Ready WaterproofHeavy Duty 500 PVC1.4 lbs.Check Price
3Wild River 3606 Multi-TackleHeavy Duty PVC4.9 lbs.Check Price
4Dry Bag Backpack 33L500 Denier Polyvinyl2.5 lbs.Check Price
5Spiderwire Fishing TacklePolyester4.5 lbs.Check Price

10 Best Rated Fishing Backpacks Reviews

So what would make you leave one angler’s backpack and choose another? Check the features, the storage options and the size. It can be a bit hard to compare one pack against the other. Therefore, we have done the hard work for you.

Here are the reviews of 10 backpacks for fishing, their features and pros and cons:


Wild River by CLC WT3604 Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack

The kind of storage that you will get in this backpack is just awesome. You will get enough room for four tackle boxes. These will be enough for your supplies, lures and stuff. But that is not all. This backpack is made of heavy-duty material that can withstand exposure and the kind of abuse that comes with fishing adventures. It is waterproof, so you can be sure that your gear is safe and dry inside the bag.

Best Fishing Backpack

Another thing that you should love about this backpack is the ease with which you can access the main compartment. You can access it from the top entry or from the front one. When you need to reach your gear fast, you can use the easiest entry.

For more storage options, you will get secure pockets on the right, front and left sides. These pockets are zippered for security. Thus, even if you place smaller gear inside the pockets, you will be sure they are safe and they will not drop out of the pack.

Other things that you can get on this backpack include fishing pole holders, rod holders and accessory loops. You will also get a dispenser for your fishing line. From the workmanship and the endowment of pockets and external storage, this is a true angler’s backpack.


  • This backpack is sturdily constructed
  • You get plenty of storage options
  • The backpack has built-in LED lighting system for use in low light
  • The top part of the backpack has a nice holder for your glasses
  • There are internal and external mesh pockets for organization


  • It is a pricey backpack but well worth every dime
  • Feels heavier than it should be even when empty

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Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack

If you are looking for a nice fishing pack that you can use for a one-day fishing adventure, go for the Spiderwire. It is not too big, but it should be enough for your fishing needs.  Made of 100 percent polyester, this pack will hold its own end against the elements. About the structure of this pack, it is designed with a big compartment, which is then divided into three parts.

Fishing Backpack Reviews

There is a top part where you can keep your person, non-fishing items. Then there is the bottom part of the compartment that is for holding the tackle boxes. The middle compartment is the cooler. It keeps your beer and soda cool as you fish in the hot summer sun. You can keep your baits fresh in the cooler compartment. For access, you can use a top entry or a front entry into the main compartment.

On your fishing trips, you will want to carry along small gear such as fishing tool holders, your sunglasses and other things. For that reason, this pack comes with many side pockets for stowing your gear. The exterior pockets are zippered so that even if you move the pack about fast, nothing will spill out.

This pack has many comfort and convenience features. One of them is the breathable, well-cushioned back panel. You will not sweat yourself to dehydration when carrying the backpack.


  • Three compartments and many pockets for organization
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Has waist straps for better weight distribution
  • It has a top handle for carrying it over short distances
  • Nice and compact shape


  • The black color will heat up some in summer
  • The side pocket should be bigger to hold bigger gear such as knife

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Calissa Offshore Tackle Blackstar Fishing Backpack

Sometimes, you just want to buy a pack that you can use for fresh or salt-water fishing. Made with weather-resistant material, this backpack is going to last a long time and you can stay out fishing as long as you want. The bag is made of breathable polyester with high quality zips. It is corrosion-resistant, durable and it can really take all the beating you put it to without breaking a sweat. Whether it is subjected to mud, water, snow or other form or element, it takes everything in stride.

fishing gear backpack

One of the chief considerations for a good backpack for fishing is the size. The Blackstar Freshwater Fishing pack is of commendable size and it can take up any 3600 series and up to four 3650 containers. If you have bigger tackle, you will find the pack useful since it has a removable divider in the big compartment. This divider separates the compartment into two.

This pack comes with easily accessible side pockets. When you have your line in water waiting for the fish to bite and you have to reach into your backpack fast for something, you will find these pockets very accessible. These pockets also help you keep your items organized and so you do not have to mix everything up. These pockets are zippered and so you need not be afraid that your small tackles will spill out.


  • Nice, thick and comfortable straps
  • Strong and durable handle on top of the bag
  • Breathable material prevents you from sweating when you carry it on your back
  • Two compartments can be converted into one, bigger room
  • High quality material for durability


  • The tackle boxes hinges could be better
  • Storage pockets on the side could be bigger

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Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

Owing to the high quality of this bag, you might mistake it for a high-end piece, but it is very affordable. It comes with many compartments, to be precise 11 of them. Although they are small compartments, they will help you organize your gear so that two types of gear never mix up.

piscifun fishing tackle backpack

If you have trouble keeping your small gear organized, try this multi-component pack. High quality SBS zippers divide the compartments. If you need to carry larger tackles, you will just collapse the clapboard in the big compartment. That is going to increase its size tremendously.

This backpack is quite durable. With good care, it will last you a good many years, thanks to the use of 1200D nylon material. The quality of the stitching is quite good as well. Even when you load the pack to its maximum load capacity, the seams will withstand the test of time. For weather-resistance, the backpack comes with a rain cover.

For fastening, you will get high quality buckles. They are also scratch-resistant and they will last a long time in excellent condition. The zippers are of high quality. They never jam or split open.


  • This is a very stylish backpack for fishing
  • Breathable back panel enhances airflow
  • Nice side pockets for large items like knife and water bottle
  • High quality zippers and buckles for fastening
  • Available in different colors


  • Pulling the tackle boxes in and out can hurt the lining
  • The shoulder straps could do with some padding

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Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag Backpack

This single shoulder backpack is not just good for fishing; you can also use it for cycling, day hiking and other adventures. It looks very stylish, thanks to the military camouflage material. The material used in the manufacture of any backpack really matters a lot. With this bag, you have a hardy material of 1000D nylon fabric. It not only stays hardy for a long time, but it also dries faster when you clean the bag.

fishing backpack tackle bag

This material is further treated and coated to make it water-resistant, scratch-proof and tear-resistant. The seams are of high quality and they hold well against a long time of regular use. For organization, this fishing backpack wins! It has three little bags that fit well inside. It also has side pockets for extra storage, including a pocket that can fit a travel coffee mug. Three of the external pockets are zippered for the security of your items. You do not want your small hooks tumbling out onto the ground. To avoid that, get a backpack that offers enough organization, like this one.

For the comfort of the user, there are several features to be thankful for. One, it is small; therefore, the temptation to pack more items simply disappears. Secondly, it has wide pads for the shoulders. You will have an easy time when carrying the pack over long distances. Thirdly, the back panel is lined with mesh for airflow and breathability.


  • A stylish bag to use for various activities
  • High quality SBS zippers and KAM buckles for durability
  • The small size helps in keeping things well arranged and easy to use
  • It can hold up to two 11 by 7.5-inch tackle boxes


  • It is small, so you can’t carry so much gear
  • It is not waterproof

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KastKing Fishing Tackle Backpack

This medium-sized backpack for fishing comes in handily for a man that is always on the move. It is quite durable, waterproof and it helps in keeping your items organized. The material is rip-stop 420D nylon, which is further enhanced with hydrophobic coating that prevents water from penetrating. That is not all because there is also a polyurethane coating on the inside. Overall, this backpack is going to keep your gear dry throughout your fishing adventure.

best fishing tackle backpack

You will get easy rod storage. This comes in the form of rod pockets on the side. When you have placed the rod in the holder, you can then secure it with the bungee loop provided just for that purpose. Then there are the D-rings added to the bag, which allow you to attach different tools such as pliers and line clippers. Let us just say that what you cannot carry inside the bag will find its place outside.

The backpack comes with a lot of storage for organization. There is the main compartment, which is big enough for your lunch, gear and other items that you may want to bring along. There is a false bottom dividing the main compartment into two. You can remove it to create one huge compartment. There is a pair of slash pockets in the front to offer you more storage. You can store your small tools in these pockets. For your glasses, there is a top pocket with fleece lining.


  • It helps you carry rods, tackles, lines and other fishing gear easily
  • The back pad is padded for comfort
  • Shoulder and waist straps help in weight balancing and distribution
  • The loop zippers are self-healing, so there are no split zippers
  • This backpack is good for both freshwater and saltwater


  • When it is new, it has a smell that lingers for some time
  • Tackle boxes not provided

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Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack

What do you get when you combine a fishing backpack, vest, chest pack and water bladder? You will get the Anglatech fishing backpack. However, you may be wondering how such a combination is possible, until you get this pack and see for yourself.

best fly fishing backpack

The vest design of this backpack allows you to wear it in just that way – like a vest! As if that is not enough, you also get some sizing options. Therefore, whether you are big or small-framed, this backpack is going to fit you perfectly. The waist and shoulder straps are very comfortable and adjustable.

Another very important thing incorporated in the design of this backpack is the meshed interior. This allows you to wear the vest for a long time without sweltering in it. The breathable mesh has been sewn onto the entire interior of this fishing pack.

It is small, but it still packs many storage options. First, there is the hydration pack with 1.5-liter bladder. Stay hydrated when fishing in the sweltering summer heat, without having to take the pack off your back. In any case, you can remove the bladder if you do not need it. There are the large pockets for your gear, your lunch or rain coat. The pockets are zippered, so there is no risk of your small fishing gear and tools spilling out. You can even keep a couple of small tackle trays and plastic baits in the front pockets.


  • Designed like a wearable jacket and it keeps you warm
  • Large pockets to carry all the fly-fishing gear that you need
  • Adjustable shoulders and waist straps to fit different people
  • Stylish design makes it appealing to people of all ages
  • It is comfortable for wearing for summer fishing


  • Shoulder straps require constant adjusting
  • It is not waterproof so you have to carry your raincoat

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The SHIMANO BLACKMOON backpack is a versatile piece of work made for an angler on the move. It looks like a regular backpack from a casual glance, but once you get to use it, you will see that it is indeed best for fishing. First, it comes with two Plano 3750 boxes. These will take most of the small tools and items that you need for fishing. These boxes are made of high quality material, with nice hinges and they last a long time.

shimano blackmoon fishing backpack compact

Secondly, on the side, mesh holders have been integrated into the design so that you can carry everything that you need for fishing on this pack. Some people consider these mesh holders as side pockets, but they are specifically there for holding the rods.

This is not a waterproof bag, but you can check on the top of the right hand strap. There might be a rainfly tucked in right there. It is water-resistant, so you do not have to worry when you are caught out in the rain. Another thing that you will love about this pack is the comfort features. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort so you can carry this backpack for a long time without feeling the strain.

This backpack is made of high quality material and therefore it can last you a good many years. There are enough pockets for organization and they are zippered for security.


  • Enough for most of your day fishing gear
  • Comes with two utility boxes
  • The zippered opening in the front enables you to access your items fast
  • Easy to keep clean and stain-free


  • The chest straps are quite short
  • Not waterproof but it has a rain cover

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Bowhound Fishing Bag Outdoor Tackle Storage Bag

This is a multi-purpose backpack that you can use for fishing, hunting, camping and hiking. Because of the single-shoulder sling style, you may use it for cycling. This bag is made with high quality materials. For example, the shell is made of 1000D nylon material. It also has a 3-layer coat of polyurethane to make the backpack as water-resistant as possible. It will be hard for rain to penetrate this kind of water-resistant coating.

fishing tackle backpack reviews

Because of the multi-pocket feature, you can carry enough gear for fishing or hunting in this bag. There are three main components, zipped for security and with enough room to store your items. You can carry your jigs, water bottle, lure boxes, fish grippers and lures in the compartments. There are three compartments for your needs. You can even dedicate one for keeping your electronics safe.

The backpack also has side pockets. These are ample for the gear that you need to access fast without getting the backpack off your shoulders. For comfort, you get an interchangeable shoulder strap that you can exchange from the left to the right. It is wide, padded and comfortable. You can also adjust it to fit your height. In addition, this pack also has a waist strap that can help you make your pack more secure on your back.


  • Easy to adjust the straps to fit your preferred size
  • Small and compact yet it carries all of your fishing gear
  • Big compartment has enough space for two 3600 series of tackle boxes
  • Sturdy backpack with Velcro for adjustment and extra attachments
  • You can cast your line easily with the pack on your back thanks to the sling design


  • Except for the size, which by the way is as advertised, there are no disadvantages

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Prospo 40L Military Tactical Fishing Backpack

Made in military style, you can rightly expect this backpack to last a long time. It is made with 1000D polyester material. In addition, it has been finished with a layer of water-resistant coating for the protection of your gear. The size of this backpack allows the user to carry enough gear to last them three days or more of hiking, trekking, fishing or other adventure. You get 40 liters of volume. Inside, this backpack has two big compartments (one can fit a laptop), a concealed pocket for your valuables as well as two front pockets.

fishing school backpack

But that is not all because the pack also has molle webbing on the sides and the fronts of the pack so that you can attach more gear. To help balance the weight on your back, this backpack has chest straps, waist strap and shoulder straps. The chest strap and the waist belt are detachable so that you can keep them away when they are not needed. You can adjust the shoulder straps accordingly to get a perfect fit from the backpack.

The shoulder straps are amply padded so that they do not cut into your shoulders even when the pack is loaded to full capacity. The back pad is cushioned and ventilated. You will enjoy the breathability that the meshed pad gives you. It keeps the air flowing between your back and the backpack preventing excessive sweating.


  • Large enough for a few days’ supplies for your prolonged fishing adventure
  • Has necessary features to fit a hydration pack, with a port for the nozzle
  • There is a concealed pocket for valuables
  • Easy to keep the weight balanced in the compartments
  • Molle webbing allows you to attach extra gear


  • Some straps do not have stoppers

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Types of Fishing Backpacks

There aren’t all those many types of fishing backpacks. Thus, when it comes to downright choosing what you need, it is not too hard. Usually, these backpacks are classified depending on where you will place them on your body. Some of the fishing backpacks can be placed on the back, just like regular packs. Some you can carry on the chest, some on the waist and some in sling-style.

  • Sling design fishing backpack

These backpacks are easy to wear on your back when you are fishing. As a result, they keep everything close by so it becomes easier to reach in and grab a lure or something. They are not so big either, so you should only use the bag for light gear. It has been designed in sling style, so you shall sling it over the shoulder with the one provided strap. For utility, this pack has side pockets, front pockets and other features.

  • Waist fishing packs

Waist fishing backpacks remind you of money belts because they are made in a similar design. You can use such packs for hiking, backpacking, camping and of course, fishing. These packs are quite utilitarian, they are small and they are mostly good for carrying light and small fishing gear. You can use them for lures and baits.

Even though these are small packs, they have a few pockets for organization. The pockets are also zippered so that your small bits do not fall out and scatter.

  • Chest fishing packs

Chest fishing backpacks are very common. They are small and you wear them on your chest. Even with their small size, these backpacks still have some good organization in the form of pockets. However, if you like, you can get bigger chest packs so that you can carry your fly box and other accessories. Some chest packs can even carry your lunch, water and other fishing gear.

  • Regular fishing backpacks

These packs look like the regular backpacks for hiking and camping in every way, except that they have more pockets and compartments for organization. The reason for this is that fishing requires you to carry different types of fishing gear. They are made of waterproof material, have padded shoulder straps, waist straps and many other features.


Reasons Why You Need a Fishing Backpack

Fishing is one of the oldest activities that man ever engaged in. At first, it was for food alone. However, today, we do it for adventure/sport, for food or both. If you love fishing, you need a good fishing backpack because you need to carry plenty of gear. But first, here are the main reasons why you need a backpack when going for an angling adventure.

  • Keep your fishing gear organized

This is the main reason why we buy backpacks for fishing. They have enough pockets and compartments for your fly box, food, baits and many more items. In fact, most of them also have attachments for your fishing rods.

  • It makes it easy to carry more gear

When you have to travel over a distance to fish, you need to bring a lot of gear with you. This gear can be heavy. However, with the best backpack for fishing, you can distribute the weight evenly across the backpack. That way, you can carry more gear than you would without a backpack. Compared to the old tackle and fishing boxes, packs are easier to organize. At the same time, they occupy minimal space in your car.

  • You can keep your fishing gear on your back all the time

If you use a box for your fishing gear, it is not possible to carry it on your back all the time. However, a backpack can stay on your back all the time that you will be wading in the shallows casting your line. Think about using a chest pack for example. It stays on your chest for all the time that you will be in the water.

  • They keep your gear safe and visible all the time

Backpacks will not only keep your fishing gear from getting lost, but they will also keep it safe from the weather inclements. As much as fishing gear is to be used in water, you still want to protect it from undue exposure. You will find that most packs come with brightly colored interiors. The reason for this is to make it easy for you to see what you are looking for.


What to Consider When Buying a Fishing Backpack

Is price the only consideration when you are buying a fishing backpack? Apparently not. The lowest price does not always mean it is cheap, and the highest price does not always mean good quality. Whether you are a beginner or a qualified angler, you need a backpack that meets all of your needs. Above all things, you need one that can last a long time.

Here are 5 important things to consider in an angler’s backpack:

  • The build quality of the fishing pack

The build quality of any backpack is the most important consideration when you are buying one. The last thing that you want is a fishing pack that will last just a couple of fishing trips and fall apart. Consider the fibers used. If it is nylon, polyester or pylon, buy it. It is good. You can also consider the thread count, which is usually a number followed by the letter D. For example, a 1200D fabric is stronger than a 200D material.

You also need to consider the hems because that is the first place where the backpacks start falling apart. Double or triple stitching is considerably better than other types of stitching. This is going to withstand the strain that comes with fishing.

Check the quality of the pockets. In addition, check the quality of the zippers. They should be plastic so that they do not corrode. They should also be designed in such a way so that they do not allow water inside.

  • Storage size

This generally means the entire size of the backpack. The market has everything – both small and large backpacks.  It is better to have a small and a big backpack. If you will be fishing in a river close to home, you do not need to carry the full backpack. You can carry a sling backpack, a chest pack or a waist fishing backpack.

Just evaluate how much gear you will be taking a long for the fishing adventure. Different types of fish require different types of fishing gear. Some may require bigger gear and others small gear. If this is your first time to buy a fishing backpack and you cannot afford two of them, just buy a bigger pack. That way, you can use it for all types of fishing adventures. Later, you can buy a smaller pack.

If you buy a smaller pack, there are ways to have more room on the same. One of the ways is to have side pockets, a top pocket and a net pocket for your water bottle. Daisy chains also help a lot since you can attach different items on the outside. Exterior pockets will give you faster access to the items that you need when you are already in your fishing adventure.

  • Make sure it is weatherproof

When you are out there fishing, you will face exposure to different elements. These include rain, water, sun and so on. Thus, you need a backpack that can withstand all of those elements. If the backpack cannot withstand different harsh conditions, it can fade fast. The seams might start leaking in water, which is risky to your items.

To make a backpack waterproof, it needs a coat or two of polyurethane coating. This finishing can be on the exterior only or it can be on both sides. Just make sure it has some kind of weatherproof coating. If you do not feel too sure, you can always buy a rain cover for it.

A waterproof backpack will not develop the musty, moldy smell that forms from exposure to water. If mud splashes onto your backpack, it will not penetrate the fabric of the back. It will also be easier to clean out without dipping the entire pack into the water.

  • Weight balancing design

What we mean by weight balancing is that your backpack needs to have compartments that can fit different gear. That way, you can distribute the weight amply around the backpack so that you do not hurt your shoulders.

One of the compartments can take your food and snacks. The others can take your gear. You also need a compartment that can hold a change of clothes. Since fishing is wet work, you will need to change after the day’s adventure is over.

Get a pack with at least three compartments, and many exterior pockets. The pockets will allow you to stow away gear that you need to reach fast even when your line is already in the water. You will also want to keep your water bottle or coffee mug in a place where you can reach it fast.

  • Comfortable straps

When you are in the water casting your line for fish, you want to have the backpack on your back or chest, that is, unless you leave it on the shore. You need to access some gear fast all the time.

Check the straps. Get the ones with some cushioning for comfort since you will carry the backpack quite a lot on your shoulders. Get adjustable straps. That way, you can shift the weight every now and then for comfort.

The buckles should be strong and efficient. If you need to ditch the backpack, you should be able to undo those buckles fast.

You also need a comfortably cushioned back panel. That way, when you hike to the fishing spot, you want to enjoy some respite from the weight of the backpack. It should also be breathable so that you do not sweat your guts out as you carry the pack on your weight for an hour or longer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a fishing backpack is not a simple pick-what-you-get process. It involves much more than that. As you have seen above, it is actually much more than buying a regular backpack. To help you, we have anticipated some of the questions that you might have in mind when looking for a fishing backpack.

  • Can I use my regular hiking backpack for fishing?

Come to think about it, you can. You may even use a traditional fishing box. However, these are not as convenient as a fishing backpack. If it is perfect for fishing, it comes with supportive features that you will most likely not find in other backpacks. For example, it has holders for fishing rods, a folding tray that you can pull out to act as a small table, and a place to hold your baits, tackles and others. It also has large pockets, some are waterproof, it has special pockets for holding your cellphone, keys and other small accessories securely.

  • What items can I need to pack in my fishing backpack?

This depends on many things including the type of fish that you are gunning for, the time that you plan to be out fishing and so on. However, there are the basics that every angler’s backpack out to have. These include things such as sinkers, lures, bait, poles, floats, reel, rod, bobbers, lines and line weights, waders, pliers and so on. The secret is to carry enough gear without going overboard with the gear. At the same time, you do not want to carry less gear than what you need.

  • Can I wear my backpack for fishing in water?

This is the main reason why you need a fishing backpack and not a regular backpack. In different types of fishing, you need to wear your tackles on your person. Thus, you need a fishing backpack that you can get into the water with. Among the many backpacks available in the market, fishing ones are weatherproof (not water-resistant).

  • What must my fishing backpack have?

It must be weatherproof. It should be mud, snow, and waterproof. This is the main feature that sets fishing backpacks apart from the others. Look for a backpack that is made from string materials such as polyester and nylon. A fishing pack faces more exposure and pressure than a regular one.


As you have seen in this article, choosing the best fishing backpack is quite a task. It can be quite daunting for the first time buyer. However, we have brought you the main features that you should look for. You have also seen why it is paramount to choose a fishing backpack and avoid using a regular backpack for fishing. The most important thing is to choose a backpack that protects your gear, is comfortable on your back and most importantly, one that can allow you to carry enough fishing gear. Believe it or not, having or missing the right backpack can have an impact on your angling experience.

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