Best Camera Backpacks for Hiking Reviews 2020 (Top Picks)

One of the best ways to keep the great memories of the places we visit is through photographs. Many people who do not own cameras prefer investing in good mobile phones to capture these memorable moments. If you love hiking, then you have no choice but to invest in a good camera to capture the breathtaking views where you go hiking.

Owning a camera comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to ensure that it is always safe to avoid buying a camera from time to time. For hikers, you also have to invest in a reliable and quality camera backpack to keep your camera safe during your hike. Now, there are a variety of camera backpacks to choose from, and these may prove to be a challenge for most camera owners find it challenging.

Different camera backpacks, have distinctive features and depending on one’s preference, they may overlook one bag and pick another just because of one small difference. Well, choosing a camera backpack should not be a headache anymore. We are here to search for a camera backpack to make it easier for you. We will talk about the different features you should take into account while searching for a bag for your camera and the benefits of having a camera backpack. We are here to serve you.


Features to Consider before Selecting a Camera Backpack for hiking

When a person goes shopping, for example, one wants to buy a shoe, the person buying must identify if the shoe they prefer, whether casual or official, closed or open, high or low and of course the colour. Choosing a camera backpack is no exception. You have to identify the product with the specific features of an excellent product.

  • Size

Remember this is a backpack for hiking, and this is the most important features you should look for when searching for a camera backpack for your camera. It will be wise to choose a bag that is large enough to store several lenses and cameras without forcing and squeezing them in the backpack.

The best backpack for hiking will be one that can take all your cameras and its equipment and still have some space for you to carry a snack, a change of clothes and even hiking poles hence having all your stuff in one backpack.

The backpack should also have several compartments to separate camera gear from other things such as food and clothes to make it more organized and easier to access different equipment stored in the backpack. Side attachments are essential for carrying tripods or hiking poles.

  • Protection

Camera equipment such as lenses are expensive, and you will need a backpack that will ensure that this equipment is safe. Even if you are climbing up a steep mountain, or face abrupt movement during your hike, they are safe.

  • Comfortability

Hiking involves many activities, including walking for long distances. That is why you will need a bag that is easy to walk with while having it on your backbone. To ensure that, the backpack you are getting is comfortable on your back check for things like padding at the back, double shoulder straps that have contours, straps that have padded, and an advanced suspension system.

  • Material

The best camera bag pack should be made of top quality and robust material to sustain outdoor conditions to resist abrasion and are waterproof. If the bag pack is not waterproof, then it should at least have a rain cover to protect the camera gear. The backpack should also be able to protect the things from sleet, snow, or dust.

  • Access

When choosing a backpack you; should focus on one which allows you to access the camera more efficiently and faster. When hiking, you might come across an animal that you need to capture, but while trying to access the camera, the animal scurries away. The backpack should be favourable for such situations and allow you to get to the camera as fast as possible to take a photograph for such moments.

  • Price

Lastly, you should consider the price of the camera backpack you are looking for also. Sometimes sticking to the budget is satisfying. But you should also keep in mind that you might not want to spend a lot of money on purchasing a camera backpack and end up buying a number of them while you could spend a lot of money on one which lasts longer. Think about it.


Benefits of Using Camera Backpacks

Of course, when purchasing a backpack for your camera, it comes with its benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using a camera backpack;

  • Convenient 

One advantage of having a bag is its convenience, yes, the backpacks are very comfortable. The convenience enables you to carry them for a long distance without feeling uncomfortable. And, it makes the backpacks ideal for hiking.

  • Selection of Suitable Size

The camera bags come in different sizes. The different sizes enable you to choose the suitable backpack for the hike you are embarking on and the equipment you intend to carry. The different sizes also accommodate different body types, be it for tall or short people you can find the size that fits you.

  • An Investment on Cameras Life

Purchasing a camera is an investment. Most people look to protect their investments at any cost. Camera backpacks ensure that this investment is protected, thus making your cameras last for longer.

  • Separate Compartment- Less Heat: More Gear

Camera backpacks have different compartments separating camera gear with other stuff like clothes and food. Separate compartment prevents the camera from heat, moisture or cold temperatures.

Camera bags can carry different gear at once. Hence you have a variety of equipment at one in one backpack. Isn’t that great!

  • Budget and Variety Convenience

There are a variety of bags packs that fit anyone’s budget. There is no excuse for you not to get a backpack since there are those which are as cheap as $20. Get yours as soon as possible.

  • Quick Access to Camera

Camera backpacks have designed in a manner in which you can access your camera even without removing it from the back. This quick access enables you to capture as many scenes as possible in your hike. And, you can do it without even getting the backpack off your back.

  • Protection from Weather

Camera backpacks have made with waterproof material. When hiking and all of a sudden it starts raining then you are covered since the bag will prevent moisture from getting inside the bag and keep your camera safe.

With all these benefits, do not wait and get your camera backpack now?


Frequently Asked Questions

Many people want to own a camera backpack, but they have questions that they want to get answered. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Why do I need to own a Camera backpack?

A camera backpack is to protect your camera and its gear from scratches and damage. A camera backpack is here to protect your expensive camera.

  • Why do I need a camera backpack while I can carry my camera in my hand or use a camera strap?

Well, you are right, but while you are hiking, you need your hands to climb areas that are difficult to climb. During hiking, you can jump from a cliff or a high ground and your camera strap breaks making your camera fall and get damaged.

  • Can a camera backpack carry a lot of gear?

Yes, most camera backpacks are large enough to carry several camera gears hence providing you with a variety of choices during your hike.

  • Is a camera backpack waterproof?

Yes, most camera backpacks are waterproof and can protect your camera during the rain.

  • How do I organize my camera backpack?

Camera bags are designed with several compartments hence making it easy for you to organize your backpack and separate stuff like food and clothes from the camera gear.

  • What makes a good camera backpack?

The backpack should be comfortable to walk with for a long time. It must be weatherproof, easy to access your camera, large enough to carry all your camera equipment, provide space for non-camera gear, made with material that protects the camera, and durable.

  • Can I walk for a long distance with my camera backpack?

Yes, camera backpacks have designed in a manner that they are comfortable to walk with for long distances.

Top 10 Best Camera Backpacks For Hiking Review


Lowepro Sport Backpack

The Lowepro sport backpack serves as a portable belt bag and a backpack. The store is serving from the 50years. Their camera bags, backpacks, and cases are helpful regardless of the weather sever. Lowepro can be used as semi baggage, to accommodate other tools such as clothes, water bottles, cameras, etc. This backpack offers space for gear belts which gives it maximum comfort.

  • Material and design

This backpack has made of African rubber and Italian leather Pads. The combo of the duo gives this brand both an elastic and sturdy composite. The elasticity and sturdiness of this backpack are the key attributes; that is responsible for its durability and long life span.

The glittering designs of this brand, is no surprise, as it has also made of fine and linens. These cotton materials have inscribed with amazing drawings and designs, which gives this bag a pleasant outlook.

Due to its classical pull up the tab, the backpack offers bounce-free protection which is very vital in hiking, snowing and biking. Also, it comes along with several foam and pad layers, which gives the bag a luxury of space for other belongings.

  • Features

When empty this bag is about 2.60lbs, it acclaims a regular dimension of about 9.50×8.00×20.50. Also, it comes with a coated pad and gear, which reduces tension and strain. With its gear belts and pad, best comfort and convenience have guaranteed.

  • Additional Information

The Lowepro sports bag also consist of fine linens and wools. The wool material makes it cosy, warm, and fleecy. It is a waterproof and water-resistant backpack, and this makes it undoubtedly the best brand for snowing and skating.

It also consists of lovely and engaging zips and locks which generally improves the overview of the bag. This backpack can save a lot of your adventure gear in it. It has multiple attachments so you can secure your trekking poles or tripod with it as well.


  • Available at affordable price
  • Comes in the elegant design
  • Its holes are very much dynamic, flexible, and configurable.


  • The camera section is not much large
  • Without stuff, it loses shape and material can fall out.
  • No zipper compartment for small stuff

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The Endurax Backpack

This astonishing backpack has designed for outdoor events such as hiking, biking, etc. The unique style of Endurax comes along with a compartment for laptops, IPads, cameras, and other gadgets. Endurax is serving the people from a few years.

Endurax means the endurance which signifies its main feature of resistance to the weather. It also comes with a prominent adjustment strap, which reduces the stress on the shoulders and the torso. The backpack is a pleasing bag for photographers and tourists.

It’s among the top bag packs every one ought to get, especially when going on a tour or hiking outreach. This bag has made of excellent fabric and a cosy pad. This backpack gives a soothing protection cover for cameras, lenses, and other sensitive gadgets.

  • Material and design

The Endurax backpack has composed of synthetic and natural fibres. Its coating pads made of fine wool and cotton. This delicate wool and cotton is the key to its aeration. However, its raincoat cover has made up of cotton materials with small pores which increases the water-resistance of this bag.

All the pockets of this backpack have clasps and zippers. The zippers and outer cotton layers have engraved with lovely patterns, and drawings, this, in turn, gives the bag a brilliant outlook. It comes with practical organizer pockets which can organize your stuff in the best possible manner.

  • Features

It has a dimension of 8.6× 4.9 ×6.5 in height, length, and width. More soothing for customers, this brand comes with a 1-year guarantee, for users who come across, its product void of the stated properties and quality.

  • Additional Information

The Endurax Backpack comes along with a divider pad, which shields gadgets. The divider blocks these gadgets from multiple damages. It provides massive comfortability, as its gears have designed with a perfect elastic limit which could accommodate readjustments. This backpack comes with an extra shoulder and waist bag, which offers more premium to its outlook.


  • Astonishing outlook and multiple compartments
  • Have durable and compact camera gear
  • Highest protection with fabric coat cover that serves as protection and shield from downpours


  • Small and Compartmentalized space
  • Tripod Imbalances

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AmazonBasics Hiker Camera Backpack

The AmazonBasics backpack promises to make outdoor adventures more exciting. While providing a lightweight pack solution for adventures, to comfortably pack their loads. Having the right equipment to carry everything you need, for an outdoor adventure is a necessity, especially for people who love to capture beautiful moments with photography. The backpack serves as a piece of reliable lightweight equipment for hikers and adventure photographers to comfortably load their cameras. Laptops and tablets can safely fit into the top pack compartment.

  • Material and Design 

The AmazonBasics backpack has an impressive interior layout. It has a softback panel and an adjustable shoulder strap that ensures it fits out properly. It is possible to hide the straps by removing their clips from the points of attachment. The backpack allows for a safe and orderly arrangement of loads.

The backpack layout makes a good fit for an SLR camera and other appropriate accessories like the flash, lens, charger, and batteries. It has modifiable side purses for easy camera access. This lightweight backpack comes with multiple compartments to safely carry your tripods, laptops, and other digital accessories.

Protective padding declares it the best place for your accessories safety while travelling. This backpack side pockets can effectively hold a mini tripod. It has a headphone cable access drawstring closure which enables the hikers to hang their hiking pole. The backpack also comes with a rain cover.

  • Features

The features of the AmazonBasics backpack does not guarantee long-lasting durability. A few issues will come up in the processes of using the backpack. The threads holding the material might lose when the load is sufficient, and the zips might not make great support after a while.

  • Additional Information

The side pockets give easy access to the camera without opening the bag. The adjustable nature of the straps helps to evenly distribute the load weight to make it comfortable when carrying the backpack. It will make the bag fit to your body and reduce inconvenience when walking or running.


  • Affordable price
  • Modifiable interior layout
  • Convenient storage
  • Adjustable straps


  • Inferior material
  • The bright colours make the backpack look very cheap
  • The zips are not durable

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The Tamrac Anvil 23 Backpack

The Tamrac Anvil 23 is great for professional photographers, who want to carry all their accessories to the most beautiful places of the earth. The Anvil 23 is the product of Tamrac. For over 40 years, Tamrac remains a company of outdoor enthusiasts to produce quality bags for photographers to enjoy better outdoor experiences. The Anvil is a collection of six backpacks with different sizes to suit your needs. The Tamrac Anvil 23 is a perfect fit for DSLRs bodies, multiple flashes, lenses and other vital accessories for an excellent wildlife experience.

  • Material and Design

The backpack material has quality foams that give a great balance of weight. The bag has straps that allow it to fit accurately, especially for long term carrying. Two removable straps between the top pockets permit you to firmly carry a tripod in the very centre of the backpack. Also, a strap on top of the backpack keeps the tripod from causing discomfort when walking. The materials are durable and resistant to moisture. The bag comes with a foldable rain cover that can almost completely cover the bag in a few seconds.

  • Features

The interior layout of the Anvil 23 is completely removable and adjustable. The compartment dividers inside the backpack have a compact structure and give you the ability to reconfigure them to suit your loading style.

You can securely place a DSLR body, lenses and multiple accessories inside without the fear of scratching your gadgets. The bag provides an extra laptop compartment that can hold your laptops, tablets, books or clamps.

  • Additional Information

The Tamrac Anvil 23 is a better camera backpack for expert wildlife photographers. It offers a configurable inner layout for DSLRs and multiple accessories like flash, beamers, teleconverters and batteries.

The straps are securely fit. The materials have good abrasion resistance quality, and this long-lasting backpack can serve for the long-distance purpose. Tarmac knows how to produce quality backpacks that enable photographers to take all their accessories.


  • Comfortable waist straps
  • Material durability
  • Interior storage flexibility


  • Carrying a tripod makes it uneasy to access your gadgets
  • Heavyweight from loading

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MindShift Gear Backlight 26L Outdoor Adventure Camera Daypack Backpack

The Backlight 26L is a product of MindShift that gives adventure photographers the ability to carry their accessories with comfort and ease of access. MindShift is a Think Thank brand that commits to designing backpacks. They design bags that meet the changing needs of outdoor photographers. They aim to integrate the elements of quickness and accessibility into photography. The Backlight 26L backpack enables photographers to carry a standard-size DSLR camera, its accessories and also gives multiple pockets to carry a tripod.

  • Material and Design

MindShift has added efficiency in its design. A perfect choice that enables outdoor photographers to capture beautiful moments with speed. Unlike some other backpack, Backlight 26L has a webbing rail on the waist belt that allows for quick attachment of other MindShift accessories.  The shoulder straps are very comfortable and make the backpack fit firmly to your back when carrying it.

The backpack offers a flexible inner layout for a standard-size DSLR, lenses, flash, and other accessories. The compartment in front of the backpack can securely store a 15” laptop, a tablet, or a book. The panels inside can hold small items like pens and stick notes.

  • Features

The Backlight 26L gives you efficient ease of access to all your gears. You can rotate your backpack by simply sliding the straps on the shoulder while using the waist belt. The feature gives you quick and easy access without taking off the backpack.

The backpack offers many options for carrying it. You can carry it with a top handle or wear it on the shoulders. The bag stays fit with a side compression strap for the perfect balance.

  • Additional Information 

Personal stuff like passport, snacks, wallets, water bottles, and smartphones can fit into the exterior, side, and slip-in pockets of the backpack. You can mount a tripod on the front and side of the backpack. There are interior mesh pockets and front pockets for additional items like gives and chargers.


  • Ease of access
  • Comfortable waist belts
  • Adjustable straps
  • Expandable pockets


  • No clip for small cases inside the front compartment
  • Not a good fit for D850

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Vanguard Alta Sky 45D Backpack

The Alta Sky 45D is Vanguard’s backpack design for professional photographers who seek to improve their working user flexibility and experience better outdoor adventures. Vanguard is a global company with over 30 years of disruptive innovation in the design and manufacture of backpacks, tripods and other accessories. The Alta Sky 45D is a dynamic backpack that gives expert photographers adaptable flexibility in carrying their gears. The backpack design allows for the option of determining your packing capacity.

  • Material and Design

The inner layout of the backpack contains multiple dividers that are adjustable. The layout design allows you to determine the capacity of gear that is necessary for your job. It can safely store a Pro DSLR, extra lenses, a flash and other accessories.

This backpack serves for both photography and hiking adventures. You can adjust the pack to carry your hiking and photo gears. It has a secure compartment that separately stores a laptop and a tablet. Additional slip-in pockets to organize your smartphone, memory cards, and two side pockets for your water bottles. The best system of this backpack securely holds your tripods and hiking sticks.

  • Features

Vanguard incorporates full gear access from the rear, the sides and the top of the bag. You can easily access your small items using the openings from the bottom front of the pack. The backpack structure comes with an extra handle for firm gripping of the bag.

It is durable and can sustain load for a long period. The back and shoulder straps allow for easy adjustment when carrying it. The flexible waist belt makes the backpack fit firmly to the body. The backpack also offers a headphone port.

  • Additional Information 

Alta Sky 45D is a perfect pick for travel and architecture photographers. The backpack will properly accommodate all your luggage to meet up to any airline requirement for loads. It is distinct from other backpacks in the market by providing a one size fit for all photo and hiking gear.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Quality materials
  • Ergonomically flexible compartments


  • The rear access zip does not unzip to the core.

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YuHan Multi-Function Waterproof Anti-shock Camera Backpack

The YuHan multi-function backpack is famous for its lightweight and waterproof quality. It has a brilliant structure design that allows it to serve different purposes while safely storing a camera gear. The backpack has a fair colour attraction.

  • Material and Design

It has made of waterproof nylon, which indicates the high-quality material used in it to meet weather conditions. The YuHan backpack boasts of a configurable interior with nine layouts. The camera gear storage can fit a DSLR, two lenses, and a handful of other useful accessories in it. It can firmly hold a tripod. The material inside the camera gear storage is anti-shock. It separates the camera gear from other personal stuff in the backpack.

 While removing, the interior padding that houses the camera gear to make the pack a casual travel bag. The bag will store and organize your camera gear, laptop, tablet, and clothes. It arranges smaller accessories like your smartphones, wallets, and memory cards in a double waist belt pocket.

  • Features

The YuHan pack is a high camera gear storage equipment that can also serve as a casual travelling bag. The camera compartment is quite big and, it disturbs the perfect fitting of 13” tablet. There is no solid attachment between the hip straps and the bag, that makes the backpack lack proper load support.

The zippers are not as durable as they tend to get stuck a lot. This thing makes the YuHan backpack a little under to other camera bags. For a casual vacation, the bag does serve a beneficial purpose.

  • Additional Information

The strap adjusters do not comfortably sit on the body when wearing it. The backpack seems to be more appealing when in use as a travelling bag, especially when passing through airline security systems. But, the backpack has a lot to improve on to efficiently serve as a camera backpack in the outdoor equipment market industry.


  • Waterproof material and extra rain cover
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality of material
  • Simple and fine design


  • Bottom space
  • No access to the camera gear without taking the bag down
  • Colours are not attractive
  • Few and floppy adjustment straps

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Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is suitable for photographers who carry mirrorless cameras, a few lenses, and a few additional accessories. It is famous for its internal aesthetic system which Peak Design calls Flexfolds. Peak Design aims to make products that help photographers organize and protect their gears during an outdoor adventure. The Everyday Backpack 20L also serves for non-photo gears like drones, clothes and other work stuff you need for an enjoyable everyday life. The backpack also meets the needs of photographers, travellers and other adventures.

  • Material and Design

The backpack has three configurable flexfold dividers that can firmly accommodate a DSLR with three lenses. They have inner pockets to protect your batteries, memory cards and other smaller accessories. Inside the backpack is a laptop pocket that can contain a 15 inches laptop or a tablet. Side pockets give you access to small items like your keys and IDs. Another impressive storage feature is the backpack’s ability to expand and carry extra gears. Exterior side pockets also allow for carrying water bottles, and the attachment straps can effectively hold a tripod.

  • Features

You can access the backpack from either side with quality zipping designs. The bag rotates to the front for quick access with the aid of axial straps. The shoulder straps are just comfortable, especially when making adjustments. The backpack has a waist strap that enables users to have a great balance when wearing it.

  • Additional Information 

The Everyday Backpack 20L seems to be a modification of the general everyday user backpack. It aims to be a camera backpack while serving the purpose of transporting other personal and office items. Comparing it to other backpacks in the market, its ease of access to accessories is remarkable. The backpack is quite small in size but has several straps to hold extra gears.


  • Intriguing design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Ease of access
  • Short handles for a firm grip
  • Extra magnetic pockets


  • Small items can slip through the dividers
  • The backpack serves for urban adventure only
  • The laptop compartment makes a tight fit for the inner pockets.

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Mountainsmith Tanuck 40L Camera Backpack

The Tanuck 40L, one of the Mountainsmith’s “Tough as Nails” backpack series that, is suitable for professional photographers. It is perfect for hiking and climbing activities. With over 40 years in the market, Mountainsmith keeps its commitment to manufacturing durable and high-value performance products such as tents, camera backpacks, hiking poles, and pet products. Mountain smith remains one of the leaders in outdoor equipment manufacturing. The Tanuck 40L is a great camera backpack that serves for travelling.

  • Material and Design

The Tanuck 40L has camera modules that can store a large or medium-format film camera, lenses up to three, polaroid backs, and other essential accessories. The camera modules have a vast gear storage capacity, but you will have to buy them separately.

The main storage layout has two access for easy loading, especially for long trips. You can keep your chargers, batteries, and clothes in the pocket of the front panel. The exterior pocket can retain 17 inches laptop. The bag can organize all the gear you need for long walks, especially for overnight journeys.

  • Features

The structure of the backpack allows you to carry everything you need for a trip while securely holding your camera accessories in place. It has removable compression straps for great balance during loading. The padding of the panels is very spacious and comfortable when carrying the backpack. The shoulder straps are thick and adjustable for easy carrying. The waist belt tightens firmly to hold the backpack to your back.

  • Additional Information 

The backpack aims to improve the outdoor adventure of photographers and enthusiastic travellers. Tanuck 40L, unlike other products, is hard and resistant to water and other weather conditions. The side pockets enable you to carry a tripod, hiking pole, and water bottles. The removable straps play a vital role in helping you stabilize the bag after loading.


  • Stands upright after loading
  • Resistant to water and abrasion
  • Excellent for weekends and overnight trips


  • Very heavy after loading
  • Access to camera gear is not possible without taking off the backpack
  • You have to buy the camera modules separately

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Burton F-stop Camera Backpack

The F-stop pack is one of Burton’s series backpack that aims to meet the challenging needs of surf and snow photographers. Since 1977, Burton focuses on the innovative manufacture of sporting products that effectively meet the needs of snowboarding. The F-stop pack is a big hiking backpack that can safely store your camera gear, especially when you are riding a snowmobile or a sport’s bike.

  • Material and Design

The inner layout of the F-stop is customizable to carry a Pro DSLR camera, lenses, and other essential accessories. The side access pocket is best for keeping small accessories like chargers and batteries. It can also store beverages and snacks. There are exterior and removable pockets for other personal stuff.

The backpack allows space for snowboards and tripod arrangement. Below the side pockets, is space for small water bottles. The adjustable straps hold the boards firmly to pack. The top pocket can store your smartphones and chargers.

  • Features

The F-stop pack has multiple adjustable straps, especially on the shoulder for a firm grip to the body when carrying it. The waist strap is rigid and flexible for even distribution of weight for body balance. The backpack design incorporates an extra top handle for firmly gripping the bag. This backpack is durable and can withstand harsh conditions for a long-drawn period. The paddings of the pocket panels are durable.

  •  Additional Information 

The F-stop is a useful backpack for surf, snow, and mountain photographers. Unlike other camera backpacks, it does not have any compartment for your laptops and tablets, though a laptop has become a vital accessory for photographers now.

The F-stop pack lacks on this aspect. The backpack material is very rigid for safely storing your gear in any condition. The quality of the body makes it comparable to big backpack brands. The finishing is remarkable. The zippers have thick coats and zipper strings that add to their distinct design qualities.


  • External pockets
  • Quality material
  • Vertical board holder
  • Adjustable straps
  • Rigid body design
  • Strong zipping design


  • Absence of laptop and tablet space
  • Shallow camera compartment
  • No rain covers
  • The backpack is useful for only mountain adventures.

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All in all, a camera backpack is here to make your life easier. The backpack prevents you from spending a lot of money in purchasing cameras from time to time, in case of damage or broken lenses, as it protects it.

On the other hand, the camera backpack eases your hiking adventure where you can hike freely with your camera safely in your bag pack. You can always get the camera when you see a beautiful scene, and you want to capture. Remember the backpack is also comfortable, hence you can walk with it for long and also get to carry a snack or change of clothes in the same bag. Get yours and enjoy hiking!