Best Carry On Luggage – Tips and Reviews 2020

Over the past few years, many carry on bags have been manufactured to suit the needs of different travelers. If you are looking to buy a new bag, you might find it to be a daunting task, especially if you’ve read a lot of carry on luggage reviews. Here is an extensive guide to the best carry on luggage you can buy.

Top 6 Carry On Luggage Comparison

1Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Spinner21″ x 15″ x 8″8.5 lbsDomestic Carry OnCheck Price
2Briggs & Riley Baseline Exp. Softside Upright21″ x 13.8″ x 9.8″8.9 lbsDomestic Carry OnCheck Price
3Delsey Helium Aero Exp. Hardside Spinner21.75″ x 13.75″ x 9.75″ (wheels included)8.2 lbsInternational Carry OnCheck Price
4Travelpro Maxlite 4 Exp. Softside Spinner21″ x 14″ x 9″5.9 lbsDomestic Carry OnCheck Price
5Delsey Chatelet Hardside Spinner21″ x 13.8″ x 9.8″8.3 lbsDomestic Carry OnCheck Price
6Osprey Ozone 22″/46L Wheeled Luggage22″ x 14″ x 9″4.37 lbsDomestic Carry OnCheck Price

When doing reviews of carry on luggage we consider the key points important to you for your luggage needs. As frequent travelers ourselves we know how important it is to have a quick access pocket for your passport and boarding pass for easy transfer through the security gate. Or what about a safe and secure section dedicated to your laptop which also helps for fast removal and repacking when your bag needs to be screened. We all know size is important but what about the weight of the carry bags. Even if your bag fits the size limits of the airline you might be asked to check the bag if your weight exceeds their limits. Therefore starting with a lightweight carry on luggage can make all the difference. We’ve go into great depths to discover the top carry on luggage out there so your don’t have to wait time wading through the endless amounts of information available on the web.


Briggs and Riley Luggage 22” Carry On Expandable Upright Bag

best carry on luggage

For our number 1 bag, we picked the Briggs & Riley Luggage 22” Carry on Expandable Upright Bag. The exterior of the bag is beautiful and also very durable. It is made of a Tuff-lite nylon blend and is both scratch proof and very light weight. The maximum capacity of the bag is 37.9 liters, so it may be somewhat big for a light traveler. It also has an expandable capacity feature which can increase the size up to 38%. The exterior has a Speed Thru Pocket where you can easily access important items such as magazines, your mobile phone, passport or other important documents. The ID tag has a hideaway feature and may be tucked in to prevent others from seeing your personal information. This feature can help keep you safe and prevent possible identity theft. The only downfall this bag has is that the side handle sticks out slightly. This can be problematic if you are confined to a small space, such as a busy train car. Despite this small imperfection, this bag is great for travelling. For a little more than 300 dollars, this bag can be yours!

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American Tourister Luggage 21” Upright Suitcase

carry on luggage reviews

This piece of luggage is a domestic carry on suitcase and weighs 8 pounds. The bag is made with denier polyester, a durable and attractive material often used in other popular brands. This bag is very stylish and comes with a reasonable price tag. In-line skate wheels make it very mobile, so you can easily drag it behind you.

Just like the other bags in our list, it features a lot of pockets to keep small items organized. The front panel is big enough to fit your laptop as well. You can carry this bag in many ways, including the push and pull style. This feature makes it convenient for you to take the bag anywhere you want. Unlike the other bags in our list, the American Tourister does not have an expandable feature for increased capacity. You will need to bring only the necessities with you if you choose this bag.

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Think Tank Airport International V 2.0 – Best Carry On Luggage for Photographers

best carry on luggage reviews

This is the ideal cabin baggage for photographers. It is custom made for professional photographers, allowing you to carry all of your cameras and gadgets. Although this carry on bag is expensive, it is durable and will protect all of your expensive photography gear. This bag allows you to carry everything you need, safely and securely. The Think Tank Airport International V 2.0 luggage can carry 2 professional DSLR along with 4 lenses and 2 extra flashes. In addition to this, you can also firmly place your laptop in the front panel. The panel can accommodate a laptop with a maximum size of 15.4”. Front and rear security cables are provided with a lock to keep your personal belongings safe. The convenient business card and passport holders will make airport check in’s go smoothly. Front organizer and stretch pockets are available for other items such as your mobile, tablet, jacket, books or magazines.

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Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 20” Expandable Spinner

Travelpro Luggage reviews

This 100% polyester bag is quite inexpensive for its quality. Weighing in at just 7.2 pounds, this bag features a light honeycomb framing system and EVA foam construction. The handle is very durable and thick and can support an extra bag and tote. Zippers are full length, making it easier for you to pack all of your clothes and trinkets.

The 4 wheel spinner system allows you to pull the bag in any direction, which is ideal for train stations or crowded airports, but it does not have a wheel locking feature. You can place a laptop of up to 17” in the front panel which offers easy access. Straps are available so your item can be secured. This luggage fits perfectly in a standard 25” airline storage space. The durable polyester material guarantees that the luggage may be used for a long time without being easily damaged. For a price of less than 200 US dollars, this is a great buy!

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Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Crystal City 20 Inch Expandable Spinner Carry On

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage

This bag costs less than than you might think and it’s very stylish. In fact, this is like the sports car of rolling carry on luggage. It is sleek and contemporary and is a great bag for travelling professionals. The bag features a 100% poly carbonate composite shell with a luxury brushed finish and micro ballistic nylon. It weighs only 7.6 pounds and is approved by all US airways as a carry on. This bag has a soft exterior but contains hard sides for assured durability. These hard areas are located at the sides and rear, where bags are most often dropped. How can you tell that it is really durable? The plastic used for the hard side is the same kind used for firemen helmets, guaranteeing that it is extremely tough. It has a split book style with 2 packing compartments to separate clothing from trinkets and toiletries. This will prevent your items from getting mixed up and keep your clothes from becoming wrinkled. The divider is transparent so you can easily see the items kept in the other compartment. There are interior straps to hold your belongings in place. In case you need to bring suits or dresses for formal events, you can hang them on the hanger clip. Last but not least, the high quality wheels on this bag make it easy to maneuver.

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Samsonite Luggage Dkx 2.0 21 Inch Spinner Carry on

This bag from Samsonite costs a little more than most would like to spend but its considered a good buy for all users. It has a sleek business design and is available in black, navy and red. Made with 85% polyester and 15% nylon, this bag is very durable. 4 multi-directional spinner wheels make it nearly effortless to move around.

There are pockets inside to keep your things organized. Flawless closure is guaranteed with 10 coil zippers. It may be expanded for added capacity as well. This bag is ideal for businessmen and professionals and will hold a 13.5” Macbook Pro laptop in the front pocket. Last but not least, you can easily attach an extra tote or bag with the quick hook strap located outside.

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5 Tips to Choose the Best Carry On Luggage

  • Assess your travelling needs

If you travel a lot, then you will likely need a large, heavy duty carry on bag. If you will only be using it occasionally then you may wish to choose a smaller or lighter one. In addition to this, you should also consider your reason for travelling. If it is a business trip, then you need a suitcase that has compartments for your laptop, files and even a suit. If you are travelling for pleasure, you might not need a bag with so many features.

  • Consider material used

Some travelers will prefer to have hard sided bags because they don’t want their stuff damaged whenever putting down their luggage. Some prefer style over durability and want materials that make their bags look attractive and sleek. It pays to check out the benefits of different materials such as nylon, polyester and the like. Since you will be travelling, you’ll want to be prepared for changing weather conditions. It is best to choose a bag that is made of water resistant material to prevent damage.

  • Must pass size regulation rules

US airlines have size regulation rules for carry on bags. Always check this information before leaving for your trip. Most bags on the market come with a description, including whether or not they are considered a carry on. For more information, you can check out this article on luggage rules in the US.

  • Fits your budget

You may want to buy the best carry on suitcase out there but your budget may not allow for it. Before you start searching for the best one for you, you need to establish your budget and then search within that price range. Sometimes you can get a really good deal for around 100 dollars. It all depends on how extensively you search.

Now that you’ve got all the info you need to buy your new carry on here are some great tips on how to pack light, but still have enough clothes for your trip.


There you go! All of these great pieces of luggage pass the US airways guidelines regarding carry on baggage. If you buy one of these bags, you won’t have problems getting them through airline cabins. All of these bags are rated 4 stars and above and have passed the test of time and durability. Every piece is worth your money. Hopefully reading this guide on our top rated carry on luggage will help you find the perfect bag.

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