Best Charging Backpacks Reviews For 2020

Charging backpacks are slowly becoming a must-have thanks to their convenience. They have taken the backpack industry by a storm and are literally flying off the shelves. You want to prove this? Head over to amazon and see the number of reviews left. They run into thousands.

With a charging backpack, you can say goodbye to rummaging through your backpack looking for a cable to charge your phone or having to stop by coffee shops to charge your devices. They are perfect for travelers, college kids, professionals and just about anyone who wants the convenience of charging their devices on-the-go.

In this post, I will cover everything that you need to know about charging backpacks. I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about charging backpacks to clear any doubts that you may have. And finally, I will link the 10 best charging backpacks in the market currently.

Read on.

Top 10 Best Charging Backpacks Reviews


Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein laptop backpack is by far the most popular backpack in Amazon. With over 6000 positive reviews, and a high-star rating it was only prudent that I look into it. From the first look, the bag looks very stylish and sleek. As a fashion-conscious person, you will be impressed.

Taking a look at the inside, there are multiple pockets and compartments to keep your bag organized. The size is also quite big and will fit a 15-inch laptop along with some of your travel essentials.

Aside from being functional, a backpack should be comfortable. And Matein has your comfort well taken care of. The straps are padded and so is the inside laptop pocket to protect your laptop from damage in case you drop your bag. To make it easy to carry your backpack, the bag has a luggage strap across that fits perfectly to a suitcase. This way you can easily navigate through the airport and other crowded places with ease.

A very important feature of this backpack is the charging port that is placed on the side to enable you to charge your device on-the-go. There is also a secret pocket at the back of the bag where you can keep your valuable items like your credit cards and passport. I also loved that the bag is made from a water-resistant material. You certainly need this feature if you are a frequent traveler as you can never predict the weather when in a foreign place.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a pretty stylish bag. It comes in a variety of attractive colors to cater to both genders. You can pick your choice from all these colors: blue, brown, red, grey, charcoal black, camouflage, or a combination of grey and black camouflage. The bag is also available in a 17-inch size if you fancy a bigger backpack.

And the top of the icing is that it costs just under $50. So much value for such a reasonable price don’t you think? And for that quality, I must say this is a rip off to the manufacturer. I can go on and on about this backpack, but just to wrap it up, it is the most affordable and functional backpack for travelers, commuters, professionals and college students.


  • Designed for the traveler looking for convenience, comfort and a sizeable capacity
  • Available in so many colors to suit different styles and preferences
  • Made of a sturdy waterproof material to protect your devices from soaking up
  • Lots of storage compartments and pockets to fit your travel essentials
  • Perfect carry-on for air travel
  • Discreet anti-theft pocket on the back to store your valuables


  • The water bottle pocket may not be big enough to hold a reusable water bottle
  • Has minimal anti-theft features

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Mancro Lightweight Travel Backpack

This Mancro backpack is designed for business, travel, and leisure. With a large capacity of 40L, it can pretty much fit all your travel essentials and favorite electronic devices. Noticeably, is the external USB charging port that is conveniently located on the right side of the pack for easy on-the-go charging. No more rummaging through your bag looking for a mere charger. You can place your power bank on the small pocket inside the pack so you can easily connect it to the charger. Talk of style and convenience in one package!

Being a large capacity bag, expect nothing less of multiple compartments and pockets. There is a padded laptop pocket that can fit a 16-inch laptop, a couple of zippered pockets on the front, front outside and side to fit several essentials like chargers, cables among others. The three main compartments are large enough that you can throw in a few overnight clothes when traveling.

If you are like me, who throws valuable items in pockets and forgets all about them until I need them and can’t really remember where I had put them, make use of the pocket on the right-hand side. It has a magnetic leather clasp that keeps your valuables intact.

One thing I noticed though with the pack is that even though the straps are padded and adjustable, they become uncomfortable after carrying for a short time. This makes it not ideal for hikers and trekkers. The good thing is that you can use the carry handle when your shoulders give off. I also loved that it comes with adjustable and compression side straps to secure items like umbrellas and tripods. Very handy for a traveler.

If you’ve ever found yourself buying more than 2 backpacks a year then you would understand why getting one that is made of high-grade material is crucial. This Mancro backpack is not only strong but also durable. It is made of a high-quality 900D nylon that is highly resistant to water. So no need to worry about being rained on or your water bottle leaking water soaking up your belongings.


  • Available in 5 stylish colors
  • Comes with a padlock that you can set your own combination
  • Made of waterproof heavy density nylon material
  • Has multiple pockets and three main compartments
  • A built-in USB port is located on the outside for easy charging


  • The side pocket can only fit a small water bottle. If you want one that holds larger bottles, consider their other model that has elastic side pockets.
  • The straps may not be comfortable for long periods of use or use with heavy loads

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Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

Tzowla is no doubt committed to providing excellent quality and reasonably priced backpacks. This is evident from the features of this backpack and how convenient and usable it is to the modern-day, man and woman.

What struck me most about this travel backpack from Tzowla is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Not so many manufacturers can be that confident with the quality of their backpacks.  Anyway, let’s look at the features that made this backpack be in our list of the best 10.

First of all, it is made of a high-quality 600D polyester oxford fabric that is not only durable but highly resistant to water. And even though the zipper is made of metal, you can be sure it is rust-resistant. For leisure travelers, this is a very important feature.

The other feature is that it comes with an inbuilt USB cable and a headset cable. There ‘s an inside pocket that a power bank fits perfectly. To charge, just connect the cable to the power bank and start charging your devices.

Also, it is quite spacious. It has 3 main pockets all of which are double-zippered, it also has a back anti-theft pocket, 2 mesh water bottle pockets, 6 interior fronts, and  1 front pocket. Well, let’s just say it has multiple pockets for storing pretty much all your essentials.

The antitheft pocket at the back of the pack and the Tonpvou Combination Lock is specially designed to keep off thieves from your valuables. Other features include wide S-shaped padded shoulder straps to relieve the pressure of the load on your shoulder, a portable key ring to keep your keys and scissors organized and built-in elastic straps to keep your laptop secure.


  • Comes with a luggage belt design for hassle-free traveling
  • Internal elastic straps to fasten your laptop
  • Combination lock to keep away thieves
  • Slim lightweight modern style for everyday use
  • Padded S-shaped shoulder straps for comfort


  • Does not come with a charger nor a cable
  • There have been complaints of the lock not being very sturdy

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Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

This vintage-looking stylish backpack is designed with a student’s needs in mind. The leather accents make it look very high end yet it costs just under $50. The denim looking fabric is made tear-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it very ideal for someone looking for an everyday use backpack.

Despite its vintage look, it is fitted with modern features to fit the needs of a modern-day scholar. These features include an external USB port and a built-in USB charging cable. So, convenient for charging your device on the move.

In addition, the inside is spacious enough to fit books, a laptop, and other everyday necessities that a student or even a professional would need. Even with a slightly smaller capacity of 25L, it still can fit a few clothes for a camping weekend or hiking. It comes with a dedicated padded laptop pouch, a zippered secondary pocket, front and side pockets, exterior slots for your water bottle and a compression strap for your umbrella and other longer items.


  • It is scratch and tear-resistant
  • Padded shoulder straps make it comfortable across the shoulders
  • The vintage look makes it very stylish and fashionable
  • Made of high-grade 600D nylon fabric that is water-resistant


  • No power source included
  • The capacity may not be ideal for a traveler

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YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack

If you’ve been in the market for backpacks for long, then you would know Yorepek are the “Nike” of backpacks. This is the only product they make so they definitely have expertise on them and they understand what users would want. This extra-large backpack is one of their latest laptop backpacks and is designed with a businessman in mind.

First off, it looks very techie but also very professional yet fashionable. Ever seen an airline-cabin case? Yes, it looks just like that only a little rounder on the edges.

Being extra-large, you, of course, should expect it to hold in so much. It can fit a 17-inch laptop and has over 20 compartments to put in your essentials like folders, phone, tablet, cables, notebooks among others. What I loved about it is that you can always adjust the straps to reduce the size of the bag if you don’t have a lot to carry. This way you don’t end up looking too bulky even when you are not.

I also loved that you can fold it down to 180 degrees to expose the contents of your pack, a feature that makes it TSA-friendly. This means you don’t have to keep removing your laptop and other electronic devices when at the airport with some dropping down and causing you a whole lot of time wasted.

In addition, the pack has an inbuilt external charging port that also comes with a charging cable to keep your devices charged at all times. If you love to listen to music while walking or traveling, this pack sort has sorted you out with a headphone socket. You simply plug and play.


  • Comes with an in-built charging port and charging cable
  • Can be folded down to quickly expose the contents of the pack during security checks
  • Extra-large to fit a 17-inch laptop
  • Designed for a businessman on the move
  • Comes with an interior toiletry bag


  • The stitching finishing could do better with a little improvement, most users complain of frays on the shoulder just months after using
  • Compared to backpacks of similar quality and features, this one is a little pricier
  • Even though it fits a 17-inch laptop, the laptop has to be the slim type

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Tocode Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a mix of both style and usability, Tocode laptop backpack is the right pick for you. It can be used for work, school and light travel. The laptop pockets fit a 17-inch laptop and a 9.7-inch tablet as well as essentials like books, cables, and a few overnight clothes.

The interior has quite a number of useful pockets and compartments of varying sizes for better organization. There is a discreet zippered pocket located on the lower back to store your valuables like money,  a credit card and passport. There are also two small pockets on the arm straps that you can put some easy to reach items like pens.

Unlike most backpacks that come with a thin carry handle that is very uncomfortable to carry especially when your load is heavy, Tocode’s is thick and soft making it super comfortable.

With an external USB charger, you can charge your device as you walk. You will only need to get a portable rechargeable battery. The pack has a pocket specially designed for the battery, yours is to put it in there, connect the charger into the interior port and charge your device. Pretty simple, right?

One more thing, this pack is water-resistant so if you live in an area that rains a lot, this will still be perfect. However, I would advise that you still get a backpack cover as the back may absorb a little bit of water. Overall, this is a pretty solid pack, very functional, comfortable and stylish. The size is perfect for everyday use and light travel. And even better is that it is priced under $35.


  • Secret pocket to store your valuable
  • Pretty decent padding on the straps and back for comfort
  • Strong lockable zippers on the 2 major compartments
  • Padded laptop and tablet pockets to safeguard your devices from banging against each other and reduce the impact in case of a fall
  • 2 External water bottle slots and an umbrella slot


  • The grab handle may be uncomfortably big for some
  • The back padding would be more comfortable if it were a bit thicker
  • Even though it fits a 17-inch laptop, you may need a little bit of maneuvering to slide it in easily

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Vancropak Backpack

There are so many ways you can use this retro-chic canvas skin design backpack. As a college backpack, daypack, weekend adventure pack, overnight bag or daily commute pack to and from office.

This backpack is outright simple and has the least features of all the packs I have reviewed. This, however, doesn’t compromise its quality nor its usability. It is best suited for people who simply believe in less is more and spend a ton of their time outdoors.

The pack features just two zippered compartments and a safety pocket to put in your 15.6-inch slim laptop. It also features a USB charging port as well as an opening for your headphones.

The exterior is made of a sleek canvas material while the interior is completely lined. These two make this pack highly water-resistant and durable.


  • The major compartments have semi-concealed zips for safety
  • Made of sleek canvas material that is waterproof
  • Features a USB port, headphone hole, and a built-in charging cable


  • Even though some people prefer the few pockets, it may be limiting to some users
  • It does not accommodate a 17-inch laptop which is the standard size for most people

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KOPACK Waterproof Anti-Thief Laptop Backpack

Two outstanding features about the KOPACK backpack- anti-theft and charging. Let’s start off with the feature that got you to this post. The fact that it has a USB charging port to enable you to keep your devices charged at all times.

The antitheft features are all put in place to safeguard your belongings wherever you go. Being that it is designed for a traveler, this feature is very convenient. Also, it is very spacious to carry enough essentials for round-the-trip travel while still accommodating your 17-inch laptop.

I loved that it comes in two modest colors- dark grey, and light grey. These colors are fashionable yet very professional looking. I also loved that it comes with a waterproofing cover and reflective strips for added night-time safety. Most backpacks do not have this feature and you often have to buy the cover separately.

Like other anti-theft backpacks, it has secret pockets for storing your valuables and hidden zipper lines. As a traveler, this pack will make your experience at the security checkpoints very hassle-free because it is TSA-friendly. The suitcase attachment strap will also keep your hands free so that you can focus on other things when at the airport or in high traffic places.


  • Discreet zipper lines to add to the safety
  • Comes with a reflective strip for night-time use
  • Also comes with a waterproof cover to protect your devices during the rainy season
  • There is a shock guard patch in the laptop sleeve to protect your laptop from damage


  • Compared to other alternatives, it may not be the safest because of the few anti-theft features
  • Does not have a slot for water bottles

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Fresion Travel Laptop Backpack

Fresion is a pretty well-known brand for backpacks and this travel laptop backpack is among their most selling for being a suitable carry-on and a light travel companion. It is designed for men but equally looks good on women. If you are a frequent traveler you will love that it is TSA-friendly and can be strapped to your suitcase to allow you to maneuver crowded places with ease.

It is not entirely anti-theft but has a number of some safety features in place. Among them are the double zippers that can be locked with a combination lock.

As for comfort, the back is padded and so are the shoulder straps. The inner sleeves in the back compartment are also padded to keep your laptop secure and prevent it from shock and damage. The front compartment is the largest and can fit quite a number of personal belongings enough for a couple of overnight stays. For smaller items, you can store them in the small front pockets or the zippered slot in one of the shoulders straps.


  • Can be strapped into a suitcase for easy travel
  • Looks very trendy and stylish
  • Lots of zippered pockets to keep your belongings safely


  • The side pockets are not fit for a water bottle

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MR. YLLS Business Laptop Backpack

This is the trendiest backpack in our review. We had to consider the fashionist as who want a trendy yet functional backpack. It can hold a laptop size of 15.6 inches without the hassle of sliding it in the laptop pocket. Because of its elongated design, you can put in longer items like an umbrella or a tripod.

To keep your belongings safe from the itching hands of pickpockets, it is designed in such a way that you have to open it with two key buttons. The flaps on the main compartment and the side pockets also work to enhance safety.

The build of this pack is impressively strong, the compartments are well padded and the exterior fabric is both waterproof and scratch and tear-resistant. Even the interior of this pack is waterproof. As well, there is a power bank adapter for convenient charging.

For the price, it comes with,  MR. YLLS is no doubt a great value for being both as an anti-theft and a USB charging backpack. It is a good size as a carry-on for light travel as well as for work or school. As a plus, MR. YLLS comes with a one year warranty.


  • The interior and exterior fabric are both waterproof
  • Padded compartments and pockets to increase safety
  • Comes with a power bank adapter for easy charging
  • Anti-theft features to keep your belongings secure


  • The snaps tend to bulge out when you carry a lot of stuff which may make it easy for someone to reach the zips

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Why you need a Charging Backpack?

In this techie times, who wants to still be seen carrying around briefcases and old-style laptop bags when you can get a backpack that can give you convenience and still be fashionable. So many professionals are moving away from the ordinary backpacks and adopting the charging backpacks. In the U.S. alone, backpack sales have risen to $385 million among male users and $311 million among female users. This tells you one thing- that charging backpacks are the most preferred carry-ons by professionals.

And why not?

These smart backpacks can charge your phone, tablet or laptop. They are very stylish and ultra-modern. They are also very sturdy and can be dropped or kicked around quite a lot of times and still stand strong and your devices still intact. What is even amazing is that some can locate themselves in case you lose it.


Different Types Of Charging Backpacks

Here is one thing that you need to know about charging packs. I find that most people don’t understand how they work. Charging backpacks do not themselves provide the charge but allow for easy charging through the ports connected. You will need to get a power source separately or get a charging back that sells a backpack inclusive of a power source.

Charging backpacks come with an external USB port and a cable that connects the port to a power source. The power source can be a power back which is usually sold separately.

There are also backpacks that are powered by solar. For these,  a small solar panel is installed on the bag. The advantage of solar-powered backpacks is that you can always store the energy by connecting the cord to a chargeable battery.

Charging backpacks come in different types. Here are some of the popular types:

  • Daily commuting backpacks

Just as the name suggests, these are mid-sized backpacks for an everyday commuter. Possibly a freelancer who works from coffee shops or professional who has to carry their “office” to and from home every day. This type of bag comes with convenient features such as side pouches for carrying water bottles, a headphone port, and a number of sizeable slots to put your personal items. It is basically a grab-and-go kind of backpack.

  • Traveling backpacks

Well, these are just that- designed for a traveler. They are bigger than the commuters, more sturdy, spacious and have features convenient for a traveler. The most important feature being antitheft. This allows you to not only carry your devices but also be able to protect them as well.

Some traveler’s backpacks are even designed to be TSA-friendly. You can open them flat to make it easy for the scanners to inspect your bag without having to remove all your belongings. We have recommended some very good traveling backpacks in the review section.

  • Anti-theft Backpacks

Well, anti-theft is both a feature and a type of charging backpack. These theft-proof bags are very popular among travelers and professionals who work in high traffic areas as they protect their belongings. They are specially designed with in-built features to prevent or at least delay any theft.

Some of these inbuilt features include:

  • Secret pockets to store your valuable
  • RFID pockets to store your credit cards and passport. This feature prevents your payment documents from being scanned. Yes, thieves have gotten this smart.
  • YKK zippers to prevent your documents from being left open
  • Built-in cables to secure your backpack
  • Locking zippers to prevent your bag from being opened
  • Slash-proof construction that cannot be cut even by the sharpest of knives

  • Solar backpacks

These are solar-powered charging backpacks and are perfect for people who spend a lot of their time outdoors where they are exposed to solar energy. These backpacks come with a solar panel to trap the solar energy and a rechargeable battery to store and convert the energy. The best thing about this is you get to charge your phone on the go without worrying about your power source going low.


What Things To Look For When Buying a Charging Backpack

  • Lifestyle

First and foremost, you must consider your lifestyle to determine your need for a backpack. Are you a frequent traveler looking for a convenient backpack for your travel needs or are you a hiker looking for a backpack to throw in your day’s necessities. Different lifestyles demand different features. For someone traveling to a foreign place with high crime reported, an antitheft bag would be your best consideration while a college student will do just fine with a daily commuting backpack. Get the drift?

Once you identify the purpose then it would be easy to tell what features will appeal to you and what carrying volume size you will need.

  • Charging devices

If the only device you carry around is a phone, then you don’t need as much charge as you would for a laptop. A small-capacity power back would then suffice. However, if you intend to charge a larger device of multiple devices then a high capacity solar panel or power bank would be your best bet. You will also need a backpack with more connecting cords.

  • Style and design

Backpacks are fashionable however most come in modest colors ( black, grey and navy blue) which are mostly masculine colors. However, there are backpacks designed for women and come in other attractive colors such as green, red and blue. Others are designed to look very feminine while others look very tech-ish for the modern-day techie.

As you consider style and design, you also want to factor in your comfort. Padded straps are key since you will probably be carrying your backpack on your back for long hours. Another nice comfort feature to have is a handle-held strap which is similarly padded. When you are tired of carrying it on your back, you can carry it on your hand as you would a briefcase.

Still, on design, you want to go for a backpack with discreet zippers and compartments as well as internal features for safety reasons.

  • Weight and durability

These two go hand in hand when selecting a charging backpack. In comparison to non-charging backpacks, charging backpacks are equally lightweight as the charging port and cord add no significant amount of weight. However, charging backpacks need to be more durable as they have to frequently carry a laptop and a few other chargeable devices.

  • Waterproofing

It is very important that your charging backpack be waterproof given that it will carry your electronic devices. Waterproof charging backpacks prevent your devices and documents from soaking up in case your bag comes into contact with water and other liquids. For spills, a bag with waterproof fabric and zippers is sufficient however if you suspect that your bag may be completely rained on or submerged in water, you may want to consider getting waterproof covers for your devices.

  • Capacity

This is a no brainer really! You need a backpack that can accommodate all your belongings. For a daily commute, you won’t need a large capacity. A 30L capacity will be enough for carrying your daytime necessities, however, if traveling and staying overnight, you will need more than that. Always check the carrying capacity specified by the manufacturer to be certain of what capacity you are getting. And while at it, remember that you shouldn’t be carrying luggage that is 10% more than your total body weight on your back lest you start complaining of frequent backaches.

  • Safety features

For an anti-theft backpack, safety features come in-built but for an ordinary charging backpack, you may want to consider features like double zippers that you can attach your own combination lock to the handles of the bag. Alternatively, you can get one whose zippers can be hidden or run towards the back of the pack. This will make it nearly impossible for a thieve to reach the zippers.

  • Warranty

While this may not be a deal-breaker, it would be nice to have. A manufacturer who is willing to offer a warranty or money-back guarantee is one who is confident of the quality of their product. At least that is what I believe. May be true or not.

  • Material

Charging backpacks come in different materials. The most important factors to consider when looking at the material is if the material is water-resistant and whether it can handle overheating gadgets. Also, consider a rigid material that is sturdy as it will keep your devices intact.

  • Power source

First and foremost, confirm whether or not the backpack comes with a power source and what power source that is. It can either be a power bank or a solar panel. Also, confirm if either of the sources can power your devices for as long as you will be away.

  • Price

Lastly, you want to consider how much you are willing to spend on a backpack. You want to stick to your budget but without compromising on the quality. A charging backpack can cost all the way to $100 and even more depending on the features you wish to have so having a price in mind will be a good way to narrow down your options.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a charging backpack?

A charging backpack is simply a backpack with a charging port that allows you to be able to charge your devices on the move. It may or may not include a power source or charging cable but you can always buy them separately.

  • What power source does charging backpacks use?

Well, it uses either a power bank or a solar panel. Most backpacks have a designed pocket where you can place the power bank. For the solar panel, it is put right on the front where it can get maximum exposure to the sun.

  • Why do I need a charging backpack?

Because it gives you the convenience of charging your phone, laptop, tablet or other devices on the go. A charging port is installed on the backpack where you can connect your charging cable and power source.

  • Are charging backpacks safe to use?

Very safe indeed. They have in-built safety features that prevent your valuables from being stolen or getting damaged. They also can take in the heat from overheating devices without getting damaged or the heat affecting you.

  • What size of a charging backpack do I need?

Well, this will be determined by a couple of things. One, the size of your laptop and the other devices you intend to carry. Two, the purpose of the backpack whether its for work, school or leisure. Three, your personal needs.

  • What must I pack in my charging backpack for travel?

Of course, your charging supplies. These include a charging cable and a power back. What else to pack will depend on your travel needs.

  • How much power can a charging backpack typically hold?

This will depend on what devices you intend to charge. If charging only a cell phone you will need a power bank with between 10,000 to 20,000 mAh and for a laptop, you will about 50,000 mAh. Now, the only challenge with such a high capacity power bank is the bulkiness it will add in your backpack.

  • Can the charging port be used to charge any brand of phone or laptop?

These backpacks come with a USB charging port that supports all types of USB cables that charge basically all brands of phones, laptops, and tablets.

  • Must a charging backpack be waterproof?

We wouldn’t say it is a must as such but it is an important feature to have to prevent any water or liquid from getting to your devices and consequently causing damage.

  • What is the best charging backpack?

The best charging backpack includes a charging connection to enable you to charge your devices with ease. It is also sturdy, comfortable, waterproof and comes with inbuilt safety features.

  • I no longer use my backpack, can I recycle it?

It may be impossible for you to recycle your backpack because it is made of different countless parts from different materials. It will take a lot of time and effort to take it apart. If you no longer use it, you can either drop it off at a recycle center or pass it off to a friend or family.

  • Are there any repair kits for backpacks?

There are currently no repair kits for a backpack but you can always have it repaired at your local repair shop.


We hope that we have covered everything you were curious to know about charging backpacks. Seeing that there are so many backpacks in the market currently, we understand that it may be hard to pick one that will suit your lifestyle and needs. This is why we have gone a step ahead and recommended the best charging backpacks for you. And if you have carefully read our buying guide, taking your pick should be a breeze by now.

Our review has been influenced by our own experiences as well as reviews from other users who were well satisfied with the backpacks listed here. We can assure you that you will also come back here with a positive review too.