Best Camping Sleeping Bag Reviews 2020

When it comes down to enjoying your outdoor sleeping time, you’re going to want to know what to look for in Best Camping Sleeping Bag. Sleeping bags can be great for camping and times when a bed isn’t available or convenient to use.

Great sleeping bags just have that cozy feeling that’s unlike anything else. You’d be amazed by the quality of comfort a good sleeping bag can provide. Don’t put your trust in just any sleeping bag you find online. Instead, do your research to determine what sleeping bag is going to be the best match for you.

best sleeping bags for camping

Comparison Chart Of Top 5 Camping Sleeping Bags

No.ImageNameMaterial FillingTemperature RatingRatingsPrice
1Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping BagPolyester0 °FCheck Price
2REDCAMP Cotton Flannel Sleeping BagCotton59 °FCheck Price
3Farland Camping Sleeping BagPolyester32 °FCheck Price
4Abco Tech Sleeping Bag Polyester20 °FCheck Price
5TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping BagPoly-Flannel0 °FCheck Price


Best Camping Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

In this article we’re going to be looking at the various factors that should be part of your purchasing decision in the area of sleeping bags. Not all are created equal, not by a long shot. These buying factors will help you make the smartest buying choice you can make.

  • Choose Your Insulation Type

The type of insulation you choose has a big effect on the comfort level of a sleeping bag. There is down insulation, synthetic, and 100% cotton. Each has their own benefits. For example, down insulation is lightweight, compressible, and long lasting. Nothing is as compressible as down, and even the biggest down sleeping bags can be made to be compact and light.

Synthetic fill sleeping bags are less expensive and are able to still insulate when wet. Many down sleeping bags have waterproof shells that helps in wet weather.

Synthetic sleeping bags can also be somewhat bulky and heavy. 100% cotton sleeping bags stay clean through rough circumstances but are difficult to use when wet. Some cotton sleeping bags will also have a waterproof shell. If you plan on being in wet weather, look for this feature.

  • Find A Good EN Temperature Rating

Every sleeping bag you find for sale will detail what temperature it will function in. A good sleeping bag will keep you warm even in -5 degrees. The European Norm, or EN for short, is the authority when it comes to sleeping bag temperature ratings. Most sleeping bags will have an EN rating. There is no standard determination practice to gauge a sleeping bags actual performance. In most cases, the details provided by the supplier will be an accurate determination of what temperatures it will function in.

  • Get The Features You Need

High quality sleeping bags on the market these days have a multitude of options to choose from. Sleeping bags with draft collars are very popular and provide additional protection from the cold. Some sleeping bags even have expandable insides, so if you ever feel claustrophobic in a sleeping bag, this option might be for you. Zippers can allow two or more sleeping bags to be zipped together to create a more comfortable experience. A waterproof shell can really save you a lot of discomfort when it comes to rainy conditions.

You can get sleeping bags with hoods, draft collars, draft tubes, chest baffles, accessory pockets, multiple zippers, and you may even be able to get a storage sack for the sleeping bag for easy portability. New features are coming out all the time.

  • Read Reviews, Buy From A Solid Company, Get A Good Warranty

Reviews on this site are one of your best friends if you’re in the market to buy anything online. Also, the better the company you buy from, the better your chances of getting a great sleeping bag. Lastly, you should be looking for a solid warranty on a purchase like this. Sleeping bags can come with great warranties that keep you safe from any possible defects.


Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag with Pillow Review

If you’re looking for a name brand, high quality, winter sleeping bag at a fair price, you’ll find it in the Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag With Pillow. You can take this capable sleeping bag into temperatures of -5 degrees Fahrenheit and be able to stay warm and comfortable.

This sleeping bag comes with the ZipPlow feature that keeps fabric from getting stuck in the zipper. Fiberlock technology keeps the internal fabric from bunching up, resulting in a more comfortable experience. Thermolock reduces heat loss through the zipper to ensure heat is retained, and ComfortCuff keeps your facial area in complete comfort. A roll control feature allows you to roll the bag up easily and store it away.

best camping sleeping bag

Overall, this sleeping bag has some of the best new features available, and Coleman is well known for creating some of the best outdoor camping gear known to man. This bag measures 40″ wide by 85″ long. With a full cover design, you’re guaranteed to not feel any cold spots, even on the hardest winter days.

This sleeping bag is designed for winter time, and using it in cold conditions is easy and affordable. One of the most amazing features is the Coletherm insulation totaling in at a whopping 6 pounds. That’s enough insulation for even the coldest of cold blooded people. This bag will fit people as tall as 6 foot 5″.

With a warranty of 5 years, it’s a purchase you can put your trust in.

Product Features:

  • 100% Cotton With Cotton Fill
  • Super King-Size
  • Comfort Smart Technology
  • Wrap N Roll Storage System With Carrier
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty


  • This is a a heavier sleeping bag for winter time that stays warm even in the coldest of conditions. There is an abundance of high quality features that provide an exceptional sleeping experience for cold weather.
  • This is the sleeping bag to get for people who live in higher, colder elevations. The outer layer of fabric on the Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag is super durable and will hold up well under wear and tear.
  • This sleeping bag can double as a comforter and won’t get too hot. You also won’t feel claustrophobic in this bag because it’s literally huge. The liner is very soft and gentle to touch, and the many people who have bought this bag would make the purchase again if they needed to.
  • If you buy two or more of these, you can zip them together.
  • Washing these bags in the washing machine is quick, easy, and cheap. Compared to older sleeping bags, the Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag With Pillow will be a wonderful experience.


  • Too big for backpackers.
  • Might need to unzip it a little on hot nights.

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Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag Review

The Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag is a single person sleeping bag that’s constructed using the “mummy” design. “Mummy” sleeping bags are exceptional for a single person because they retain body heat much better than other types.

It uses 550 Fill Power Down which is extremely lightweight and warm at the same time. Down is a superior insulating material that is both lightweight and effective at retaining body heat.

best sleeping bag for camping

The side seams on this sleeping bag work to prevent precious body heat from escaping on cold nights. This isn’t a sleeping bag designed for sub zero conditions. It’s designed to be a sleeping bag you can use to stay warm on brisk days. Even during the summer time, sleeping in this bag won’t be overly hot. The Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Down Sleeping Bag will make an effective addition to anyone who makes summer and fall excursions to the outdoors and doesn’t want to use their subzero sleeping equipment for the warmer months.

This sleeping bag comes with a storage sack to make transport easy.

Product Features:

  • EN Temperature Rating Of 20 Degrees to -7 Degrees Celsius
  • Zipper Draft Feature With Anti-Snag Design
  • 2 Pounds 3 Ounces Total Weight
  • 550 Fill-Power Duck Down


  • This is a great summer and fall sleeping bag that’s designed with quality down as the insulator. It’s extremely light and comfortable to sleep in. It weighs only 2lbs 3 oz!
  • Very durable design that will last years with proper care. People have reported owning these bags for 3+ years without any problems with ripping or tearing.
  • The feathers stay in the insulation area and won’t leak all over the place. Some people have reported that this is a fantastic construction design for a feather down sleeping bag.
  • This bag is affordable enough for most everyone to purchase. In fact, this is one of the most affordable sleeping bags on Online for the summer and fall months.
  • The down used in this bag is duck down, not goose, which is slightly less warm. Perfect for summer months!
  • You can unzip this bag and leave it down for airflow if you find yourself in very hot temperatures.


  • You sometimes have to fluff the bag to distribute the feathers.
  • NOT a winter sleeping bag. People who need winter insulation need a different sleeping bag.

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