Best Backpacks For Teens Reviews For 2020

The young spirits and kindred souls these days require the best backpacks for teens. It is an amenity that can sustain them wherever they go. Regardless of their pursuit and adventure, a good bag can support them.

Of course, it is a given that teenagers nowadays have a myriad of activities on their head. On a certain point, they are enjoying their vacations or breaks. After a while, they are back grinding on their schools. Not too long, and you will see them partying. Their schedule is erratic, but ironically, it is quite understandable.

The only thing that we can recommend is to ensure that their gears are fully complete. In that way, they can just enjoy their stuff without having any worries. And what’s the best way to accomplish that? An ergonomic backpack!

In this post, I will be showing you a list of backpacks that suit the juveniles!

Reviews Of Top 10 Best Backpacks For Teens


SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack

SwissGear 1900 is one of the holistic backpacks that teenagers can get today. This particular unit is exuding with sleek but low-profile appearance, making it a must-have for individuals who are always in the urban jungle. Needless to say, the bag is ultra-tough; it can hold various amenities without causing a mess. It is functional and versatile, too.


There are numerous reasons as to why you need to get the SwissGear 1900. The first one is its durability and weather-resistant construction. Specifically, the exterior of the bag is tailored from 1200D ballistic polyester. This particular material has the sturdiness that can withstand abuse and excessively harsh conditions. It won’t wear out quickly, too.

This bag is intuitive. That’s a guarantee. It features the ScanSmart lay-flat technology, which provides maximum security to your laptops. But at the same time, this specialized compartment can be accessed easily; you can open it easily at checkpoints and airport security. It also provides a convenient laptop-in-bag TSA scan. If you are travelling, hassles will no longer be a worry.

Sure enough, the bag is downright organized. On the inside, it is roomy and provides multiple compartments for item-organization. The compartment for the laptop or tablet is ergonomically separate. On the front of the laptop compartment, there are organizational pockets for keys, writing utilities, and notebooks. Meanwhile, the front exterior of the bag has a zip pocket where you can stow your small essentials.


  • Features full-sized construction
  • Construction is extremely durable
  • Provides decent water resistance
  • Ensures organizational capability
  • Padded straps for a comfortable carry


  • Some of its pockets are not accessible
  • Zippers are quite stiff

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JanSport SuperBreak Backpack

For a simple utility backpack, the JanSport SuperBreak is definitely an option that you should take. It possesses the classy design of Jansport but with added innovation for the convenience of its users. Teenagers would simply love this backpack. Aside from being functional, it is also available in different colors and designs, which makes it a trendy choice, too.


One of the distinct characteristics of the SuperBreak is its lightweight design. The bag is noticeably lighter than its counterparts. It is useful for teens who are always on the go. However, you can guarantee that the bag is durable. It is tailored from 600D polyester fabric, after all. There’s an assurance that the bag can hold up heavy loads.

Aside from the polyester material, the bag is also coated with water-repelling treatment. Even if it rains, the bag can ensure that your belongings will not get soaked. Furthermore, the coating provides an additional anti-abrasion mechanism to this unit. It adds to the overall durability of the bag. You can freely get rowdy once this bag is in your back.

The SuperBreak is not too big, but it is not too small either. It can hold a decent amount of items. The main compartment has a dedicated sleeve for laptops and numerous pockets for your small items and essentials. Furthermore, the base of the bag is reinforced so that it can handle sufficient weight.

There is a utility pocket on its front, too, which enables you to access your small non-essentials with ease. Meanwhile, carrying the bag is not difficult. It has a pair of convenient padded straps that will never strain your shoulders.


  • Available in different designs and styles
  • Breathable back and straps
  • Features a decent level of durability
  • Slim and non-bulky profile
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Limited item organization
  • Zipper quality is not that exceptional

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Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

If the teen is particularly adventurous, the Outlander Hiking Backpack is indeed a suitable choice. This bag is an outdoor-worthy storage system that features multiple compartments. It has a comprehensive set-up to ensure its durability when exposed to the elements. Despite its rugged design, the bag is quite convenient on the back and shoulders. You’ll never get wrong with this.


Because the Outlander Hiking Backpack is designed for the tough conditions, you can expect that it has a construction that doesn’t get compromised. The entire backpack is crafted from rugged, water-resistant nylon fabric. It can withstand precipitation and ensure that the unit is strong enough to survive extensive adventures and expeditions. Interestingly, the bag remains light, which is a huge plus for outdoor excursions.

Moreover, the bag has its stress points being reinforced with the use of bar tacking. As a result, this unit can offer relentless durability and longevity, even if you put heavy loads on it. Aside from these perks, the Outlander is also equipped with two-way abrasion-resistant metal zippers. These are high-quality zippers that will never give you a hard time when it comes to accessibility and protection.

Keep in mind that the bag can be folded when it is not in use. Specifically, you can fold it to its inner pocket so that you can fit the bag anywhere. Of course, you can unfurl it again without difficulties. Meanwhile, the straps of the bag are breathable. Therefore, lifting it will never be too “hot” for anyone.

This bag is big enough to keep all your outdoor belongings safe and intact. It provides sufficient compartments and pockets for your water bottles, umbrellas, and any other utilities that you need in your travel.


  • Ensures utmost durability and ruggedness
  • Can be folded compactly when not in use
  • Fully reinforced stress points
  • Well-organized placements for its pockets and compartments
  • Feature a breathable design


  • The carabiner that comes with it is flimsy
  • No internal padding

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Adidas Unisex Prime Backpack

Adidas is one of the premium brands when it comes to backpacks. Of course, it doesn’t get lost to the trend. It is always on the tabs of teenagers because of the flashy and functional designs of its bags. The Unisex Prime Backpack is one of those backpacks that you check from Adidas. It is a sporting backpack, but it can suit well on other activities, too. It is purely ergonomic, stylish, and tough.


The Prime Backpack is a great utility for teenagers. It features a sleek design with a streamlined profile so that it doesn’t get bulky and burly. The construction of the bag is pretty amazing, as it prioritized breathability and weight management over anything else. The backpack is capable of wicking off moisture and sweat from your body.

Of course, Adidas guaranteed that the Prime Backpack is built to last. Made from 100% polyester, the bag provides the durability needed to withstand constant use. All of the parts, including the zippers, are not flimsy either.

This bag features a roomy main compartment. It can fit your clothes, sportswear, and other daily amenities. It has three zippered compartments, which enables you to sort out your items. The front compartment, on the other hand, is great for storing small essentials. Side mesh pockets are also integrated into this backpack where you can store your water bottles. Meanwhile, the computer sleeve of the Prime Backpack is fully padded. Your laptop or tablet will never be scratched while stored there.


  • Comes with multiple zippered compartments
  • Ensures breathability and ventilation
  • Lightweight and slim backpack construction
  • Offers decent durability
  • Includes reflective components for low-light conditions


  • The base has minimal support
  • Crumples when it is empty

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BOLANG College Backpack

If you are looking for a best college backpack, the BOLANG is definitely a top-notch choice. It can be the perfect gear for storing various school items such as books, documents, and laptops. Despite its simple appearance, the bag offers a myriad of compartments. It is also a durable bag and can provide reliable water-resistance for a worry-free journey.


The BOLANG College Backpack is quite impressive when it comes to breathability. Specifically, the back and shoulder strap system of this bag encourages optimal airflow. They are padded, too, ensuring that you can carry the bag with maximum comfort. It does not feel swampy at all, even if the weather is hot. The back support that the back panel provides is also a thing of beauty.

Keep in mind that this bag is one of the toughest backpacks for teens out there. It is tailored from a high-grade nylon fabric that is not susceptible to casual wear-and-tear. It is technically resistant to abrasion. Moreover, the surface of this unit is water repellent. Water splashes cannot penetrate the bag; your belongings will remain dry all the time.

Also, the bag is a certified college backpack because of its intuitive item organization. All of the essential school items that you have in mind can be slotted on this backpack. Large and small pockets are present on its interior so that you will never run out of room for storage. The laptop compartment has stuffy padding to protect your precious electronics. In fact, the number of its organizers can definitely surprise anyone.

The bag is designed to lift heavy loads. It has a reinforced base to keep your belongings secure. Over time, the bag will remain intact and flawless.


  • Provides impressive back support
  • Highly breathable construction
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Ultra-tough built; can last for a long time
  • Made for compulsive item organization


  • Zippers are a little rough to pull
  • Top pouches have minimal water protection

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High Sierra Fatboy Backpack

The High Sierra Fatboy is one of the best backpacks for teens today. It is not a burly bag, but at the same time, offers enough space for item storage. Its storage is highly organized. It has a set of compartments and pockets that can keep your laptops and other belongings safe and intact. Of course, the bag is downright durable and can withstand constant use.


Getting the High Sierra Fatboy is definitely a sound investment for teens and for anyone who wants a reliable everyday carry. The bag is specifically designed for handling tablets, laptops, and other similar electronics with maximum security. It also has an organized compartment and multiple zippered pockets that ensure the safety and placement of each of your essentials. The bag comes with a key fob, too.

Another ergonomic feature of the bag is its front accessory pocket so that you can get your smaller essentials with ease. It also includes a USB port and a cord pouch inside of the bag that enables its users to do quick mobile charging.

As I said, the bag is extremely durable. This unit is crafted from a 600D mini-hexagon durable fabric. This material features impressive tear-resistance. It can endure abrasion, too. The fabric can withstand ripping and doesn’t succumb to the casual process of wearing out. Furthermore, this material comes with a water-resistant coating so that you can carry it regardless of the weather condition.

Furthermore, the Fatboy is an exceptional backpack because of its adjustability. The straps are comfortable and can be adjusted based on your height. Its weight distribution is definitely useful, too.


  • Astounding durability and tear-resistance
  • Straps and back panel are well-constructed
  • Exterior is water-repellent
  • Surprisingly lightweight and low-profile
  • Optimized item organization


  • The material is noticeably thin
  • Can’t hold large laptops

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BeautyWill Vintage Canvas Backpack

The BeautyWill Vintage Canvas Backpack is among those generic-looking backpacks that you can see being used by students. However, this one is far from being shabby. The bag is rugged, as it is crafted from high-quality material. It is also functional. It can do item organization to some extent, thanks to the number of compartments and zippered compartments that it has. Moreover, it is convenient to carry, making it a suitable choice for teens who are always on the go.


The quality of this backpack is already reverberating due to its aesthetics. It has a vintage look, which can fit some of the fashion preferences of teenagers these days. The entire bag is made from a heavy-duty canvas. It has a decent defence against abrasion and ripping. The texture of the bag is quite smooth; the back panel and straps will not hurt your body.

Based on its size, the bag is capable of holding up to 15-inch laptops. The main compartment is spacious. It can also hold a myriad of items without any problem. On the outside, the bag has front and side zippered pockets. The zippers can operate smoothly for better accessibility. Meanwhile, the pockets are ideal for small essentials that you need to get right away.

Meanwhile, the straps of this bag are crafted from leather for durability. The leather is also paired with soft padding so that the straps can remain comfortable in your shoulders. Of course, the straps are highly adjustable. There are two closure systems that this bag offers. The first one is its adjustable drawstring, and the other one is the highly efficient magnetic buckles. With this backpack, you can travel anywhere without worrying about the safety of your items.


  • Great for school and urban use
  • Aesthetics suits the taste of most teenagers
  • Straps are soft and durable at the same time
  • The backpack is not bulky and heavy
  • Reliable closure mechanisms


  • No separate sleeve for laptops
  • Interior is not fully padded

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Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack

Fjallraven is a desirable brand for backpacks that teenagers should be aware of. It is a maker of high-quality backpacks that you can use for a myriad of applications. The Kanken Classic Backpack, for instance, is an excellent choice for everyday carry. It can be used in school, business meetings, and other excursions within the urban sprawl. It has a simple design, but its construction and function are certainly satisfying.


The Fjallraven Kanken is a darling when it comes to user-oriented construction. It is evident to the use of the polyvinyl-alcohol lining. This particular fabric is exceptionally soft and smooth. When it interacts with your skin, it won’t cause a nuisance to the skin. Meanwhile, the main material used of the bag is extremely rugged so that it can handle your belongings and negate wearing and tearing.

Amusingly, the backpack has a reflective logo of the Fjallraven. It is a useful component whenever you are travelling in the night or low-light conditions. Below the patched logo is a front zippered pocket, which you can store small daily essentials. The zipper works smoothly, too, which prevents the annoying struggle between it and its users.

Meanwhile, a two-way wrap-around zip composes the main compartment of this bag. It is a secure closure mechanism that keeps your belongings from thieves. On the interior of the Kanken, you can spot a removable foam panel that adds extra protection to your items. A patch pocket is also present inside the bag, enabling you to store some of your smaller essential accessories. Kanken Classic Backpack features adjustable straps and double handles.


  • Can hold large quantities of items
  • Interior provides additional support
  • Easy and comfortable to carry
  • Simple yet presentable aesthetics
  • Durability is impressive


  • Sand seems to stick on the surface of the bag
  • Susceptible to wrinkling

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MATEIN Travel Backpack

Do you travel most of the time? You should get the MATEIN Travel Backpack then! This backpack is exclusively designed for air travel. It is ergonomic for quick inspection and hassle-free closing and opening. Furthermore, the backpack is large enough to hold a myriad of belongings. All your essentials can fit on this bag, including laptops, tablets, and other essential gears. For an overnight trip, this bag works well, too!


The MATEIN Travel Backpack has a TSA-friendly construction. At checkpoints, you can quickly unfold the backpack at 90 to 180 degrees. This feature is beneficial, especially if you are carrying a laptop. The latter remains flat without the need to take it on the bag, allowing you to pass through checkpoints as quickly and conveniently as possible.

This bag can accommodate up to 17-inch laptops without getting too crampy. It also has a lot of space on its main compartment. You can use it to stow the various belongings that you need in your travel. Furthermore, the bag is highly organized, too, or enhanced accessibility. Interestingly, the bag comes with a luggage sleeve and belt on its back. With these components, it is easy for travellers to attach the bag on any luggage suitcase.

The straps and back panel of the bag are properly supported. They are padded so that carrying this backpack will remain a convenient experience. The base of the bag is well-made, too. It is tough and ensures that the weight inside is diffused evenly. Keep in mind that the MATEIN Travel Backpack used eco-friendly polyester fabric. It possesses strength, durability, and sufficient water-resistance.


  • Made for travelling students
  • Comes with a USB port and internal cord pouch
  • Features a myriad of zippered pockets
  • Can fit large laptops and tablets
  • Sturdy enough for extensive travels


  • Zippers are not that strong
  • A little too big for small people

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Fuel Active Backpack

For younger kids, I suggest that you should take the Fuel Active Backpack. This one is not too big but holds a lot of space for their school items and other daily essentials. It comes with side pockets for their water bottles and a front zippered compared for their smaller items like pens and pencils. Of course, the bag is strong enough to retain its quality even if your kid is too “active” for it.


The Fuel Active Backpack is constructed from durable polyester fabric. It is not as weak as others said it to be. There are also interior linings on the bag for added support and protection to the amenities stored there.

The main compartment of the bag is inarguably spacious. Even its opening mechanism can provide a large access point so that you can easily pack and unpack your things. It is a simple yet effective solution in preventing the stuffiness of the bags, especially if there are a lot of items stowed. There are also smaller compartments inside with one mesh interior pocket for better organization of items.

Side pockets are also present so that your kids can remain hydrated all the time. These pockets are big so that they can handle different bottle sizes. Meanwhile, the adjustable straps of the backpack have sufficient padding. It keeps the shoulders free from any inconveniences. I also like the fact that the base of the bag is capable of handling heavy loads.


  • Perfect for kids and teens with active lifestyles
  • Comes with a large compartment
  • Includes heavily padded backpack straps
  • Available in different styles and designs
  • Zippers operate smoothly


  • Fabric is somewhat thinner than what was expected
  • The top strap is not that rugged

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Types Of Backpacks

Not all backpacks are the same. Some of them are designed for business use, while others are for schooling kids. There are backpacks that are great for air flights and backpacks that can withstand the tests of the outdoors.

Here, I have rounded up some of the backpacks that could become your next company.

  • Daypack 

A daypack is fundamentally the most basic of all backpacks. It has a regular size that can carry various items that you need while you are travelling. Typically, daypacks have a single large compartment and a small front compartment. Some daypacks have side mesh pockets for water bottles. Furthermore, these bags rarely have internal pockets. Their back panels and straps are not padded, too.

  • Rucksack

Standard backpacks use zipper closures. On the other hand, a rucksack is using a flap as its closure mechanism. However, there are different versions for this–some use drawstrings and magnetic snaps. Others are just bare and open. A conventional example of a rucksack is canvas backpacks.

  • Anti-Theft Backpack

These anti-theft backpacks look ordinary. But at the same time, you’ll also notice that their zippers and pullers are no longer visible. Moreover, their fabrics are cut-proof, and their pullers can have locks, too. In some instances, these backpacks can include RFID blocking.

  • Hiking Backpack

A hiking backpack can either be framed or frameless. You will know if a backpack is framed if it can stand upright even if they are entirely empty. The item organization of framed backpacks are quite better than frameless units. It is easier to pack your items on framed hiking backpacks, which, in turn, adds to its overall stability. But on the other hand, a frameless backpack remains lighter than its counterpart.

  • Duffel Backpack

A duffel backpack is a duffel bag, but it comes with shoulder straps. While this design seems odd, it is actually an excellent substitute for both packs and duffel bags. Those people who always stay in the gym or training centers will find this backpack more comfortable to carry. It has some capabilities for item organization, too.

  • Drawstring Backpack 

Drawstring backpacks are derived from gym sacks. They use drawstring as their closure system but have shoulder straps instead of the conventional strings. It is a weird design and doesn’t provide too many functions. You can only use them if you are bringing small, non-essential items.

  • Biking Backpack

A biking backpack is designed for cyclists. It tends to be larger than hydration bags, which enables you to store your tools and equipment for your bike. Most of the time, these biking backpacks have attachments for LED lights and helmets. It also functions as a decent hydration system, too.

  • TSA-Friendly

This particular unit is a backpack but features a specialized laptop compartment. These compartments will lie flat on scanners so that you will no longer have to take out your laptop on TSA checkpoints. It enables efficiency in travelling, especially if you are a time-conscious person.


How to Choose The High-Quality Backpack?

The quality of the backpack is determined by the following factors:

  • Water Resistance

When it comes to high-quality backpacks, water resistance is a must. It is true that a bag doesn’t have to be fully waterproof, unless you are going to traverse damp and extensive conditions. But at the same time, you cannot leave it defenceless against water and moisture. Make sure that the backpack you get is tailored from a semi-waterproof fabric so that your belongings will not get drenched automatically.

Furthermore, the material of the bag should not remain wet for long periods. Otherwise, it will get dirty and mushy. The fabric could be thick, but it should never be heavy. An excellent example of this is a treated nylon fabric.

  • Multiple Compartments

If you are looking for a high-quality backpack, pick those units that have multiple compartments. Many people don’t think of item organization too much. However, if you are bringing a lot of amenities and essentials, this particular feature is extremely useful. It prevents you from losing your items in the “black hole” of your bag. Smaller essentials should be accessible. Keys, pens, and wallets should not get mixed with larger items like your books and laptops. Furthermore, it would be a bad thing if you are going to insert your umbrella inside the bag.

An excellent backpack should enable its users to organize their goods. Aside from preventing things from getting messy, these compartments save you from digging and searching.

  • Padded Straps 

An ergonomic backpack will be rendered useless if it is not comfortable to carry. Gone are the days where you should endure on stiff and rough straps. During this time and age, the best commercial backpacks have padded straps already. They enable you to carry the bag without causing strain to your shoulders. They also vanquish the pressure on the lower back of your body. Overall, these padded straps add to the convenience that you can feel when carrying a bag.

  • Padded or Contoured Back Panels

Teenagers should always be conscious when it comes to their posture. Alarmingly, lifting heavy loads can ruin this. Therefore, the backpack that they should get should be either contoured or padded. Notably, a bag with the lumbar-shaped back panel is quite comfortable in the bag as it allows better weight distribution–similar to contoured chairs. Furthermore, it ensures that your back will retain its natural arch, preventing back pain. Because of the shape of the bag, a small space is created between the pack and your back. As a result, air flows through and lets you feel that it is all cool.


Popular Teen Backpack Brands In Market

For teens, brands do matter. Here are some of those brands that the young ones are seeking most of the time!

  • Herschel Supply Co. 

This Canada-based company upholds simplicity and functionality over anything else. Herschel produces non-flashy bags, but over time, the square patch with its written cursive logo became a staple in the industry.

Right now, the backpack can be considered “in” for most teens. It is available in colors and designs to suit anyone’s preferences. Perhaps the most popular style of Herschel bag is the black canvas pack that features a brown leather brown on its base. But of course, you can always choose any Herschel bag that you want.

  • JanSport

One of the oldest manufacturers of high-quality backpacks is JanSport. Since its humble beginnings in 1967, the brand became a gradual leader when it comes to backpack manufacturing. Many of the best backpacks for teens are tailored by JanSport, which is a testament to the quality that it pours over their units.

There are different styles of JanSport bags that you can see today. Some have a single color, while others are tattered with fancy prints. These bags have an impressive storage capacity. They can hold a myriad of items and offer a decent item organization, too.

  • Fjallraven

The Fjallraven is a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor goods. It started as a maker of men’s and women’s apparel. But sooner, it ventured to the world of backpacks. In the U.S. market, the most popular Fjällräven backpack is the Kanken. In fact, you might be familiar with it already. It is the bag with the red fox logo embedded on its front.

But because of its smaller size, many think that the Kanken serves fashion better rather than function. However, the bag is still notably durable.

  • The North Face

I can never complete this list without mentioning The North Face. It is a brand that focuses on outdoor gear and equipment. But over the years, the company already explored the world of urban jungles. Hence, you can always spot North Face bags that are sprawling in the fashion sections of malls and stores.

Most of The North Face bags are ergonomic and durable. They always feature ventilated and padded shoulder straps, cinch cords, and water bottle holders. Both the base and back panels of the bags are rugged and enables proper weight distribution. Although The North Face is an expensive brand, its quality is worth paying for.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What backpack size should teenagers get?

It depends on the application. For students, the bags that they should get are big, especially if they are carrying their laptops and books. The compartments have to be spacious so that all their essentials will be accommodated. If the application is for leisure travels, there’s no need to carry a big bag. Small backpacks and tote bags are enough to carry all your small items with ease.

  • How to take care of a backpack?

A backpack has to be washed once in a while, or depending on the stated guidelines by its manufacturers. Moreover, there are numerous ways on how you can wash it, such as spot cleaning, vacuuming, or hand-brushing. To sustain the longevity of the bag, don’t use it carelessly. Even if the bag is rugged, don’t abuse it. Use it with caution and make sure that you don’t expose it to harsh elements.

  • Should I invest in an expensive backpack?

Well, that’s really up to you. Right now, there’s a higher probability that those in the high-end category can provide you with the features that you want from a backpack. For instance, North Face and Under Armour are no cheap brands. But they offer high-quality options that you will never regret. But at the end of the day, you should check your budget. Don’t push yourself on something that is too much for you.

  • Does brand matter when it comes to backpacks?

As much as possible, I want to be objective when it comes to this matter. I always believe that there are exceptional backpacks out there that are not as popular as those mainstream brands. But at the same time, I cannot ignore the fact that these popular brands of backpacks offer great choices when it comes to style, functionality, and overall construction. They won’t become famous anyway if the quality of their products is shabby, right?


The best backpacks for teenagers are certainly a necessity these days. As the young ones have a thirst for exploration and adventure, they should be equipped with the right storage systems that would handle all their needs. The backpacks that I have shown here are among those that you these teens should pick, especially if they value an ergonomic bag that doesn’t go out of style.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!