Best Diaper Bags For Twins Reviews For 2020

The preparations for the arrival of a new bundle of joy to a couple can be truly overwhelming. But, to be expecting twins is another story. Why? The expectant couple will have to buy everything in sets of two from feeding bottles, clothes, diapers including toys. Plus, the diaper bag that will come very handy during doctor’s appointments, travels, and outdoor strolls. However, this should not be the case when it comes to the purchase of the diaper bag. The couple can have the option to invest in a diaper bag specifically designed to cater to the needs of twins. The best diaper bags for twins sold are practical choices because they resolve the issue of couples expecting twins of carrying only one bag instead of two bags.

Below are the top ten list of brands that may comply with your preferences. Take time reading each product’s features to help you make the right choice.

10 Best Rated Diaper Bags For Twins Reviews


Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

For budget-conscious parents that prefer an affordable brand, the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is an excellent choice to start with. It has multi-pockets design, which means enough storage room is readily available to accommodate the twins’ essentials (feeding bottles, diapers, wipes, skin rash preventive ointment and toys).

Imagine having fourteen (14 pockets), storing and organizing items become less stressful, especially for planned holiday trips.One of the pockets is insulated, ideal for storing safely a bottle of milk. The good thing about this diaper bag is it can be worn like a normal backpack or be attached to a stroller. It allows your hands to freely attend the twins. So, if you are tired carrying it on your back, simply attach it to the stroller.

When it comes to quality this brand exhibits durability. The stitching done on the bag itself ensures lasting wear. The material used is from the strongest type of fabric, twill polyester which has anon-fraying feature. And, it’s water-resistant. You can be assured no moist will penetrate on its fabric after rainfall or an accidental spill.

You have peace of mind that the items stored inside are kept dry all the time. The inclusion of this brand is a changing pad. However, it only comes in a smaller size, which would only fit for an infant and not a toddler. You will need to bring an extra changing pad. The Bag Nation Diaper Bag comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a bonus to any parent trying to save money.


  • 14 available storage pockets with one pocket insulated for milk storage
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty coverage
  • Function mainly as a backpack with adjustable back straps for comfort
  • Can be attached on a stroller to ease back strain
  • Fabric material is rated BPA (non-toxic and phosphate-free)


  • Changing pad included is too small to fit a toddler size
  • Bag color selections are limited to gray and black

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Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack

For couples that prefer a diaper big with huge compartment the Hafmall Diaper Bag backpack is a better option. Aside from the main compartment, it has thirteen (13) multi-functional pockets with three of these pockets insulated for storage of baby’s bottler, wet clothes, and tissue or baby wipes.

This diaper bag offers triple carrying options. First, it can be carried like an ordinary backpack. Second, it can be handled like a handbag. Third, to prevent discomfort on longer trips it can be attached to a stroller. The material used both the interior and exterior construction of this diaper bag is water-resistant. It’s guaranteed to prevent any form of moisture from entering like rain or spillages.

You can also find two D-rings located at the back of the diaper bag, suitable for storing the toys and keeping them accessible at all times. Among other features of this brand include adjustable, padded shoulder straps to accommodate any height. The zippers are made from top quality material, designed for long-term use.

The Hafmall Diaper Bag offers warranty coverage of 90-Days return policy if for all customers not satisfied. Colors selections are available four in shades. A neutral color like the shade of black is highly recommended for both mom and dad. As for cleaning instruction, it can only be handwashed.


  • The bag comes one large compartment and 13 separate pockets, three of which have insulation for storage of milk bottle, wet cloth diapers and wet wipes or tissues
  • It has superior water resistance against moist intrusion
  • Inclusion of D-rings to hold securely toys
  • Manufacturer offers 90-days return policy for dissatisfied customers
  • This brand comes in multiple colors to choose from


  • Only suitable for handwash can be tedious if you need to wash it often
  • Suitable only for light travel or short distance trip

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Pipi bear Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

Another brand that will be more suitable for twins is the Pipi bear Diaper Bag Travel Backpack. Why? It offers a large storage capacity to store and organize the twins’ belongings for outdoor trips. So, whether you have planned weekend getaway this diaper bag is big enough to accommodate every item from the twins’ clothes, feeding bottles, diapers, wet wipes, toys including fork and spoon for toddlers. This diaper bag solves all your organizational needs when travelling with twins.

The practical design of this diaper bag makes it a perfect travelling bag gear both for moms and dads. Plus, it can function as a normal backpack when your twins have already passed the infant stage. It’s wide opening construction allows quick access to whatever stuff needs. And on top of that, it has padded shoulder straps for greater comfort while carrying it on your back.

The exterior fabric material used for this diaper bag has a water-resistant feature. It blocks water or moisture from entering. It also has partitioned pockets for the storage of both wet and dry items. There is also a small pocket designed for storing fork and spoon, making it perfect when the twins are already advised to eat baby foods. You can also find a provision of an insulated cube and mesh cube for feeding bottles, clothes and toys.

Among the unique features that this diaper bag brand has to offer are the back-opening zipper, D-rings for toys, upgraded insulated pockets (can fit and store a feeding bottle with 8 to 9 oz.). The warranty policy applied to this brand is 90 days covering replacement on product received with defects.


  • Constructed with back-opening zipper for easy access to baby essentials
  • Fashionable and neutral design to match mom and dad
  • 90-days coverage on replacement of product found with defective parts
  • This diaper bag has premium insulation than can store 8 to 9 oz. feeding bottle
  • Multi-pockets with a large main compartment, function as a backpack, tote bag and can be connected on a stroller with the use of D-rings


  • Product’s warranty coverage only applies to manufacturer’s defects

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JuJuBe B.F.F Multi-Functional Convertible Diaper Backpack

Next to the addition on the list of diaper bags for twins is the latest JuJuBe’s collection, the JuJuBe B.F.F Convertible Diaper Backpack Bag. In fact, this could be every expectant mother of best friend forever. Why? There are many reasons that will make this diaper bag your indispensable partner for raising twins. To start with, this bag is jampacked with innovative features. It can function as a backpack, then, if you are already having discomfort on your back, it can easily be converted as a tote bag, Or, if you want to look fashionable it can be used as a messenger bag.

The manufacturer of this diaper bag has also taken into greater consideration the comfort of the user. Its straps are constructed with memory foam that has a non-slip feature. The bag’s opening is similar to a suitcase, which makes packing and unpacking hassle-free. The main compartment has a maximum storage space to accommodate everything. It has two exterior pockets for two bottles and an additional pocket for your mobile phone.

The fabric used for the outer frame is Teflon, which is known to be efficient in the prevention of stains. The inner lining is infused with advanced technology that has the ability to control bad odor, mold and bacteria growth as well as mildew.

On top of that this diaper bag is constructed with luggage feet, ensuring it stays in pristine condition even when placed on dirty surfaces or ground like the pavement or park. Its zippers are made from quality metal and expected to last for years.

Additional features of this diaper bag include easy-to-clean instruction as it can be machine washed, the cushioned straps have breathable mesh, ten shades to choose and lifetime warranty coverage.


  • Can be easily converted from backpack to tote bag and fashionable messenger bag
  • Shoulder straps have memory foam cushioning for extreme comfort on the user
  • Metal made zippers for longer years of service
  • Specifically designed and built with luggage feet, so it remains clean even on dirty grounds
  • Product is machine washable


  • The product is designed with multiple zippered compartments and may require both hands to open them

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Maman Designer Diaper Bag

In case you prefer a trendy type of diaper bag, then, the next suggestion will surely fit your personal taste, the Designer Diaper Bag created by Maman. This bag comes with many features that standout among other competing brands.  So, let’s take a close look at what this particular brand has to offer.

First of all, this diaper bag is made from waterproofed fabric material meaning it can block any form of moisture and keep baby’s stuff inside dry.

The overall construction of this bag depicts quality craftsmanship. The fabric used is soft while the zippers and straps are tested for lasting wear when compared with other diaper bags available in the marketplace. The inner lining has been treated to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew formation.

On the other hand, the exterior fabric is Teflon treated, meaning it’s not prone to stains and suited for machine wash. The next noticeable feature of Designer Diaper bag is the presence of ten (10) pockets and additional pockets, one for your gadget and the other one for hydration.

Added features include lightweight, can be converted from a backpack to a tote or messenger bag, removable backpack straps. This product comes with a changing pad made from memory foam material, stroller straps and warranty coverage against manufacturer defects. Paying customers are assured to experience 100% satisfaction upon purchase.


  • The bag’s exterior fabric is made from Teflon treated material that can resist stains while inner fabric is Agion-treated which can prevent the development of bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Cleaning instruction is machine washable
  • The product comes with a warranty for any defect
  • Inclusion in the bag are memory foam changing pad, stroller straps and detachable
  • It comes with a main zippered compartment, three additional zippered pockets for storage of personal belongings and two side pockets


  • The bag’s storage capacity is ideally suitable for one baby

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HYBLOM Diaper Bag Backpack

The Diaper Bag Backpack from HYBLOM would be a great option for parents on the lookout for a fashionable and oversized diaper bag. Yes, this isn’t any ordinary diaper bag that easily wears off due to frequent use. In fact, this product is recognized for being the most durable diaper bag that HYBLOM introduced in the marketplace.

Why? Its fabric material composition is made from superior quality polyester that can cope with daily wear and tear issues. The stitching applied throughout is non-fraying, meaning the edges are carefully sewn to prevent the threads from coming loose.

When it comes to fashion sense, this is the perfect bag for parents who want to look stylish anywhere they go with the twins. Its ergonomic design combines style and functionality. Aside from mainly serving its purpose as the storage solution for all your twins’ outdoor needs (diaper, bottles, creams and toys) the HYBLOM Diaper Bag manufacturer has created one compartment intended for laptop.

Is it really true value for your money? For the price tag. It’s still considered reasonable if you are to weigh the added features you may not find in other brands like changing pad, thermally insulated pockets for feeding bottles, pocket for mobile phone, 24 liters storage capacity, stroller straps and 90 days money-back guarantee. The color option is in a neutral shade, suitable for moms and dads. It’s even called the “daddy gear backpack”.


  • It has an oversized storage capacity of 24 liters
  • Side bottle pockets are provided for quick access of feeding bottles
  • Bottle pockets have thermal insulation
  • Provision of mobile phone pocket with one compartment is provided for laptop
  • Bag has ergonomic design, making it a stylish and functional diaper bag


  • Compartment provided for laptop is a bit small

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DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

The people behind the production of DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag are also parents. They are two dads passionate about creating a product that will make every male’s journey towards fatherhood less stressful. In fact, this bag’s design is specifically to cater dads out there trying to take part in child-rearing, from changing diaper down to bottle feeding the little ones.

What makes it the go-to diaper bag? Well, it’s becoming popular not only to ordinary dads but also to influential individuals that share the same role of being parents like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. This diaper bag is something that can be used from the birth of the child until the toddler stage. You may call it the perfect travelling bag when in tow with babies or toddlers.

How about storage capacity? This diaper bag brand takes pride in its roomy and highly organized thirteen compartments that can fit diapers, clothes, four bottles, toys and parents’ personal belongings (cellphone, car or house keys and toiletries). It has a quick access flap window for baby wipes, so one free hand can easily grab the wipes while holding the little one.

Additional features that make the DadGear every parent’s diaper bag is Diaper hammock, built-in stroller straps, clamshell opening (opens like a suitcase) and changing pad. This product is covered with a limited warranty.


  • This diaper bag is suitable for moms and dads
  • The product has a lighter interior fabric for better visibility of items stored
  • Inclusion in the bag is a washable changing pad
  • Provision of built-in stroller straps, added comfort when traveling
  • The diaper bag is proudly made in the USA


  • The design and construction of this diaper bag is generally masculine, ideal for expecting or soon to be dads
  • Product only offers limited lifetime warranty coverage

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Bably Baby Large Capacity Diaper Bag Backpack

The Large capacity Diaper Bag Backpack will work best for moms with twins or with two kids still using diapers. This bag is called the “2 under 2” diaper bag because it has partition wherein you can separate each child’s stuff.

The bag offers fourteen multi-functional pockets, enough space to store both the baby and mom’s personal belongings. An integrated key or pacifier holder is within easy reach. There are two exterior side pockets available. One with insulation that can hold two feeding bottles while the other pocket is for storage of wet wipes.

Included in the product are add-ons like two packing cubes. One for organizing clothes and diapers and the other cube for storage of wet and dirty clothes. Stroller straps and standard size changing pad are also provided for mom’s convenience when outdoor or traveling.

How about comfort? This diaper bag is very comfortable to use as a backpack. All the needed essentials of your twins can be stored inside while leaving your hands free. The bag has provision for stroller straps that can be attached to any type of stroller.

Lastly, this bag is waterproof and has a unisex design. So, dads can carry it with confidence. And, one unique feature that you will have a hard time finding in other diaper bags is a spot that can hold utensils, pens or pencils.


  • The design is unisex, can be used by moms and dads
  • Fourteen multi-purpose pockets available for baby and mom’s personal stuff
  • Provision of insulated exterior side pocket for two feeding bottles
  • Product comes with two packing cubes for easy organization
  • The entire diaper bag has a waterproofing feature


  • The diaper pocket for wipes is not that big

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Lekebaby Diaper Bag Tote Purse

If you prefer a diaper bag that has a modern feel the Lekebaby Diaper Bag is your perfect partner. The modern design including its various carrying options will definitely attest this isn’t the usual diaper bag you see on stores. This product has multiple straps that allow the user to carry it in different ways. It can be carried as a shoulder, tote or messenger bag. And, if feeling the weight of the bag on your shoulder, the Lekebaby Diaper Bag can be connected to your child’s stroller.

For organizational goal, this is indeed spacious as it offers seventeen compartments with nine of those serving as exterior pockets. There is also a pocket that can function as a wipe holder. Situated inside the diaper bag is the main compartment with zipper opening for quick access to baby’s stuff. Two insulated pockets are for feeding bottles.

Overall built is quite impressive. This diaper bag is made from 100% polyester fabric material. It can hold and store load capacity of approximately 2 lbs. and easy to clean. Plus, it comes with adjustable and detachable shoulder straps, padded changing pad and stroller clips. The diaper bag handles are made from faux-leather for a comfortable grip.

Other amazing features that this particular diaper bag brand claim to have resistance to any form of moisture or water, convertible from a tote bag into messenger bag and 180 days warranty coverage on defects.


  • The product has been rated with waterproof fabric material, easy to clean and wipe inner lining
  • Included in the bag are shoulder straps, changing mat and stroller clips
  • Bag handles are made from top-quality faux-leather material for better grip and handling while on the go or travelling
  • Bottle pockets have thermal insulation
  • 180 days warranty applies on the defective issue on product received


  • The product is unstable on its own when left in a standing position
  • Non-availability for wet pockets (storage for wet or dirty clothes)

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7Senses Diaper Bag for Girls and Boys

The Diaper Bag created by 7Senses is probably the most economical and trendy diaper bag you may come across online stores selling baby products. This bag is huge enough to accommodate everything needed for your twins. It’s a good deal for money because the manufacturer has carefully designed and produced a diaper bag that is fully functional and at the same time stylish.

The organizational layout of this diaper bag is very flexible. The compartments come in various shapes and sizes to fit any item. There’s enough space to fit in feeding bottles, baby wipes, ointments, toys including mom or dad’s personal stuff.

Built and structure of this diaper bag shows stability with its canvas fabric material and leather made straps. The bag’s production quality is proven to last for years. Part of the bag’s accessories includes the stroller straps that can be connected to any stroller (single or double type stroller). The zipper installed for the main compartment is premium quality.

Color option is only limited to quality grey canvas fabric material with brown leather accents. It can be used alternately by moms and dads. Extra perks included in the purchase of this diaper bag include a cushioned changing pad, magnetic closure on pockets and nine interior pockets for feeding bottles, water bottles including milk formula.


  • The diaper bag comes in grey canvas fabric material and leather accents, making it a universal bag for both moms and dads
  • Quality zippered inner main compartment and multiple pockets for better-organized baby stuff and parent’s personal belongings
  • Inclusion in the diaper bag are changing mat, stroller straps, and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Fashionable with its convertible carrying options (tote or messenger bag)
  • Ideal as a gift for baby shower with its unisex design and color


  • Non-provision of lifetime warranty coverage
  • Non-availability of sundry bag

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Why Do You Need A Diaper Bags for Twins?

Every expectant mother will surely need a diaper bag regardless she is expecting one or twins. If you still undecided whether a diaper bag is vital in child-rearing or not, here are some of the reasons that will convince any soon-to-be parent to invest in a quality made diaper bag.

  • More storage options available

Yes, this is one of the reasons why expecting parents are compelled to buy a diaper bag. This particular type of bag offers more storage options than you can imagine. Most diaper bags come with multi-functional pockets wherein you can store and organize different baby essentials like diapers, clothes, feeding bottles, baby’s cutlery, baby food product, and even mom or dad’s personal stuff. There are also pockets with thermal insulation, perfect for storing prepared feeding bottles. These multiple storage options allow parents to keep things highly organized.

  • Easy to clean exterior and interior fabric material

Another reason why expecting parents of twins are better off with a dependable diaper bag because most of the fabric materials used for the production are intended for easy cleaning, both for the interior and exterior part. Top-quality polyester and BPA graded fabric are often used to ensure the parent can quickly wipe any dirt using wet wipes or throw it in the washing machine for a quick wash.

  • Provision of accessories

The diaper bags in the marketplace come in various designs, colors including add-on features, usually coming in the form of accessories. Parents can choose from diaper bags accessorized with adjustable and removable shoulder straps, stroller clips, cushioned or memory foam changing pad, sundry bag, luggage feet and key or pacifier holder.


What Key Features To Look For When Buying Diaper Bags for Twins

As mentioned, diaper bags come in a variety. Parents may find it a struggle in making the right choice. Below are some of the key features that can be applied as you search for the perfect diaper bag for twins.

  • Size of the diaper bag

This is the most important factor to consider when making a decision on what kind of diaper bag to buy for your twins, the size. Since you are expecting twins the things they will need when you go out for doctor’s appointment, family outdoor gathering or travel will be doubled. If this is the case you will need a bigger size diaper bag, roomy enough accommodate everything including your personal belongings. I’m sure you don’t want to end up carrying an extra bag for your personal stuff while attending to your twins.

  • Bag’s quality

A top-performing diaper bag exhibits fine craftsmanship starting from the selection of materials used, stitching method applied and warranty coverage. Remember, the pricing of a diaper bag doesn’t always refer to how durable or how long will it last after frequent usage. Quality itself shows when you touch the bag’s fabric material. It should be soft and comfortable when worn as a backpack or held on your hands. The zippers are easy to open and close. The stitching doesn’t show loosened threads along the edges. Proper insulation material should be used on pockets intended for bottle storage. If with the provision of luggage feet, the diaper bag must be able to stand alone on the ground or any flat surface. All these things account for the diaper bag’s quality and your money’s worth.

  • Availability of pockets

Pockets and compartments are crucial in the selection process of the purchase of a diaper bag for twins. The more pockets are accessible for parents the more practical because they will need all the space to store securely the twins’ belongings from diapers, clothes, bottles, and toys.

  • Portability

Although a structured diaper bag on the heavier built will guarantee lasting wear, this could be an issue to mom or dad with twins. Imagine the weight of the diaper bag and add to that the weight of your twins while outdoor or travelling. This could be discomforting on your end. So, it would be wiser to choose a diaper bag with lightweight built for easy transport while on the move.

  • Colors

Of course, not all diaper bags come in universal colors that both mom and dad can carry with feeling awkward. When buying a diaper bag, pick a color that any parent can carry with confidence. To be safe, go for neutral shades like gray, black or brown.

  • Carrying options

The next thing to consider when making a selection on diaper bags on sale is the carrying options. Many diaper bags in the market offer multiple carrying options. There are diaper bags that can be easily converted from a backpack into a tote or handbag and messenger bag. Some are even provided with stroller clips that can be attached to any stroller. The more versatile and flexible the diaper bag’s carrying options the more comfortable parents will be.

  • Warranty coverage

This factor should not be missed when making a final selection, the warranty coverage that manufacturers offer to paying customers. A lifetime limited warranty, money-back-guarantee policy or replacement of defective products are just among the common warranties you will encounter. For your protection, read carefully the coverage of the manufacturer’s warranty including support after purchase.

  • Add-ons

When we say add-ons, these refer to the extra features or freebies that a potential buyer will get from the purchase of a diaper bag. For example, some diaper bags come with the inclusion of cushioned or padded changing pad, D-rings for holding the twins’ toys, upgraded insulated bottle pockets, detachable shoulder straps, stroller straps, and partitioned compartments. Other diaper bags may have water-resistant or waterproof fabric material, access window for wet wipes or abrasion-resistant. For you to make a wise decision on your selection process, assess which among the available add-ons will benefit you most.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a diaper bag different from an ordinary backpack?

Even though most diaper bags resemble the appearance of an ordinary backpack, the diaper bags may have distinct features such as multiple pockets of varied sizes and shapes, insulated pockets, sundry compartment or pocket for wet wipes.

  • What is the cleaning requirement of diaper bags?

The cleaning requirement for diaper bags differ. Some are ideal for handwashing while others are machine washable. There are also diaper bags that are made from 100% polyester material that can be easily wiped with baby wipes.

  • Can a regular backpack will do for storing the twins’ essentials while outdoor?

A regular backpack may not be sufficient to store everything that the twins will need while outdoor or traveling. Keep in mind, apart from baby clothes, diapers, wipes, and toys, you will need to ensure your twins are well fed while outdoor or traveling. You need to make sure the feeding bottles, formula milk as well as the water bottles will be all accommodated. And, this could be an issue if you opted for a regular backpack because this type of bag isn’t designed to hold securely bottles.

  • How to pack items inside a diaper bag for twins?

Packing your twins’ essentials inside a diaper bag for twins is quite simple. Prepare a checklist first of what you need to bring such as clothes, diapers, bottles, snacks, toys including your personal stuff. Once you have completed your checklist, level each item based on priority or frequency of usage. For example, for items you will need quick access put on exterior pockets. Prepared feeding bottles should be kept at designated insulated pockets to prevent spoilage. The same packing technique must be applied to wet wipes as well as smaller items like a pacifier. Put them accordingly to their designated storage pocket or compartment for quick access when needed.


The diaper bag is your travelling buddy while outdoor or traveling with twins. This is why it’s a necessity to keep yourself well informed before buying a diaper bag for your twins. The above list of brands is intended to orient you of possible choices. I do recommend you take a good read of each brand, highlight their features, pros and cons, then, do a comparison based on your requirement.

Planning and preparations for the arrival of your twins need to be highly organized. And to get started right, pick a diaper bag that will perform efficiently. Hopefully before you finish reading this review of the best diaper bags for twins, you found the perfect match.