Best Dog Backpack 2020 (Top-Picks)

Don’t you want to keep your dog in the pink of health? No, this time it’s not pedigrees but a backpack can really help these little pets stay strong and healthy. A dog backpack is counted among the most precious accessories for dog owners who are really keen to make their doggies capable to carry minimal loads on hiking trails. However, backpacks for dogs are to be chosen carefully keeping the dog size and other factors in mind. Different dog backpacks come with different capacities and pocket sizes that also matter while making the right choice. So, wait no more and bring home a good quality dog backpack to make your upcoming hiking trails fun with your pet.

Comparison of Top 6 Dog Backpacks

No.ImageNameSuitable For....No. of PocketsRatingsPrice
1Ruffwear ApproachAnything - including travel and hiking trips4Check Price
2OneTigris Dog Saddle BagShort walks and city trips4Check Price
3Outward Hound DenverShort walks and city trips4Check Price
4Ruffwear PalisadesAnything - including travel and hiking trips6Check Price
5Kurgo Baxter Dog BackpackHiking in non-demanding environments4Check Price
6Outward Hound DaypakHiking in non-demanding environments4Check Price

Best Rated Dog Backpack Reviews


Ruffwear Approach Full-Day Hiking Pack for Dogs

If you have always wanted to go hiking with your dog, bring home this Ruffwear Approach Full-Day Hiking backpack to let him have a good time. With an unquestionable fit and flawless functionality, this dog backpack is just too good for everyday use. Apart from letting pets take loads with efficiency, this pack is extremely light in weight and sports a streamlined design that gives pets the pleasure to carry it with no effort. Perfect for overnight adventures and day hikes, this hiking dog backpack is fabulous for almost any dog. Equipped with sheltered buckles, reflective trim and non-slip traps, this full-day hiking backpack is worth every penny.

best dog backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • External gear loops and stash pockets make this dog backpack Ideal for hiking enthusiasts who love traveling with dogs on long trails
  • Easy to fit as it can be customized with the help of five adjustment points as per the comfort of the pet
  • Made of premium quality material as it has a single-piece anodized V-ring made of good quality aluminum
  • High on comfort and stability, it has a harness suspension system
  • Comes with a reflective trim that makes it visible in low light conditions


  • Made of premium quality fabric that makes fit quite durable
  • Quite portable as it is quite light in weight
  • Scores high in longevity
  • Very comfortable to wear and do not cause irritations
  • Helps to keep track of your dog in the dark


  • Has a tendency to slip off the dog’s body
  • Not good for dogs of smaller size
  • Need a bit more padding

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OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack

Now stay away from the hassles of carrying all the essentials of your dog with this camping backpack from the house of OneTigris. Made of premium quality cotton, it would keep you away from all sorts of wear and tear long despite regular use. With semi-open pockets and a couple of zipper side compartments, it would make it easier for you to carry water, food, waste disposal bags etc. Whether you are planning to go for a long day hiking or on those trail walks, this saddlebag will suit dogs of medium and large size. Easy on the pocket, this dog backpack is just outstanding for travelers.

best dog backpack reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Sporting a vintage design, it looks quite stylish and will complement any dog as well
  • For being made of fine quality cotton, it will keep the dog comfortable and will never hurt his skin or make him feel tired
  • Be it carrying small items or food and water, its OneTigris Dog Pack makes it so easy to store everything on trips
  • Can be utilized for diverse purposes right from hiking, camping to traveling and more
  • Ideal to fit medium as well as large size dogs like Tibetan Mastiff, Alaskan, Shepherd and more


  • Quite hardy and capable of taking loads even on long distances
  • Quality is excellent with no stitching issues
  • Keeps the dog at ease ensuring no signs of discomfort
  • Longevity is the best aspect that has drawn many customers towards buying it


  • Pockets are a bit narrow that makes it difficult to push in stuff
  • Tends to slide off the body

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Daypak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs

Outward Hound brings you the ultimate hiking gear you have been waiting to gift your doggie. With an amazing color combination, this hiking bag can promise your little one to have some hands-free fun. What makes it comfortable to carry is its breathable mesh material and you will love to see him stay calm while running along the paths. Sleek in design, the pack comes equipped with adjustable straps that will never cause any wobbling effect on the dog. Available in multiple colors, it has ample space to even fit your ID cards, keys,and other essentials. The next time you are planning a trip, this dog backpack will help to make it better.

best dog carrier backpack

Features and Specifications:

  • Carrying is so easy as it does not put much effort into taking long walks and lets your dog hike hands-free
  • Material is of superior quality as it comprises mesh making it breathable and therefore ensures comfort for the dog
  • Sports a sleek design that does not make it look bulky
  • Comfortable to use as it comes with adjustable straps that play a crucial role in keeping it tight on the shoulders
  • Pockets are quite expandable as they let you easily carry ID cards, doggie bags,and even cell phones


  • Light in weight and evenly distributed all over the shoulders
  • Good to use on trails lasting for two hours and more
  • Fits fine and does not tend to slip off the body
  • Comes with adjustable straps allowing it to stay tight


  • Straps tend to rub the body a lot
  • Falls apart after a few months of use
  • Not a good fit for medium-sized dogs

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Kurgo Dog Backpack for Hiking

The idea of taking your dog out for a thrilling adventurous trip can now be well executed with the help of this Kurgo dog backpack. Be it for weekend camping or mountain visits, this hiking backpack is just amazing to keep your dog on the go. With this pack comes two saddlebags, making enough space doggie treats, food, first aid necessities and more. Its large handle makes it effortless to lift that further helps dog owners to pull their pets from waters. Good for night trips, this backpack has a reflective trim that will let you identify him easily. Kurgo backpack is, therefore, a good investment and you will take pleasure in seeing your dog wearing one.

best dog backpack for hiking

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed for everyday use, it can be easily taken to hiking trails and camping adventures
  • Made of brilliant quality mesh material that will keep the dog’s body cool and comfortable
  • Makes enough space for preserving dog food, treats, travel bowls and first aid essentials
  • Comes attached with a large handle that makes it easier to help your dog pass over rocky paths
  • Light in weight that makes it easier to carry long distances
  • Equipped with eight different adjustment points that will be easier for your dog to stay comfortable
  • Ideal for dogs weighing between 30 and 85 lbs


  • Its overall capacity is quite impressive to fit things with no effort
  • Boasts of an ergonomic design intended towards providing comfort
  • Comes with a built-in harness that makes it easier to go around the dog’s neck


  • Adjusting straps could have been more flexible
  • Not that durable as what has been reported by users after several months of use

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Lalawow Dog Pack Harness Canvas Saddle Bag

When it comes to choosing the most comfortable backpack for your canine, Lalawow will give you an assurance with an exclusive backpack designed for multiple purposes. Having assured safety at its best, this canvas saddlebag also makes it a point to keep your doggie cool and comfy due to its body made of premium quality cotton. For whichever purpose you are planning to put it upon your pet, be it hiking, travelling or simply walking, this 4-pocketed outdoor saddlebag will let you carry each of those essentials you have in your mind. Best for large and medium-sized dogs, this dog backpack from Lalawow will always be a preference for dog owners.

best dog backpacks

Features and Specifications:

  • With no questions for durability, it is made of premium quality cotton and is quite safe for pets to wear for long hours
  • Can be used for diverse purposes related to hunting, hiking, traveling, running and what not
  • Best fits dogs having circumference ranging from 25 to 37 inches, that is, large to medium-sized dogs
  • Comes with two main zipper bags and two side bags that equals four pockets
  • With a total of four D-ring buckles, you can hang things like pet toys, poop bags, dog leashes and more


  • Pockets are quite capacious that would fit in a good number of things
  • Looks quite stylish when carried on the roads
  • Quite sturdy as it would not suffer wear and tear even on regular use
  • Ideal for medium to large size dogs


  • Durability is a question as the canvas material is not so good
  • Straps are not so strong and tend to break while hiking several times

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Things to Know when Choosing the Best Dog Backpacks

If you are serious about considering a backpack for your dog, the most important thing you should know first is how capable your dog is to bear a certain amount of load on his back. Unless you are aware of this factor, it won’t be a wise idea to get a best dog backpack. Now, this can be determined through a good number of factors.

You can either go to a veterinary surgeon who will thoroughly examine your pet and certify whether he is ready to walk with a backpack. You can even decide to give some time to your doggie in case he is too small to carry. Once he grows up and learns to get into frequent activities, you can then get a few things packed in a dog backpack for the little one to carry and run.

Now, if you are willing to buy a dog backpack, here are a few things you should keep in mind. Have a look:

  • How good is the material –

By good material it means that the backpack has to be lightweight. The lighter the weight, the more convenient it is. Moreover, the best quality material means that it scores high in durability. Remember, your dog will love playing with the pack and will carry it every now and then. So, the dog backpack you will be considering should be made of premium quality material.

  • How well it fits –

It sounds a bit challenging as how your dog will be able to tell whether a backpack fits him or not. Well, the first hint to get through this challenge is to avoid taking backpacks that are small in size. You will find the majority of these backpacks with straps made to run around the dog’s neck as well as around their chest. These straps are provided to assure safety for those little ones. Moreover, it is comfort that matters a lot, which means that the material has to be breathable.

  • How sizeable are the pockets –

You know what stuffs you are going to put in those pockets of your dog backpack. Accordingly, you must ensure that the pockets are not too big nor too small. Big size pockets might make the bag slide off from the back causing discomfort. Whereas, too small pockets might ruin the shape of the bag, making your pet look odd. So, just make a list of the things you are going to add to the backpack pockets that will help you choose a perfect pack for your pet.

  • How tapered is the bag –

While you are on your way with your cute little doggie, you will always have this thought at the back of your mind as to whether he is straining too much with the backpack. To ensure that he is carrying the lightest of loads, go for those saddlebags that would taper towards your dog’s rear. With this, he would find it easier to carry all the load on his shoulders.

  • How proper is the size –

The small sized backpacks often result in discomfort for dogs while larger size bags tend to keep them comfortable. However, bags of bigger size might also make it difficult for the pets to run flexibly. So, it would be best if you can choose a dog backpack as per your pet size.


Benefits of Using a Backpack for your Dog

All these days you have been on numerous trips, day and night, carrying your backpack stuffed with water, food, chocolates, sandwich, goggles and other hiking gears. Now that you have welcomed a new member in your family, your very own doggie, what about the idea of getting a dog backpacks?

No, it doesn’t mean that you will shift all the burden to the little one but it will always feel good if he takes pleasure in carrying little things alongside. Imagine how wonderful it would be if you can start training him to take responsibilities in bits and pieces. But it is always a good idea to take time and give space to your pet who would then enjoy carrying the dog backpack all the way.

Now, let’s find out the benefits of using a backpack for your dog. Take a look:

  • A good exercise for your dog –

Of course you cannot match up the speed of your pet while going for a run. There are chances that you will get tired a bit faster than him. But with a dog backpack, your doggie would slow down as he would be carrying a few pounds in his pack.

  • A good job for your dog –

There are plenty of dogs who love challenges, and if those come through jobs like carrying one’s own backpack, they would love getting used to. You can call it a mental challenge for your pet who would rather stay engaged in wearing his backpack instead of barking away or chewing the carpets all day long.

  • A good habit for your dog –

Dogs are prone to pulling away things. But with a dog backpack, he would gradually get rid of this habit. Once he wears it, he would start concentrating and might stay really excited about it. So, a dog backpack would inject good habits in your pet, keeping him free of boredom, disciplined and energized at the same time.


So your dog is now ready to take those little responsibilities by wearing a backpack. Just make sure that you are picking the right one for those little shoulders. Make a short list of items you want to push in those pack, put the strap gently around his neck, ensure whether the bag is not that heavy and once confirmed, get on with him for an hourly walk. If you want, you can always talk to a vet and thereafter decide to add a backpack on your pet. The interesting thing is that a backpack will bring loads of enthusiasm for your doggie who will rather eliminate all odd habits and become more responsible with time.