Best Basketball Backpack Reviews in 2020 (Top-Picks )

The game of basketball is one that has grown to such an extent that we often don’t need backpacks anymore but also need massive duffle bags. However, a basketball backpack is still handy when you only need to carry some of the gear you are going to wear and not the basketball itself. These minimalistic bags can make life much easier as a player.

The best basketball backpack is similar to what you would expect to find in some of the top sports backpacks. However, many people need special compartments for things like shoes that also need some ventilation and this is why we have designed this article. You should be able to easily find the perfect basketball backpack for your needs.

Top 10 Best Basketball Backpack Reviews

Options for backpacks are plentiful in the modern era and it can be easy to find the perfect backpack for your needs. There are so many different options, but only a few of them truly stand out for basketball. Before we reveal the features that we considered important, we need to have a look at some of the top basketball backpacks available:


Sports Athletic Backpack w/ Pocket for Team Soccer Ball

If you ever found yourself wondering how to carry all of your basketball gear, the Fashion Helpers Sports Athletic Backpack is one of the ideal options to consider. It has been constructed from durable polyester, while the additional compartment for the ball is made from Ripstop Nylon. This allows it to hold bigger game balls.

best basketball backpack

On the inside, the bag is fairly basic and contains all the components needed to carry all your cleats with you. It is quite large inside compared to some of the smaller bags as well. However, the small mesh pockets on the side can be used for carrying some of your water bottles. Unfortunately, it does not have ventilation for your cleats.

What makes this bag so special is the versatility it offers. Not only will you buy it if you love basketball, but even football fans can enjoy playing with it. The bag is inexpensive and really comfortable to carry for long periods. If you need a new bag and you don’t want to spend too much on it, this is the best bag for you.


  • The bag has a large inner compartment
  • It features two side pockets for water bottles
  • All of the components are durable
  • The bag is affordable
  • Carrying it is comfortable over long distances


  • It does not have ventilation for your sweaty shoes
  • The seams near the handle can come loose if the bag is overstuffed

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Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack 

Designed specifically for the avid basketball players, the Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack is the perfect compact size for all your personal belongings. It is made with the right sizes that will easily fit and house the standards-sized basketball you play with. Since polyester is used, the bag can be a little water-resistant as well.

basketball backpack reviews

The main compartment is one of the top factors that one needs to consider. This main compartment has been designed to house all the gear you need for a game. It can comfortably hold a large size 12 shoe without forcing it inside. Additionally, you have a smaller compartment that is used for storing all of your valuable items.

Since this backpack is larger and a little more user-friendly than the previous one, we might expect to pay a little more. However, the prices are similar, but the Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack gives you a little bit more value for your money. This will make it a great option for those who love to carry heavy loads.


  • It can hold heavy loads
  • The bag fits a size 12 shoe with ease
  • You have a small compartment added for valuables
  • The mesh compartment is large enough for a full basketball
  • It comes at an affordable price


  • If the bag is full, it can be hard to fit a basketball inside
  • The water bottle pockets are a little narrow

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Athletico National Soccer Bag

Walking around with your basketball or soccer ball on the outside of the bag can be a little frustrating for many people. Some of us like to keep everything enclosed on the inside. Fortunately, the Athletico National Soccer Bag comes with an enclosed pocket that allows you to store all of your balls and gear inside the bag.

basketball backpacks

While the bag has many compartments, including the main compartment for your clothing, the added benefit is the additional shoe compartment. This keeps your shoes away from your fresh clothing, while also giving it some ventilation. I also love the shoulder straps with an ergonomic design that will make it more comfortable to carry.

All of these features are included and the bag still remains as affordable as some of the lesser bags. This means that you don’t need to spend the extra few bucks to get a decent bag that will house all your basketball gear. My biggest complaint is that the bag does not house large shoes in the shoe compartment.


  • All of your gear will be enclosed
  • It holds a standard-sized basketball
  • The straps are ergonomic for more comfort
  • The shoe compartment has been ventilated
  • It has many durable properties


  • The bag only holds smaller shoe sizes
  • The zippers are not made for overstuffing the bag

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Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack

When it comes to the sport of basketball, the brand Nike has probably revolutionized and commercialized it. It is no surprise to see a bag like the Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack on this list. It is made from durable polyester and double stitched around the pressure points to prevent any materials from tearing loose.

nike basketball backpack

While the bag does not have an outer compartment for your basketball, you can easily place it on the inside if you wish to. However, it does fill up the bag and you will only have a little space extra for smaller items. Unfortunately, the bag does not have a dedicated shoe compartment for all users to enjoy.

I also have to point out the great job Nike has done with the strapping. The strapping is custom and patented, which not only allows you for the perfect adjustments but also gives you some breathability to work with. This combination will definitely ensure that your bag is comfortable to carry, even when it is fully stuffed.

As for the price, one can expect a brand like Nike to be fairly expensive. This is not the common everyday backpack that you will use for carrying around. It is a dedicated sports backpack that can take a lot of punishment. A small compartment for your valuable has also been added to ensure you have it protected.


  • It is made from durable Nike Quality materials
  • The bag can house a basketball on the inside
  • The strapping is customized and extremely comfortable
  • All of your personal belongings will be protected
  • It is usable for different types of sport


  • It does not have a dedicated shoe compartment
  • The bag is really expensive

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K-Cliffs Baseball Backpack

The K-Cliffs Baseball Backpack might seem like more of a baseball backpack and many people might find themselves wondering whether this is the backpack for their basketball journeys. However, it is made from durable polyester and features numerous compartments that are spread out. All of these compartments will cover a specific item.

best basketball backpacks

At the top, we have a large compartment for your clothing and your shoes. Yes, you can fit your shoes inside as well. However, the bottom is dedicated to the ball you will need for your game. It might make the bag a little unbalanced when you put it down, but most bags are unbalanced with a large basketball inside or attached.

If you want to find a backpack that is extremely affordable and you don’t need to break the bank, this is one of those backpacks. It is much cheaper than some of the top backpack brands but still gives you durable and quality construction to work with. Also, I like the stylish design that almost looks like a hiking backpack.


  • It has separate compartments
  • The bag can hold large shoes
  • The stylish design looks great
  • It is a really affordable bag
  • The zippers are extremely durable


  • It feels a little unbalanced with a basketball inside
  • The cellphone holder seems to small for the average mobile device

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DashSports Basketball Backpack

When we consider a decent backpack for our adventures, the size of the bag is one thing we always need to keep in mind. The DashSports Basketball Backpack is one of these overly sized backpacks that has been constructed from durable polyester. However, it also features a wide range of compartments to hold all your belongings.

basketball backpacks for players

Most of the storage space you have will be in the upper compartment. This has been designed specifically for holding some of your shoes and your clothing items. It also allows you to easily take things out with the odd sipper design that almost open like a cooler. Your ball compartment is large enough to hold most types of sports balls.

Once the bag has been filled, a side compartment is a perfect addition for your water bottle. It might not be large, but most water bottles can fit inside. Additionally, you can find it in a wide variety of different colors that all show off your personality. The added use of PVC also adds to the durability for better quality in the long term.

The only real issue that I could find with this bag is the lack of a dedicated shoe compartment. Without a shoe compartment, many people need to mix their shoes with their clean clothing. If you can get past this, you will notice that the bag is extremely affordable as well. This makes it the perfect investment for the avid basketball player.


  • It has been reinforced with durable PVC coating
  • The bag is available in a variety of colors
  • All the compartments are oversized
  • It holds the standard water bottles
  • The bag is reasonably priced


  • It does not have a dedicated shoe compartment

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Under Armour Under sc30 Undeniable Backpack

While Under Armour still has a fair way to go if they want to challenge a brand like Nike for the top basketball spot, the Under Armour Under sc30 Undeniable Backpack is definitely a step in the right direction. Made from durable materials, this bag actually has more features that you will ever think you need.

under armour basketball backpack

On the top side, we have a large compartment that is dedicated for all your personal belongings. Since it has been lined with a form of textile, all the inner things will be effectively protected. Under Armour has incorporated an additional laptop sleeve that should keep your laptop at bay and ensure you don’t damage it.

The bottom has been dedicated to the ball you are going to play with and it can hold the average-sized sports balls we play with every day. When looking at the materials, the use of Storm technology will keep the bag dry. This allows you to leave it in the rain with some of your valuables and you won’t see them getting wet.

Under Armour is one of the top brands and many of these features cannot be found elsewhere, we find that this bag is rather expensive to buy. The backpack has been backed by a decent warranty from the brand and this will give you the right value you deserve. For versatility, I prefer this as my go-to brand.


  • It features UA Storm Technology
  • All the compartments are large
  • The bag is machine washable
  • You receive an Under Armour warranty
  • It looks really stylish


  • The bag is really expensive

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KOLAKO Business Laptop Backpack

A backpack should not only be dedicated to sports and when you can use it for more than sport, but you also get real value for your money. The KOLAKO Business Laptop Backpack is one such bag that is constructed mostly from polyester but features compartments that will also hold your essential items. These include a cellphone and a laptop compartment.

basketball backpacks with ball compartment

Even though you can add a basketball to the back of the backpack, it gives you another compartment for your power bank. Once you have the power bank set up, the wire can be pulled through and used to charge your mobile devices as you walk. It is worth noting that the backpack has a slim and ergonomic design for more comfort.

Once again, you can find it in a variety of different colors that show off your personality and style. The backpack is made to ensure you get some great for your money and it is much cheaper than some of the competitors. I like this backpack for all the travel features that have been incorporated for when you are on the move.


  • It includes a power bank compartment
  • All your valuables are safely stored
  • The slim design looks great and feels ergonomic
  • You have a variety of colors to choose from
  • It holds all your basketball gear


  • No dedicated shoe compartment is found
  • The backpack is not waterproof

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Vizari Sport Solano Backpack

If you ever need a small backpack that can be carried all over the place without adding too much gear, you can use the Vizari Sport Solano Backpack. I might have stated that it is small, but you can still add your favorite sporting balls. Additionally, the main compartment is well divided to store all of your personal belongings.

usa basketball backpack

What makes it stand out is the fact that you won’t need to carry a lot of stuff to make the backpack work. If you don’t use it for sports, you can even use it for outdoor adventures and the feature that holds your water bottle will hold most water bottles. It might not have a dedicated shoe compartment, but the ball compartment can be converted.

Since this is the ultimate bag that individuals will be using when they want to cut down on the weight, it is also one of the most affordable on the market today. You can buy a couple of these backpacks for you and your family. However, be sure not to overstuff the bag as this might have an impact on the overall durability.


  • It can hold most sports balls and gear
  • The backpack is small and compact
  • It can be machine washed
  • The price is really affordable
  • The bag is ideal for traveling


  • It is not durable when overstuffed
  • The bag lacks a dedicated shoe compartment

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adidas Stadium Team Backpack

In the world of all sports, few brands are actually better than Adidas. The brand has been around for so many years and they just keep making quality products. The Adidas Stadium Team Backpack one of their top bags and it is constructed mainly from man-made materials that will add to the durability.

adidas basketball backpack

The bag might not look like much when you see it for the first time, but once you open it up, you find a massive compartment. This compartment can be used to store a variety of your favorite basketball gear. Unfortunately, you need to hand wash it to keep the bag from losing some tensile strength, but it does not really get dirty that easily.

With so many great brands to choose from, the Adidas Stadium Team Backpack is one of the most affordable brands that has a reputable name. This bag is definitely recommended for the slim fit and the ability to carry a lot of gear. I use this bag when I need to carry heavier loads to practice or to the gym without worrying about it tearing up.


  • The bag looks extremely stylish
  • It can hold almost anything you need to carry
  • You have six different colors to choose from
  • Versatility is a given with this bag
  • It has a lot of tensile strength


  • The bag must be hand washed
  • It does not have a dedicated pocket for your basketball

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Basketball Backpack

As I have mentioned, the number of available backpacks are definitely many and most of the top brands can be used for basketball. However, I try to look for more in a backpack. Now, you can also see some of the important key features. This is not only important for a basketball backpack, but also for a versatile bag you want to use every day:

  • Durability:

It is no secret that every basketball backpack need to have a durable construction. Since you will be carrying the basketball and some of the other gear, your backpack should not buckle when you add heavy loads to it. Polyester or Ripstop nylon seems to be the go-to for the top manufacturers in the world.

The polyester is a little more breathable and you can wash it in your washing machine if need. Additionally, nylon can be a little more expensive, but it is water-resistant. Nylon is softer, but when you maintain it, it could give you a lot of durabilities.

  • Compartments:

Since the bag is predominantly used for basketball, you have a variety of compartments that you can use. Most of the top basketball backpacks have a ball compartment and occasionally a shoe compartment to dry out your shoes easily. Here is a couple of compartment that I find important:

  • Ball Compartments:

A ball compartment is the most essential part of the backpack. If you want to play basketball, you will need someplace to actually store the ball.

  • Shoe Compartment:

Another important compartment is for your shoes. Since you don’t want them to mix with your clean clothing, a dedicated shoe compartment can help quite a lot.

  • Large Main Compartment:

Finally, your clothing needs to be stored somewhere and a large main compartment is the perfect storage area. Generally, there is a trade-off to the sizes of the compartments you need to look out for.

Not all of these compartments are mandatory and sometimes you can have smaller compartments or even fewer compartments to maximize the space of the others. This will all come down to your personal preference.

  • Comfort:

A backpack also needs to be comfortable for you to carry it around. For this, you will be looking at the design and the strapping. Adjustable strapping is great for large and smaller individuals to make it feel more comfortable. However, you also need to look at the bag. We don’t want something too bulky to carry around.

  • Additional Accessories:

Lastly, your backpack can be spiced up with a few accessories that make it easier and more comfortable to carry around. To help you improve the quality of the unit you buy, here are a few of my favorite accessories that I look for:

  • Water Bottle Holder:

We all require water at some point and since this is not always available, a dedicated water bottle holder will allow you to carry some water with you.

  • Laptop Compartment:

If you like traveling with your work or you need to do a few checks on your laptop, a laptop compartment can help you to do this.

  • Machine Washable:

Unfortunately, you need to wash the bag every now and again. To make it easier, I look for something that I can simply pop into the washing machine.

Why Might You Need A Basketball Backpack

The general consensus is that you need a basketball backpack for basketball. However, you might need it when you love other sports as well. The basketball backpack can be used for things like your soccer games and it can be used for baseball. There are a couple of reasons that someone might need a basketball backpack aside from basketball.

I also find the basketball backpack helpful for training and the additional ball compartment can double for a shoe compartment with some ventilation. Having such versatility means that you will get more value out of your bag.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Buying a basketball backpack is straightforward for some, but many beginners have a few queries about these bags that I have come across. To help you find the right bag and to give you peace of mind, I have done some research to find these answers:

  • Can I Use The Basketball Backpack For Hiking?

These might not be the dedicated hiking backpacks that we see many people use for all their hiking adventures, but it can be used as such. Since they are durable and they hold a lot of gear, you can use it for a couple of your backpacking adventures. Generally, it is reserved for shorter trips.

  • Can I Use A Basketball Backpack For Work?

It will depend on the bag that you have selected, but most of the top brands also have a dedicated compartment for either your laptop or your tablet. This means that you can effectively use it for things like this.

  • Which Brands Make The Best Basketball Backpacks?

Stating that one brand is better than another can be career suicide for any person at a professional level. However, most people have different preferences when it comes to the bags they like. General brands like Nike and Under Armour have been known for their durable backpacks. Additionally, they also have other features that will make the bag stand out.


If you ever wanted to buy a good backpack that can be used for sports, the dedicated basketball backpacks seem to be the very best on the market today. All of these bags have some merit to them and I would recommend them. Let us know which backpack you consider to be the best basketball backpack in the comments and if any of these have worked for you.

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