Best Backpack for MacBook Pro Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (2020)

If you are an Apple enthusiast and you have an MBP, you need the best backpack for MacBook Pro. Unofficially, the MacBook Pro is abbreviated as MBP.

MacBook Pro is one of the most valuable laptops that you can ever own. It comes with advanced specs such as Core i7/i9 processor, high-resolution display, aluminium body, webcam and many more. This is a perfect laptop for traveling, school and work. In fact, many travel bloggers and vloggers use this laptop.

What makes a good backpack for any laptop? First, it must be the right size. It needs good interior padding so it can protect the laptop from shock and impact.

The backpack must have a sleeve for holding the laptop securely inside. Of course, these are just a few of the features and we will discuss many more in the upcoming sections.

Keep reading our reviews and buyer’s guide to see everything about a good backpack for MacBook Pro.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Backpack for MacBook Pro

The market teems with thousands of backpacks and many of them claim to be the best for MacBook Pro. Therefore, it can be hard to know what is really best. Most people trust reviews left by other users. Here, we have gone all out to bring you reviews of backpack for MacBook Pro, their features and pros and cons.


Swiss Gear SA1923 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

Swiss Gear is the maker of the popular army Swiss Knife. Frankly, that is enough reason to want to buy their backpack for laptop. However, a good reputation alone is not enough. You need to consider other features and the SA1923 does not disappoint.

This backpack comes in different colors such as black, noir satin, rich navy and slate cement. The black one is the most affordable, with the rest costing almost 20 dollars more (may differ depending on the marketplace). However, apart from the price, the features are just about the same.

best backpack for MacBook Pro

This backpack measures 18 by 13 by 8.5 inches. It is big enough for your MacBook Pro and its accompanying accessories. Of utmost importance though is the laptop compartment that is TSA-friendly. What this means is that at a TSA checkpoint, you do not have to get your accessories out of the backpack since it opens flat out. That way, you can save time at the checkpoint. You also save yourself from having to take the laptop out of the pack.

Some of the most important features incorporated in this backpack include eyeglass holder, lined and safe for your eyeglasses. Then there is a water bottle holder, an organizer pocket, media pocket and padded straps. The back panel uses Airflow System to prevent sweating.


  • Can fit the Macbook Pro and even 17-inch laptops nicely
  • Built-in Airflow system makes it comfortable on your back
  • Plenty of pockets – 9 of them to be precise
  • Shallow mesh side pockets for things you need to access fast
  • Made with strong, water-resistant material


  • Feels a bit weighty when empty
  • No reason really why other colors cost more than the black one

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eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

If you love compact looking laptop backpacks, this one is going to be good for you. It is big, so it can fit a 17-inch laptop and still have some room to spare. The backpack has a volume of 21.6 liters, not too big and at the same time, not too small.

One of the features that make this backpack perfect for your MacBook Pro is the structure. The bag has good lining in the interior, and so when you bump against things, your laptop is going to be safe from the shock or the impact.

backpack for MacBook Pro reviews

The zippers to the three main compartments, including the laptop compartment meet at the dial padlock. Once you lock the zippers in, there is no getting them open without the dial code.

Other features include the tablet sleeve. It has high quality padding made with fleece. It is going to keep your tablet secure. There is a water bottle pocket on the side. It has a zip for safety.

When you are traveling, you will definitely have other luggage. You will be happy with the pass-through sleeve in this bag. Its work is to secure the backpack to your rolling luggage, making your baggage more manageable.


  • The back panel has nice padding that is also breathable for comfort
  • There is an adjustable and removable chest strap
  • Orange-colored interior for better visibility
  • Many pockets and compartments for organization
  • It has a side handle if you want to carry it that way


  • Only use it lightly because too much use frays it
  • The side pocket for water bottle looks a bit weak- it could be better

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Mancro Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack

This anti-theft backpack has an inside compartment designed to fit a laptop of 15.6 inches. Thus, whether you have a MacBook Pro of 13 or 15 inches, this backpack is going to fit your needs perfectly. Another thing that you will love about this pack is the USB charging port with a built-in charging cable. This is not for charging the laptop. It is for your phone. You can charge your phone while you are still on the go.

This backpack is made of high quality polyester fabric. It is water-resistant so you should not worry too much about being caught in the rain. It also has some comfort features that include the padded shoulder straps and a carry handle at the top.

macbook pro 15 inch backpack

As an anti-theft backpack, it has pretty impressive security features. These include high quality metal zippers and a combination lock to lock the zippers up. You can keep your wallet, passport and keys in the pack without worrying that a thief could get to them.

For organization, you will get three big pockets, compartments for your laptop, iPad, mobile phone and other things. Of course, some of these things will go to any of the nine small pockets.


  • Stylish design and nice colors available
  • Deep side pockets for your water bottle and other gear
  • Ventilated padding with multi-panels is breathable and comfortable
  • Many pockets for organization
  • Good even for people who suffer from back pain


  • Battery not included for charging your phone
  • Lacks waist or sternum straps

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kopack Anti-Theft Travel Computer Backpack

The Kopack anti-theft backpack for MacBook Pro has many endearing features. One of them is that it is anti-theft, meaning that the zipper to the main compartment is hidden. In fact, the laptop compartment itself is hidden since it is stationed behind the straps, a very unlikely place for a thief to look when they want to steal. You can also lock the zippers in D-shape ring, but please note that the lock is not provided, so you will have to get it separately.

The backpack has a built-in detachable USB cable. This is very convenient as it enables you to charge your devices while you are on the go. You just have to include a power bank since the pack does not have one (they rarely come with one, anyway).

macbook backpack

For organization, you get 17 pockets on the backpack. You can actually have a pocket for almost everything that you need to take with you. You will not have to dig around in your backpack looking for things in a confused manner. The laptop compartment can fit laptops of 13 to 17 inches comfortably.

The material for the shell of this backpack is high quality. It is water-resistant and tear-resistant as well. You can stay in a serious drench in 5 minutes without the water penetrating the pack. For comfort features, you get good sponge-padded shoulder straps. You can carry this backpack for a long time without the straps digging into your shoulders.


  • You get fast access to the laptop when you need to get it out
  • Comfortable shoulder straps, nicely padded
  • High quality metal zippers
  • Lockable zips with a TSA-approved lock
  • Stylish backpack for a professional or casual look


  • The backpack lacks a cushioned bottom
  • Slim rectangular shape makes the pack a bit small

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Volher Business and Laptop Backpack

Whether you are looking for a backpack for your MacBook Pro for school, travel or work, the Volher backpack will meet your needs perfectly. It is a very stylish bag, with a rectangular design and it can take most of your belongings.

The laptop compartment is able to hold any 15.6-inch laptop, so it is good for your 13 or 15-inch MacBook Pro. This pocket is located at the back behind the shoulder straps. It is hard for a person in a hurry to figure out where this pocket is.

macbook pro 15 backpack

When traveling with rolling luggage, use the through-sleeve to secure this laptop backpack to the luggage. This makes it easy for you to manage your baggage since you do not have to carry this backpack on your shoulders.

Convenient features include the carry handle. You can use it when traveling over a short distance with the pack or when taking a casual stroll. There are the comfortably padded shoulder straps. Even with a full load of books and laptop, you can walk over long distances without the straps digging into your flesh.

This bag has a multi-panel pad for the back. They have also integrated an advanced airflow system that enhances airflow between your back and the backpack. This is very helpful especially when you have to use the pack in hot weather.


  • This is a stylish backpack for students and young professionals
  • The luggage strap is a nice and convenient touch for travelers
  • Has a USB port with a built-in USB charger for your mobile
  • Made out of high quality, water-resistant fabric
  • Available in different colors


  • Not as roomy as some backpacks in its price range are, but then it does not claim to be
  • The USB connector charging speed is too slow

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The North Face Vault Backpack

You can use this good-looking backpack as your student, work, or travel backpack. This is a medium-sized backpack and has a weird looking design. With a volume of 27 liters, you are going to have enough space for books and laptop if you are a student, or a charge of clothes and laptop if you are a traveller.

The laptop compartment is 15 inches long and 12 inches wide. This is enough for your MacBook Pro and indeed any other laptop that is 15 inches or smaller. There is a big compartment that you can pack your books and binders. There is also another organizational compartment with many pockets so that you do not have to hunt around for your items.

best macbook pro backpack

The fabric used for this backpack is 1200D polyester. It is quite strong and it will withstand the mishandling that comes with schooling, work or traveling. The North Face is not a new name in the industry, so their products are tested and proven.

On the side, you will have stretch pockets. These are good for your soda, or water bottle.


  • Available in many colors
  • The side pockets are quite deep
  • Water-resistant and strong fabric
  • Strong, wide straps for some comfort
  • Versatile for different uses


  • Weird shape, makes it hard to pack rectangular things properly
  • The straps feel a bit thin, they could use more padding

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EletecPro 17.3 Inch Laptop Travel Backpack

Do not leave your laptop behind when you are traveling. Just get the EletecPro backpack that offers you enough room for all 17-inch laptops. Your MacBook Pro requires good care, which makes it all the more appropriate to carry with this backpack. With a volume of 35 liters, this backpack will carry more than just your laptop.

There is a big organizer compartment, which can take many of your personal items such as clothing, personal hygiene items, chargers and stuff. There are also side pockets to allow you to carry more gear. For example, the elastic side pockets are good for holding your water bottle, travel coffee mug or even an umbrella.

mac book backpack

For convenience, you will get features such as a micro USB port. It also has a built-in charging cable so that you can charge your mobile phone while you are still on the go. You have to buy a power bank though because the pack does not come with one.

With an expensive laptop such as the MacBook Pro, you need more security features in your backpack. This one does not disappoint in that area since it has password lock. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your items are safe.


  • Has a top foam handle for carrying over short distances
  • Versatile use for school, work, hiking, camping and traveling
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with comfortable padding
  • Multi-panel back pad with good ventilation for airflow
  • A lot of storage options inside the backpack


  • It feels heavy even when it is empty

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Matein Travel Laptop Backpack for MacBook Pro

One of the things that you will find quite appealing in this backpack is the style. Consider the rectangular, compact shape of the pack. It enables you to pack books, your laptop, binders and other schoolwork things easily. Even if you are buying it for your office work, it looks very presentable so you do not have to worry about your image when you go to see your clients.

The laptop compartment in this backpack is going to hold a 15-inch laptop such as the bigger MacBook Pro comfortably. There is a second big compartment for your laptop accessories and then there is a third compartment. This one is for organization as it has many pockets that help you keep your gear separate.

For your precious items such as passport, watch or smartphone, you can hide them in a secret pocket that is hard to discern. This pocket is located in the back, under the luggage strap.When you are traveling with this backpack, you will probably bring along other luggage. The good thing is that it has a sleeve where you can pass the handle of your rolling luggage through. This makes it easy to carry you laptop bag on top of your luggage without the risk of toppling over.

For your comfort, you get thickly padded straps, a well-ventilated back panel with padding. The shoulder straps are also breathable, so you can wear them without sweating. Any way you look at this bag, it is very well made.


  • High quality polyester fabric
  • Water resistant – you can use it in the rain
  • A lot of room for storage and organization
  • High quality metal zippers for three compartments can be locked
  • Shoulder straps are wide and well padded to keep your shoulders stress-free


  • Laptop compartment lacks padding in the bottom

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Solo Duane Convertible Briefcase to Backpack

With this convertible briefcase, one minute, you could be looking like a student and a career employee in the next one. It is quite suave, especially if you get the one with the gray coloring.

But looks are not all there is to this backpack. There is much more. First, it is a hybrid briefcase, which is actually three in one. The first option is to use it as a briefcase. The second one is that you can use it as a backpack. Thirdly, you can use it as shoulder bag. In all these instances, your laptop, and other personal items are going to fit perfectly.

There are enough compartments in the bag. First, there are interior pockets for your tablet, a big compartment for your MacBook Pro and other pockets for keys, smartphone charger and other small items. The laptop compartment is 15.6 inches, so it should fit yours very well.

Whether you use this one as a backpack, briefcase or shoulder bag, you will find that it retains its rectangular shape very well. In any case, it never loses its style or shape. Even when it is empty, it does not crumple up or lose its straight edges.


  • Has handles with nice padding and magnetic snaps
  • A good padding all around the case for the safety of your devices
  • Offers a lot of room for books, laptop, smaller gadgets and other things
  • Accessible compartments whichever way you choose to use it
  • It is stylish and fits in both casual and professional spaces


  • The swivel hooks for attaching the shoulder strap are plastic
  • Metallic zippers, instead of plastic, would have been better

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Timbuk2 the Authority Pack

This Timbuk2 Pack is a compact looking backpack for MacBook Pro. However, it is best suited for the 13 to 17-inch MacBooks. It has a special compartment for the laptop and the accessories that you must carry with you. The access to the laptop pocket is in the rear of the pack. This is a security measure. It keeps your laptop safe.

The organizer compartment will keep your gear organized and easy to reach. There is more room for storage and then there is a neoprene side pocket deep enough to hold your water bottle.

For carrying this backpack, you can use the nice straps with good padding. At the same time, you can use the carry handle, which is also comfortable. The shoulder straps are also breathable, something that keeps the backpack quite comfortably on your back.

The back panel has good, soft and breathable padding. Since this backpack lays flat against your back, the ventilated back panel allows enough airflow so you do not sweat.

Another feature that you will love to use is the handle at the top. It is strong and comfortable on your hand. You can use it for carrying the backpack over short distances.


  • Has compression straps in the bottom for extra storage or for reducing the backpack size
  • Very stylish for traveling, school or office work
  • Good padding all around the laptop compartment
  • Has a key fob to prevent your keys from jingling all around
  • It has strong zippers


  • This is pricey backpack, as compared to similar ones
  • Bag does not stand on its own most of the time

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How to Choose the Good Backpack for MacBook Pro

Things are never what they seem. Even laptop backpacks are not what they seem. If you pick just the first one that you come across, there is no guarantee it will be good for your beloved MacBook Pro. Check the details, even the smallest ones. As they say, the devil is in the details. Here is how to choose a good backpack for macbook Pro.

  • The size of the backpack

If a MacBook Pro measures 15 inches, you do not want a backpack with a compartment that is too large. You want one that is made for that size.

The danger of carrying your laptop in a compartment that is too large is that it can keep moving back and forth. In addition, it can even come out of its compartment if the backpack falls up side down by accident.

To say more about the size, you might want to carry other gear in the backpack. For example, you might want to carry books if you are student. If you are traveling, you might want to add a change of clothes. You also have to carry the laptop charger, water, a travel coffee mug and so on.

Do not make the backpack too large. Make it medium-sized. That way, it will be compact, easy to carry and most importantly, it can fit in the luggage compartments of trains, planes and even buses.

  • The comfort features of the backpack

The reason why this bag is called a backpack is because you carry it on your back. Whether it is made of polyester or nylon, it can make your back sweat quite a lot if you carry it for a long time. This brings us to the first comfort feature:

  • Breathability – A breathable fabric allows airflow between your body and the backpack. Thus, even when you carry the pack for a long time, your back is not going to sweat.

Get a backpack that has a padded back panel. It is comfortable for your back. It can also be a breathable cushioning for good airflow between your back and the backpack.

  • Straps with good cushioning – If you carry a fully loaded backpack with straps that do not have good cushioning, they can really dig into your shoulders. This hurts your shoulders especially if you walk a long distance.

  • Laptop protection features

Protection features include water-resistance and enough padding in the laptop compartment. If your laptop uses a traditional HDD, a drop can render it useless. This is why you need good padding in the inside. It can absorb the shock if you drop the backpack. While it is hard to find a laptop backpack that is waterproof, it should be water resistant. That way, if the weather should change suddenly when you are outdoors, your electronics will be safe.

When a water-resistant backpack comes into contact with water, the water beads and rolls down. It cannot withstand a drench, but at least, it will keep your MacBook Pro safe until you can find shelter. It is not always possible to tell whether a fabric is water-resistant just by looking at it. However, choose one with a thick fabric.

  • Security features

A good MacBook Pro backpack should have some security features. One of these is lockable zippers. They may not be totally foolproof, but they can at least deter a person intending to steal your laptop. Some backpack may also come with hidden zippers. These are usually pushed towards the back such that it is not easy for a person unfamiliar with the backpack to see it. Exterior pockets must have zippers. You do not want any small items such as keys, mobile charger and other things that you have stored there to spill out.


Frequently Asked Questions

To help a first-time buyer get a good backpack for MacBook Pro, here are the most common, frequently asked questions.

  • Can I use a regular backpack for my MacBook Pro?

Unless you do not value your high quality laptop, it is always better to use a backpack that is specifically made for use with a laptop. Specifically look for one made for a MacBook Pro because it will be very fitting. It will have a special compartment that can fit the 13-inch or 15-inch laptops comfortably.

  • Is it possible to find a waterproof laptop backpack?

Manufacturers will claim their backpacks are waterproof. However, the truth is that they are water-resistant. When buying one, look for one with a thick fabric, and with some coating to make it water-resistant. That way, water beads up and rolls down the pack. However, even such a backpack cannot withstand a serious drench. Always carry a raincover in one of the pockets for good measure.

  • What is a checkpoint-friendly laptop backpack?

This kind of laptop backpack opens out flat when you are going through a checkpoint in the airport or train station. That way, the bag can go through the X-Ray machine without the need to remove the laptop. You can spend a shorter amount of time at checkpoints; your laptop is safe since it does not leave the bag.

  • What is the best way to protect my laptop inside its backpack?

The best way to protect your MacBook Pro when it is in the backpack is to buy a padded sleeve for it. In fact, some backpacks come with this sleeve. The material of the backpack might be too abrasive and with time, it could put scratches on the laptop’s color. The sleeve also offers extra padding too, which protects the laptop against shock if you bump into someone or something.


A valuable piece of work such as the MacBook Pro deserves equally valuable protection and care. Since a laptop meets your traveling and work needs perfectly, you should get a backpack that is made for a person on the move. It should be friendly to the laptop and to you as well. From our reviews here, you can be able to choose the best backpack for MacBook Pro. We bring you the features, pros, cons as well as a buying guide. With good care, your Apple laptop can last a long time. That is why you need the best pack for it.