American Tourister Luggage Ilite Supreme Spinner Review


The American Tourister Ilite Supreme Spinner is mainly about quality. The luggage is fully comprised of polyester which makes it a very durable product. Its fabric won’t easily get damaged and it even has dobby accents, making it quite attractive. The bag is also available in 3 stylish colors. You just have to choose the color that suits your style, make a deal with a reliable seller and you’re good to go. This luggage has everything that you will ever need in travel bag.

American Tourister Luggage

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Main Features

  • Additional Pockets

If you’re a traveler who tends to bring a lot of things with you when you’re on the road, then you will be delighted with the big pockets that can be found on the front panel of this luggage. They can contain any items that won’t fit in the spacious interior of this bag.

  • Several Handles

Convenient handles can be found on both the side and top of this luggage. As for the extra features of this product, the bag comes with a hideaway ID tag and hardware that matches the color of the whole luggage. All of these things are incorporated in the American Tourister to make sure that you get the innovative and fresh looking travel bag that you have always wanted.

  • Versatile Wheels

The wheels of this bag roll upright on a constant basis. This ensures that your arm won’t feel numb after pulling the luggage with you for a whole day. The wheels are also able to move in 4 directions. That can provide you with more mobility as a traveler.


  • The luggage can expand, which is a convenient feature if you need to pack a lot of clothes. If you don’t need the product to expand, then simply leave the bag the way it is.
  • The item is also very lightweight even though it’s categorized as mid-sized luggage. This allows you to travel with ease at times when you need to carry it with you.


  • The sliding handle of the luggage may not be of the highest quality so you should check its condition before you finalize the purchase with your dealer.

Who Should Buy This Product?

The item is perfectly compatible with individuals who want their luggage to fit in most airplane compartments and who desire to have a travel bag that can contain all of their clothes for an entire week. Aside from its durable components, this luggage is very attractive as well. At less than a hundred dollars, this product is a great deal.


The American Tourister Ilite Supreme Spinner is suited for travelers who are on a tight budget but who don’t want to settle for a low quality product. The luggage comes with a lot of features and is offered at an affordable price. The item can be quite tasteful as well and its compatibility with any plane, train and car compartment makes it even more irresistible.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon